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So.... the set up is basically this...…… we are separated, but living in the same place, we have separate rooms and in a few months I am leaving and we are divorcing.... for now, I have my own room and she has hers..... we exist in the same space..... It has been a while, since we did anything sexual and part of the deal of us "co existing" for a few months, was no sex... treat each other like room mates.... This does however change, when something is wanted, by her...… same as it always has been...… this time, she wants a new cell phone... cant afford it at all and knows I can easily...…… Read more

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La révision de la voiture

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Nous avons mis notre voiture à réviser et allons la récupérer au garage. Le garagiste nous explique les travaux qu'il a effectuer. Je me penche sur le moteur pour mieux voir comment c'est fait et bien sûr le patron et ses employés en profitent pour mater mon décolleté et mon cul. Quand le patron nous annonce la note, elle est plutôt salée. Alain tente de négocier le tarif mais l'ancien ne lâche rien. Puis il dit à mon mari tout en relevant ma robe avec sa clef à molette : « Maintenant, votre femme es… Read more

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Five Hundred Dollar A Night Lesbian

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Five Hundred Dollar A Night Lesbian I looked at my Bank Account for “Amy Macabe, Associate Entertainment Specialist Cascade Club Tucson” and just smiled. Not bad money for a forty-three old divorcee. There were four $500.00 deposits in the past week and a $2000.00 deposit for my trip with Sophia to Vegas. I had a very good week being the highest paid lesbian escort in Tucson, Arizona. I earn close to $9,000.00 a month by making love to a very select group of seven very wealthy older female clients. My clients have to be attractive, wealthy, slim, well dressed, who women who exuded class. I had… Read more

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Tigerlover takes me in the butt: quid pro quo

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Writers are not only writers, but often also readers. I read a lot of porn stories by fellow writers. Because I am curious as to what they write and how they write, and of course because their stories often excite me. Some time ago I came across the deliciously horny stories written by Tigerlover. My heart beat went up because of them. By their contents and by her staccato writing style. It was as if she whispered the stories into my ears, intimately and panting. As if some sphlnx like woman grabbed me by the balls. In short paragraphs, no difficult constructions. No long stretches of text,… Read more

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Jasmine Fucks My Wife


Hello, my name is Tim. I am a 30 year-old married man. I have been married for five years to my wife Danielle. She is an absolute beauty of a woman. I remember when we were married, I felt like I was the luckiest man in the world. Since I am no hunk myself, standing at just five foot six and extremely lanky, I felt like I didn't deserve such a nice, gorgeous wonderful woman. Let me describe my wife to you. Danielle is five foot seven, fair with blonde hair. Her bright blue eyes and charming smile are a delight to behold. Although she is 28, she has the body of a twenty year old, through regul… Read more

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An Amazing Night With An Indian Trans Woman

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Now this story is a fantasy I have, maybe a little bit more than that. I see myself as a bisexual top. I’ve mostly been with women but have also experienced some guys too. I have always wanted to be with a trans woman. However, I see them as the best of both worlds. I don’t purely sexualize them though, to me this story is a fantasy. But a trans woman is just another woman, with a little bit extra. The sun shines brightly over the city of New Delhi as I walk towards the hotel reception desk. The soothing sounds of the water feature and the calming palette of colors bring me a sense of relief… Read more

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Married women 11 - Brenda


Many years ago I was invited to participate in an Open Tournament in the USA. People from all over the world were invited, and I was really looking forward to it! Because this was a chance to see more of the country, I decided to arrive earlier and leave later. In those days, money was a real issue with me, and I had to look for a flight I could afford. By far the cheapest way was to fly there ten days before the start of the tournament and back a week after it. I called the head of the organizing team, a certain Steve, who immediately said ‘No problem! Come whenever you wanna, you can live at… Read more

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19 Yo Marcus's First White Ass

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My phone rang one evening it was Marcus a hot black young 19 yo college stud packing a nice 8 inches.....Hey what you up to later tonight .....Nothing much I said you need some relief I asked him.....Yeah looking to get out about 10 tonight after I do some homework he said....Sure I said would love to take care of you ....Ok see you later he said....Hey hey he said before hanging up....Yeah what I asked....Hey looking to do that butt tonight if you want me to ....Ok up to you then ..... Now I had met Marcus at the grocery store where I shop a few months earlier. He lived with his mom up the m… Read more

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È da un po' di tempo che cerco lavoro quando su un sito specializzato leggo che una ditta di import/export ha bisogno di un autista che sappia fluentemente parlare inglese e che sia disposto a viaggiare. Essendo mia madre Scozzese sono bilingue e così per l'inglese non ci sono problemi, d'altronde adoro girare per il mondo quando posso... quindi mi sono chiesto: i requisiti ce li ho... e allora, perche' non tentare? Invio il mio curriculum via e-mail all'indirizzo di posta elettronica indicato. Passano i giorni quando ricevo una telefonata. Una voce suadente di donna mi chiede se sono ancora… Read more

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Gang bang with a friend


This is just a fantasy. I went to see her when she was alone. She called me up and asked if I could meet her at her place. I met her after few minutes of the call. It had been few years since we last met. I asked her what was up. She said she was feeling alone since she was no longer with her husband. I asked about it but she brushed it off. I didn't ask further. We chatted for a bit catching up on our time away from each other. While chatting, I noticed what she was wearing a lose overall and from what I could see, there was nothing underneath. That turned me on a little as she was loo… Read more

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We could have been busted

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I remember one of the closest I came to being caught at a sexual activity was when my girlfriend and I decided to have oral sex in her house, at a time when her mother was in the other room. We were in our late teens They had 3 bedrooms going around a small living room on the 1st floor of the house. It was a pretty big house. Her room, and her parents room was adjoining. She wore a nice yellow skirt, which went up to a couple of inches above her knees, and a white top as I recall. During the afternoon we sat down to watch TV in her room, and her mother would usually rest and sometimes fall a… Read more

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When i met BBC

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when i met my first bbc i was trying out because my high school friend said if i fuck a black guy i won't want a white dick no more but it didn't quite happen that way. The black guy i fucked was alright but he wasn't what i heard about so i kept on with the white guys. Years later i was working at a club and i started to see a lot of black men and i got offered to go home with a few and i refused cause i still had in my head what my first experience was like. One night my car had stopped running and it wouldn't start up and it was like 3 am so these black guys pull up and asked did i need hel… Read more

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A Mother's Journey

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So I met an insatiable lady during my travels and as we increasingly became comfortable with each other we started sharing our personal kinks. One of our mutual fantasies was taboo family play. And she started confessing her feelings and attraction to her son. Below is her emails to me regarding what happened after months of talking about this. This is posted with her permission, and she's looking forward to the feedback. If this doesn't interest you, please move along to something that does. Email #1 The other night my husband was out again and so I told my son I was staying in for the night… Read more

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Home Coming Queen to Hooker (Pt 2 the Team)

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I say mom and dad how about we all go back to our place order room service for lunch and make plans for the wedding in two weeks and we need to find you a little black dress for the reunion on Saturday the one good thing is it’s at the Hilton. I say Sally how about you go with your mom and your dad and I can go in our car and your dad can drive. Sally smiles at her dad he says what are you grinning about she says you’ll see we walk outside, John asks which car I say the red one, the only red car is our Lambo, he looks at me and says really I smile and nod, he says go ahead and start lunch with… Read more

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Girl's Gym Gyno 2: Alessandra 2 (pix)

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Alessandra feels fond of her freshly found friend, the elderly erotically experienced gyno, whom she frequently visits. Alessandra opens up to him. First foremost in sexual spirit. She would love to meet a tasty teen great girl like herself. Alessandra admits with a big blush she does pleasure herself often, imagining to make love to a lesbian like she feels. Alessandra says she is still a virgin, as she does not dare to insert her own fingers inside her soft silken pretty pussy. Alessandra can not hide her arousal and excitement. Not only in her face. She hardly needs a bra with her little… Read more

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Pleasing The Black Lawn Man

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Got a new lawn man in the spring, Had been searching for one and seen a guy one day with his truck a few streets over so I stopped and asked him if he taking on any more in the area, he said yes and would pass over later and look at it .I told him it was a small yard and he said ok.... He stopped by an hour or so later and gave me a good price .I invited him in and he come inside ....Would you care for a drink I asked him yeah some water is fine and asked if he could use the bathroom sure it right down the hall there I said..... His name was Albert just call me Al he said.....He was about 6… Read more

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The Initiation part one

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Every year to get into a certain fraternity new members must go through a pledge task or week...and I was no exception. Being a freshman I wanted to get into one so I had to do a task that would gain me entrance and the one that was given to me was a daunting one. To pledge my loyalty to the fraternity I had to give a blowjob to a person of said fraternity's choice. So the fraternity found a Junior in our college to be the one. So there I was waiting in the pledge room wearing briefs and shirt waiting why everybody else left to go drinking. Then suddenly a black man wearing a pair of tight bl… Read more

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My turn to watch you hubby.

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When I got home I had the surprise of my life, there on the couch was my beautiful brunette wife, and a stikingly beautiful blonde, both flashing stockings sitting on the couch in our living room. "Welcome home honey, my wife said, meet Trish, my former college roommate." "Wow, Cindy never told me just how beautiful a roommate she had." I said "We were talking the other day, and I told Trish that we'd been experimenting with the cuckold lifestyle lately. She asked me what that was and I told her that you liked to watch while I had amazing sex with other people and that since we did w… Read more

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Met a worker one summer


Several years ago, I was keeping my friend's pool while he and his girl friend were traveling in Europe. I'd swam in my friend's pool for about 5 years, and knew how to add chemicals, dip fallen leaves, all the chlorine tablets, and keep the pump primed. I was building my new home nearby at the time, and would take a break during the hot part of the day and run over and check the pool, and usually would take a plunge to cool off. One day, I was in the pool, and noticed a truck pull up in the drive and into the covered carport. Curious, I got out of the water, and introduced myself to this guy.… Read more

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First time pissed on!


The wife and I were at a Caribbean resort for the week. They had an au natural beach that was separate from the rest of the resort. On that beach was a little tower. On the first level was the bathroom, and if you went up the steps, there was a small lookout area that had great views of the ocean. The spot for people to stand was very small, but two people could certainly fit. The wife and I had been sunbathing naked for a while, and drinking plenty of Red Stripe beers while we did. We decided to head up to the top of this tower and check out the view. We really went up there to indulge in a… Read more

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