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I became her cuck

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i promised her the world but came up short, in more ways than one. I know it’s strange but hear me out. I don’t know if there are degrees to love but we still love each other, she just loves BBC a little more than me. I was out of her league when we started dating and surprised she stayed with me. She was excited when I proposed to her and gladly said yes. We made a commitment to each other to always be there for one another. It didn’t take long for life to become routine and then boring. When we started dating the sex was good… Read more

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Dark Fantasies Media - Daddy's Girl

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Daddy's Girl - A Father's Desires Series All Characters Depicted In This Content Are Fictional, Of Legal Age (18 Or Older) And Not Related. Chapter 1 It started shortly after my mother had died in a car crash, on my eighteenth birthday. The night of her funeral to be exact. My father wasted no time. We had returned home from the service and my father took me into the living room. We sat on the couch and watched TV as he held me close and rubbed his hand up and down my side. He would slide all the way up to my budding breas… Read more

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Down on the border 2

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Well, the wife had been working at the local truck stop for a while now, doing a little this and that on the side. Always coming home with new stories of her adventures to amazing me more every day of her holding off these guys' real intent of sliding deep into her sweet little pussy. She so far had kept them at bay satisfied to lick her out as she sucked them dry. She came home one night complaining that they had hired a dude who was an unfair advantage. As she continued on saying that he was gay and taking these guys out back for a free suck and fuck, I ask how she knew this she said she had… Read more

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The lover that came at night. Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 and chapter 2 is a fantasy between two consenting adults. The lover that came at night. Chapter 1 ** It was two hours before sunset. She knew he would come for her tonight. Because for the last week. Her bite mark started hurting. The beeping of the monitors & from a hiss of the I V machine was strong in her ears. She struggled slowly to stand and move to the rocking chair beside her bed. She carefully wrapped herself in the shawl that was on the chair and carefully set down and began to rock.** ** Her mind began to drift back to her 18th year. She had been dating Phil… Read more

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My First Black Cock

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For the longest time one of my biggest fantasies was to hook up with a black guy. I had chatted with a few online but nothing ever materialized. I did not expect anything to happen when I logged onto to my computer this particular Saturday night and started browsing. I had not been online long when I received a message from this guy and we started chatting. I told him that I hadn't been with a black guy before but really wanted to. He then sent me a photo of his nice penis. I instantly started fantasizing about what it would be like to have his beautiful black dick in my mouth and ass. We chat… Read more

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My First Sex –Losing Virginity

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I have been a fan of this blog for quite some time and it’s been really great. So I thought to finally pen down my experiences as well. I hope you guys will be with me throughout. So, why not begin with the time I lost my virginity. This might be a little long for some people but if you guys are the “full details” person then you might love this. Forgive me for any mistakes This happened a bit… Read more

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College Sex Adventure

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My parents and my brother had to move to Delhi due to my dad’s work-related issues but I insisted on staying back in Mumbai. I joined for MBA and spent one year in the college hostel itself. That year was below average for me because I hardly made any friends and rarely anyone spoke to me. Guys never used to acknowledge my existence. Even in my hostel, life sucked. Being alone in a small shabby… Read more

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First Gang bang

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I’ve tried my best to reply to all. I’m sorry if you haven’t heard from me yet. But keep them coming. If you haven’t read my previous stories already, please read them. Now coming to what happened after that. A few hours later I was wakened up by sounds which sounded like some people were in my room and talking to each other. When I slowly sat up I was shocked. Mohit, Sameer, and Ashqar were sm… Read more

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Teasing My New Servant Guy Sexually – Part 1

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This story is about my first time being actually penetrated. It had happened a few months after my 19th birthday. I know I lost my virginity a little late, considering how slutty I try to be! Some more basic details about me, so you guys can imagine me a little maybe. My height is around 5’4. I am very fair-skinned. I am not size zero, a little chubby or curvy. My bra size is 34D (I know it may seem too big for that age, but my boobs have been growing big si… Read more

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Tim Tom

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Tim Tom By: Londebaaz Chohan Tim was lucky to have a well-paying job with a cable company even few months before he had finished his School and was told that the job shall be upgraded, if he continued after the high school. With both of his parents perished in a car accident, Tim had started living alone, enjoying his life style, the way he wanted to. What else but a gay life style. He was kind of excited when his elder brother, Tom; requested to come and stay with him for a while. He remembered Tom, as a lazy, sluggish person since his earliest memories. He still could recall, when… Read more

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Incredible experience with new friend

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Yesterday i had an incredible experience with my new friend Mr. K.We had been talking through email for a few days, and i really was getting excited to meet him since we talked a lot about naughty things... He came to my home straight after work, and asked me if he could take a shower first.I agreed and told him i could use the time to dress myself up for him. I felt extremely horny and decided to wear my short purple skirt, "open" pantyhose with a nice black thong. I also wore a white shirt and  jeans jacket. I wanted to seduce him, so i left a few buttons open. We brie… Read more

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The very first time (spunking my pants in front of

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This story is exactly as it happened, to the best of my recollection. I’ve told this story a lot, cause it’s my fondest memory. I’d dreamed of seeing a girl pose for real for a long, long time, even phoning models in the Sport and asking if I could see them pose, but never had the nerve to go through with it. There were so-called ‘photo-studios’ down in Soho where they gave you a camera and the girl on reception would go in the studio, take off all Her clothes till She was stark nude while you take photos – or so I guessed. Maybe She wasn’t nude, maybe if you’re a normal man you don’… Read more

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There Can Be Only One Chapter 24


There Can Be Only One Chapter 24 Ross flung himself onto the bed, his bath now completely secondary to the story that his little sister was about to relate. He lay stretched fully out with his head supported by his arms in addition to the two pillows, propping him up nicely as he watched Cathy climb onto his bed and sit cross legged, with her own hands nestled in her lap. Her short dress was not short enough to show her cunt… whether it was naked or hidden with panties… a detail that did not interest Ross at the moment. “She is such a slut… she can’t get enough since you fucked her…” Ther… Read more

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The Passion of Mother Ethel.


Mother Ethel always enjoyed the short walk to the train station. It was beautiful Autumnal morning and Mother Ethel took the opportunity to walk to the train station as she knew that she had a very busy day ahead. Those that saw Mother Ethel along the way bowed reverently,they knew that Mother Ethel was a Nun of the Monastery of Repentance and when a Nun or a Monk walked past it was polite to bow, for many knew what the Nun's and Monk's of the Monastery were capable of. As Mother Ethel strolled she thought about the day ahead. It was her turn to attend the Convent of St. Anselm in Harbour Town… Read more

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Wife Maya story 2 PT 1

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Mayla decided after we got back from hanging out with our friends on the boat that she wanted to go on another vacation ASAP. We didn’t have a lot of money so we spoke with the guys at work and they said there’s all types of stuff out there with those all inclusive packages or whatever! We were interested . Not very good with computers so our friend, Thata, helped up look. I really didn’t bother too much with the planning cause it would stress me out too much so I told Thata it just has to be somewhere nice . My Irish white butt doesn’t need to be in the cold and lose the tan I got from bein… Read more

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My Shaved Cock – 2

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My Shaved Cock – 2 This is a made up story about coming of age in a household with my brother and yes it is a gay story. None of this ever happened except in my twisted old mind. I woke up to the sound of the vacuum cleaner in the hallway. My hand went to my shaved cock, it was still smooth and soft and I looked over at Jim’s bed. His bed was empty which was not unusual for a Saturday. He usually spent most of Saturday at his friend Tim’s house. My fingers wrapped around my hard cock and I ran it up and down enjoying the feel… Read more

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Clark Kent aka Superman had lusted after Lois Lane since He,d started working as a junior reporter at The Daily Planet in Metroplis, USA, but she always seemed just out of reach as she seemed to consider him a bit of a boring nerd who though well fit wore glasses and seemed low on confidence and very shy around women. Of course we all know Superman as Clark Kent plays that part well and Lois hsd no reason to think otherwise till the day they were both on assignment at the flooded local river while rain lashed down. No one could have foreseen the gust of wind that pushed Lois off her feet and i… Read more

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A little story about how we started

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First I’ll start by our names I am J wife is M I work for a sells company and she is a Zumba instructor. As you can see on our pictures she has a very nice round ass. And thick thighs. Me and my wife have been married for 21 years and love our life together. One day about 6 years ago we started to get a little cold in the bedroom department. I had read that porn could help couple re ignite the flame. So one day after we came back from a party of a friend of hers where she had had a few drinks. I suggested we should watch some adult films and the first thing she said to me am I not enough any… Read more

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Ellie And The Home Credit Part 2


As my tongue felt the wetness of Ellies panties and my nose firmly wedged against her shaded button hole I was reluctant to move, Ellie was rooted to the spot and her head was elsewhere as we both realised we had an audience, Sophie stood rooted to the spot by the doorway, mouth open as she surveyed the situation. I was guessing but was under the impression this was the first time Sophie had seen her mother in any kind of sexual activity let alone with a strange man old enough to be her father, time stood still as I kept my head buried with my tongue flicking between the wet gusset and her ar… Read more

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Fucking My Grandmother


This is really a true story of my life and is also one of my favourite times. Before introducing you with the story I want to tell you that I got to know about Desi Kahani from my friends so I also thought to post my own real story. This is the story of me and my grandmother. I always didn’t had any interest in my grandmother. I always considered her as my grandmother with full respect. But sometimes I got little bit horny like sometimes when I was sleeping with her and I touched her boobs by mistake. So by this I got little bit horny. During that incident I was in 11th Class ie. I was of 18… Read more

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