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Husband's Friends Massive Cock

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Hi I'm Becky I'm 28, and from Ireland. I'm 5,6ft and 62.5kg. I've Blonde hair and natural cup boobies, oh and a nice bum. To help with a little insight on my story, I was wearing a summer skirt and blouse type top. My top with 3 buttons at top, always open lol. For the record I've been with my partner 11 years, and never ever ripped him off. My partner (John) had his buddy (Darren) over to watch football and UFC, along side a few drinks. I had been drinking prior to the football, with john. We went for dinner and cocktails, so we were already kinda tipsy lol. Johns friend is a real charm… Read more

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This paint looked like cum-- I fantasized about it dripping off my body while I painted with it for about an hour, imagining it was cum from all the men my wife has ever flirted with. I didn't actually taste it but I sure as fuck felt it, exhilarated to squeeze the black nine inch roller as the white sticky liquid oozed all over my hands and dripped onto the floor. I was liberal and sloppy with the paint, letting it drip, imagining a Man putting His Cock inside Her, while I lay helpless in servitude. I celebrate my own ineptitude as the justification for breaking all the traditions and bounda… Read more

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My Coming Out Story

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Time that i tell you babes a story, First's hard enough being a Native here, but to be a Proud Lesbian is even harder, so i thought, with it being 13 days after Pride month, I'll share with you my "Coming Out" story......... It was Dec. 25, 2014. I was home for winter break from school, and I had made a pact with some of my friends that we would each come out to our families. Going to the movies on Christmas night is one of my family's traditions. At the movie theater, two rows below me to the left was a gay couple, and I remember my brother cracking a joke about them.… Read more

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Cum slut

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i thought i would relate one of my many happenings which is totaly true belive or not its up to you .it was summer i was off work for the day and thought i would go to the local gay dogging site (for those that know Suffolk was tobys walks)it was day time so not much going on so i went into the toilets there are two cubicles next to each other there is a hole in the wall between the two after waiting a while a guycame into the other cubicle and looked through the hole i stood up and dropped my jeans and started to wank my now very hard 7in cock ,some other people came into the toilets holiday… Read more

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A Day At A Massage Parlor

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So i had a really long day working in my shed and on my land. The next day i’m super sore. So i try a hot bath to help relax my aching muscles. While i’m in the tub i shave my legs, arms, armpits and clitty. After my hot bath i was just as sore all over. i remember seeing an add in the paper for a new massage place that has a grand opening today so i figure that was worth a try. i find the place and walk in. A absolutely gorgeous woman and man greet me when i walk in. He asked me if i would prefer a man or woman to give me the massage. i tell them that i did care as long as they do a great j… Read more

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First time with a guy while crossdressed

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Story about my 1st Crossdressing fun where I gave a blowjob and had Oral sex. No anal. I had done some private as well as public cam shows on chatrooms to see how guys find my body in female clothes. There were some who laughed at me but I found some who liked me and wanted to see more of me. That started my journey as I got confident to dress more and make those guys happy or to be precise make them hard and let them release their cum. Living with parents, it was always tough to even keep female clothes at home, forget about wearing them. But my fantasy always was to dressup and meet a gu… Read more

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— Little sister is a late bloomer

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Summertime: Lazy days, hot nights, barbecues, and pool side drinking. It also meant that her brother would finally be coming home again. She hadn't seen him in almost a year and wondered how much he had changed while he was gone. She knew she had changed a lot. Gone were the braces, ugly glasses and adolescent acne. Instead she had perfectly straight teeth, contact lenses and clear skin. She had also lost weight and found that under her fat she had possessed the body and curvy hips of a woman. She stood now with her hands fisted on those curvy hips as she scowled at the screen that announced "… Read more

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A bet is a bet!

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   “Oh yeah? Well if you lose then you suck my cock!” The popular taunt/insult/bet was tossed around daily like so many other public school proverbs from my youth. The bet was applied to anything and everything from who would win the local ball game to what the flavor of the day was in the school lunchroom. The loser was always labeled a “cock sucker” of the one that won the bet/argument. Yeah, good ol’ public school.    It wasn’t until my second year in college when I once again heard the old saying once again. My roommate coined the outdated phrase in reference to a ballg… Read more

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jims wanking gets him in trouble part 5

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'jim come in here please you have a couple of visitors ' amamnda calls jim comes into the kitchen to find his aunt jen and her husband darryl 'hi jim' jen smiles 'uh hi aunt jen uncle darryl' jim replies 'so what brings you 2 round here today ? ' amanda asks 'well i thught i would get jim a nice treat and asked darryl to wear a condom to fuck me so i could get a load of his spunk , but he wanted to know why so i told him whats been going on ' jen smiles ' he didn't believe me so i thought i would bring him round and show him' 'oh what a splendid idea ' amanda laughs 'come on jim get your clot… Read more

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Camping trip

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Camping trip. An adventure with a hotwife and 2 teen boys while hubby watched. We’d planned our camping trip for quite a while and were excited to finally get away. Of course as the day neared, the forecast got worse and worse for the area we were heading to. We had to decide whether to go or not and decided to go because we’d at least get a break from the day to day. The day to leave arrived and the weather wasn’t bad at our end so we headed out but as predicted, when we arrived we were greeted by heavy rain and a thunder and lightning show that was something to be seen. As a result, the c… Read more

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Friends Curious Daughter


We just arrived at the beach, the k**s were anxious to play in the sand, the wife was still checking nearby hotels to no avail, she sighed in frustration and set her phone down. Saying “there is nothing available” I said “We knew it would be difficult to find a hotel by the beach on such short notice. It’s only a 2-hour drive home, let’s just enjoy our time and drive home later” She agreed, and we set off to the beach. We were having a good time, and finally decided to go and get some dinner. We found a nice restaurant and enjoyed a nice quiet dinner. As we were leaving, we saw our day care… Read more

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Aunt Kim,s black magic enchantments

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* I am Jess. Based on a true story * Renting a cabin by the lake was amazing. I needed a restful summer. Entering the cabin I fell in love with it. The charm of the old 1800 style . Falling asleap to the sound of a thunderstorm. I stared, feeling a presence glaze at me. As if airy, she stood. Spellbound, stroking my vagina. Feeling this ghost like presence on me stroking me softly..I I felt my breast squeezed.and kissed in warmth. ‘ silence’ she moaned. As a brush like kiss slide between my legs, stroking me.rubbing me gently.massaging my vagina deeply .softly kissing it. Feeli… Read more

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Butt training.

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So today I picked my new dildo from LoveHoney. It's a smaller one than the one I've had for a long while and was a bit of an impulse purchase, but hey there's nothing wrong with that. I've been interested in training my butt up for a long time and thought I was going to give it much more of a try once I got my own place (no more trying stuff out while in the shower in secret). But around the time I finally moved out I started seeing a very lovely girl I'm still seeing now, so me being a dummy for a while thought that because I'm in a straight relationship I need to try and cool it with the l… Read more

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A humiliating RMI scan (Englisch)


Well, how can a shoulder RMI scan be sexually exciting? By carelessness, ignorance and ... coincidence. On a warm summer day I had an appointment for the scan. Considering it was around my shoulder, I dressed as usual. I was very surprised when a pretty lady told me in the dressing room that I could keep everything except my pants. I pointed out to her that I was standing there for my right shoulder, to which she replied that this was indeed the case, but that the RMI did not tolerate metal, and since the zipper contained metal it had to be removed; take it easy I will soon inject the reactio… Read more

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CARL, road trip 2

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After we had unloaded farmer Paul’s lumber, he invited us in for lunch.  Clara made cream of chicken noodle soup and ham sandwiches. It was a terrific meal.  Paul and Clara are in their forties I would guess. They seemed to get on well together.  When we were done, I helped Clara clear the dishes.  In the kitchen, out of sight of the dining room, Clara grabbed my crotch. She gave my cock and balls a quick rub and squeeze. “Nice junk,” she whispers. I chuckle and whisper, “Thanks.” When I returned to the dining room, Paul asks, “So, Carl, have you ever been inside a barn?” “… Read more

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1st Time Glory Hole

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There's a club near us that has a wonderful but tiny room with a whole host of glory holes in it. It's dark so you can't see in but there's loads of holes for people to reach through and pop their hands or cocks in. This is about the first time we ever went there. The boyfriend and I went to this club one Sunday evening and while we were looking around we saw this small weird looking room. He pulled me into it and started fingering me and then started kissing me hard, to be honest the room was so dark we couldn't see anything at all, but we could hear people just on the other side of the wall… Read more

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Forced Nudity

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My wife and I like to keep our sex lives fresh and exciting. Our engagement in the lifestyle is one of the ways we manage to do this, but we also have other ways to keep each other stimulated. My wife's boyfriend also plays a significant role in our adventures. We own a 36 foot Morgan sailboat currently docked in Solomons Island, Maryland for the season. My wife's boyfriend and I sailed it up from Miami early this spring and plan to sail it back to Miami late fall this year after the threat of hurricane season is over. A few weeks ago, we flew up to Baltimore and then spent five nights on… Read more

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First Time Gay

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I have always wanted to try this. And here I am actually and finally experiencing it. His cock was wet with a mixture of pre-cum, lubricant and my own saliva. What I loved most about his cock was the big head. How it swells as I suck on it. How it gets wet with crystal drops of his salty, tasty pre-cum. I'm sitting on my knees, with my arms stretched to support my weight. I must look like a Japanese geisha waiting to serve her master. The view of my (well lubed) round ass right next to his hard throbbing cock (threatening to invade it) must be amazing. I arch my back, both to prepare my self… Read more

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My first construction job, my first time.

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It was my first job. Young and fit, I got hired to clean up around a new home construction site. Picking up spilled nails and discarded pieces of wood. Not exactly a skilled labor job, but I was just starting out and had to start somewhere. It turned out to be the best job in the world though! I had fantasized about being with other guys and sucking cock, but never acted on them. Never even had a chance to actually, but sometimes while watching porn, I would im… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part 62


Tod went down the stairs to see if there was something to eat. He was hungry after his bout with Gail. He always enjoyed the older woman. She was ALWAYS so enthusiastic. The now cold biscuits were sitting on top of the stove, and the rest of the family had arrived while he was upstairs. The two moms had gone into the pharmacy and picked up the medicine for Betty, and had given it to her. The Doctor had told Cathy to let her rest, as that was one of the best things she could do. He had told Cathy, and later, Mom Campbell, that it was to be expected. After all the things she had been doing, and… Read more

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