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The IT Guy


Two office girls, Alicia and Rachel, are working away at their desks, chattering to each other as they work. Suddenly Alicia’s computer stops working. Angrily hammering away at the keyboard, she fails to get the machine working, so calls Luke in IT to come and help her. He arrives shortly and awkwardly greets the girls, noting their sexy officewear; Alicia in a tight blue fitted dress, black pantyhose, and blue high heels, Rachel in a tight cerise blouse, grey pencil skirt, tan pantyhose and black high heels. The girls flutter their eyelashes at Luke to get him to help them out, so he duc… Read more

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Pretended I was sleeping--Mother in Law


I had a bit too much to drink over the holiday. Well, a bit too much is not the case, it was way too much. From the time we got to my in-laws house, they kept feeding me cocktail after cocktail. Before the meal even was served, I was totally hammered. After devouring a huge meal, with some wine, and then two more after dinner cocktails, I was falling all over the place. I ended up passing out on the couch, and I guess the party went on without me. I woke up a few hours later having no idea where I was. I was still on the couch in their living room, and the house was dark except for a light c… Read more

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Was I Turning Gay

First TimeGay Male

There I was, lying in a strange room on a mattress with a tingling feeling in my ass, my closely-cropped beard covered in warm, sweet cum and my mouth full of the finest nectar I've ever had. There was music playing in the next room and I could hear people having a good time. I had to get up, yet I felt so good that I had to savor the experience for a few moments more. After all, I had finally sucked my first real cock, and evidently did a pretty good job since the load that covered my face and mouth was of epic proportions. So, how did I get to this crossroad of my life? Now in my 50's and n… Read more

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The Early Years


When I used to go to my cousins cabin in the summer,I had met a friend who lived next door. He had a changing room to put on our swimsuits by the lake,After only a day or 2 he told me to meet him next door. I came over and said his sister was going to go into the lake and if I wanted to watch her undress,I said yes so we were in the the room next to her. We waited and she came in and went to room next to where we were,She took off her top and shorts,we were looking thru cracks in the wall and watched her then remove her bra and panties. This was the first time I had ever peeped on anyone and I… Read more

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She didnt know that I knew, Part 15

Interracial SexHardcoreTaboo

About 25 minutes later, she pulled up into the driveway and into the garage. I met her at the door leading into the house and she smiled grabbed my hand and practically pulled me up to our bedroom. “I have so much to tell you,” she said as she began to take off her clothes. “Quickly, undress and get on the bed.” I stripped and got into bed first. She was now only wearing her panties as she said: “Daddy got me some jewelry” she blurted out excitedly. “Daddy?” I asked, “Is that what the D is for?” “No” she replied, “Everyone calls Him “D”, but He wants me to now call Him Daddy. Do you want… Read more

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My third whore wife

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I had already met my third whore before I got the divorce from the second cunt I married. I fucked around on that one because she was not going to be around very long after her father threw her ass out for having a black baby. Imiska was a beautiful black woman about 30 years old and had a 15 year old son and a 16 year old daughter. I have no idea of what her name means but if it means slut in the language it is from she is named right. I had my dick in her mouth fifteen minutes after we met and it was in the family restroom at a Walmart. She had me cum on her face and she didn't bother to cle… Read more

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My first sounding experience with John

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As a young man, I worked at the construction site after school to earn some money. Many guys of my age did that and there was a lot of work. We drove across the country to the various construction sites and earned good money until it went to the next construction site. As foreman John had been assigned to us. He was then a man of about 35 years and about 15 years older than us guys. John was a tall man, very muscular. He had very broad shoulders and a narrow hips with a small muscular ass. His chest was very hairy. He had nice big nipples, and his hair ran out over the navel to make a nice d… Read more

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My subordinate wants a promotion


Hahahah I laughed as my junior exec was standing in front of me with a proposal that he had worked pretty hard on I could tell asking for a promotion. Now don't get me wrong this young guy was a hard worker and he was able to help me with many of my projects but they were still my projects that I came up with and all he did was follow my lead. He was a good listener but was not able to think on his own and I was about to expose this little fact to him with this promotion I deal of his. Now let me give you a little back ground I worked a a senior VP at a large mining company that had just purch… Read more

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Threesome at the beach

First TimeGroup SexVoyeur

By Dina Petro It was a nice sunny day, I was at the beach which was at the foot of a mountain with lots of rocks, it wasn’t a weakened, just a regular weekday, meaning the beach wasn’t all that crowded, just a few people here and there, swimming, sun tanning and having fun. I was all alone, trying to have a good moderate suntan, as I intended to suntan my whole body, I started walking up the hill over the rocks, I found a nice wide, spacy, smooth rock, overlooking the whole beach area, I could see almost the whole area without being seen, it was far and almost hidden, I spread a little blanke… Read more

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2019.04.09 My son used me


In the morning, the master tied my breasts tightly with an clock chain and closed it with a padlock behind my neck. He stretches my breasts all day. I'm in a thin top, which is slightly visible. At lunch time my son came to me and I had to suck behind one of the warehouse buildings. He said it would be a continuation in the evening. Late afternoon my son called. "The next one to wear is with a collar leash, a fox-tailed buttplug and a chain on my nipples. Then come out naked to me in the car." He told. "But it's still light what if someone sees me," I said. "I don't care about a whore and come… Read more

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2019.04.07. Met my son


At the command of the master, I put the fox-tail buttplug in my butt. He tied my breasts tight and put the chain on my nipples. He picked up my outfit, hanging out from the foxhole and exposing my breasts to everyone. So I sat in the car and started to go to my son. In the housing estate I tried to get into the house sooner and into the apartment. Entering the apartment, I immediately took off my clothes. "Good whore, you know what you must do," my ex-husband said. He slept in my son's room. I went to his and carefully pulled his dick out of his underwear and started sucking. It soon became to… Read more

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2019.04.01. My ex-husband sold me

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The master's phone rang in the evening. Then the master said I would pick up my boots. I stood naked in a knee-high boots. Then he handcuffed my hand behind my back, put an O-ring in my mouth and put my collar in my neck with a leash. That's how we went out to the car where I was sitting back row. Then he set off for the M0 highway Nagytarcsai rush to Pest, but stopped at the first turn. Here the whores usually wait. Then he took me to a tree and tied it to my leash. "Not long for you, whore," the master said. And he left. The road was quite busy, everyone saw me. Once only one Toyota stops an… Read more

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2019.03.19. Doctor and the dogs


At 5 pm we arrive to the doctor for the appointment. With the nurse we went into the examiner and she asked me to undress.The doctor will arrive. He asks me to take a seat in the examination chair, examine everything, and then tell me that the blood test is good again. Then the doctor asked me to go to the frame at the corner of the surgery to see whether the horse fuck caused me harm. I was on all fours on the frame, the nurse tied to frame my arms and legs well and pulled my legs apart. My cunt opened to the world. The doctor examined with the endoscope while the nurse made a gag-ring in my… Read more

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2019.03.05. Birthday party


At 4 pm we went to my ex-friend to bring her and his wife Agnes to our birthday party. When we got there they were waiting for us and the postman was with them. The master told me to sit back among the gentlemen. Agnes sat in front of the master, but he was constantly wank in the master's dick. Meanwhile, we stopped at a rest by the road. I had to get out of the car here, then the master ordered me to be stripped off in front of the public toilet. Then he took black spray and gave Agnes to blow me back in English to "happy birthday 51 slave whore". Agnes wrote me with slava instead of slave. I… Read more

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2019.03.04 Before a birthday party day

FetishTabooGroup Sex

In the afternoon we went to my ex-friend's wife. I don't know if she saw her husband fucking in her yard on Valentine's Day. When we got there the master ringed and talked to him. Then I left the car and we went into the yard. As I entered the gate, the master ordered me to undress. He tried to oppose it, because everyone would see the street in a bright day after the master commanded me to do and don't bluster. Then he ordered four arms and put the collar on my neck and put the leash in Agnes's hand. "Come on inward, you are dog" and she pulled on. On the terrace, Agnes took off his panties a… Read more

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2019.03.02 Working in bar and a suprise me


In the evening, we came to the club at the usual time. Then I started working in the toilet. I suck the cocks and they fuck my holes. At 3 am, 2 bouncers came to me when I finished costumers, they wrapped my eyes, grabbed and picked up on the stage. I heard the voice of Julia mistress, but I didn't know what she was doing here. "Dear gentlemen, here you can see the filthy whore who has been used, but for the next week there will be special surprises." - said the mistress while forcing me on my knees. "We've been wrapped her eyes so we don't know what to expect." while the bouncers were pushing… Read more

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2019.02.14 Valentin's day night


When we got home from the doctor, the master took a black paint spray to write to my back. My back was blowing "Slave Whore Szolga Kurva". So everyone will know what I am, he said. Dryed with a hair dryer and then started. We got into the car, the master didn't let get dressed to me. First we went to my former friend - he was married - he lived near us. The master ringed at him and I came out of the car. The master knew that the former relationships were taboo for me and I didn't want anything from them, they had gone out and I closed them. My ex-friend was completely surprised, the master sai… Read more

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2019.02.14 Doctor and his dog


We arrived at the doctor for 18 hours. We went to the medical examiner The doctor told me that the results of the blood collection had arrived, all right. He told me to undress. He saw the inscription on my belly. "So are you already fucking a dog?" the doctor asked, then told the nurse to prepare the frame. "Answer, whore" the master said to me. "Yes, several times, Doctor," I said. "What kind of dog?" asked. "Kneel on the frame, in broad apart." He gestured to the nurse and bound to the frame. Then the nurse went out. "There was a Danish dog several times," I replied. "Your own dog?" the doc… Read more

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2019.02.10 Sir George master used

BDSMFetishGroup Sex

On Sunday afternoon the master handed over me to Sir Georg at the agreed time. Naked as they asked. We went into the big room, with a platform in front of the window, symbian in the middle of a platform. The wrist and the ankle were tied with belts. Then, on a leash, another naked girl took her to the symbian. "Welcome to everyone," Master Sir George began, "today my dear wife, Julia Mistress will lead, I will give her a lead" Meanwhile, I sat next to the symbian, and my wrist was attached to my ankle. "Welcome to everyone," Julia mistress began, "start the mediation. I welcome everyone before… Read more

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2019.02.08. The night train

VoyeurGroup SexFetish

The evening, the master told me to pick up my harness and boots, and then he put the buttplug on my butt. I can wear a coat and go with the car. We went to a small train station nearby. We got out there and at the ticket machine the master bought a ticket for himself. Then I took my leash and went over to the platform and to the end. "This is the last train to Szolnok today. I have a ticket because you are a whore and you will work the price on the train," Master said. When the locomotive lights appeared, the master ordered me to take off my coat. "You don't need this for you, slut. Your worki… Read more

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