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Always Ask Permission Ch.02.


Mother and daughter return to be questioned. Due to some confusion with Chapter One I would like to make it clear that all characters in this story are eighteen or over. It seems I did not make it clear enough last time. My apologies. It was three days before Marta’s next due visit, and I spent the time in anticipation and plotting. I was still in bed when I heard her arrive and just let her get on with her duties. After all, the house still needed cleaning despite any frustration on my part. I slowly eased myself from my bed and took a shower. When I came out to dress myself, I could hear n… Read more

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Black cock loving anal slut Tracy reveals more!

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Tracy. Love of anal perversion! You all will know, that is if you have been following my little stories of the BBC loving sluts I know, haha, including me and my long suffering hub, little dick Mick. I am still very pregnant with a huge nigga bump in me as I write this. Rastus is insisting in staying in my belly-FOREVER!!! Tracy, the big fatty girl we know has almost dropped her Black Bun now too! She is staggering about and Mark her useless hubby is running about after her, doing her every wish! We were sat at hers yesterday having a coffee and chatting about the new arrivals, in front of M… Read more

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My first black man

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Started of as a pretty tame drinking night. I went to Liverpool for a few days to visit a mate in uni. I decided to get a hotel and chill away from home. Met up with my mate a few times and had a few drinks over the weekend but as per usual she kept cock blocking me. Anyway I was in my room swiping on tinder. I had a few matches that were ok but they all wanted me to go to their place. It was quite late by the time I finally agree to go into the city and meet a guy for some drinks. I got a sexy black dress on and made sure I was wearing some sexy red lace underwear and headed down to the lob… Read more

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boiler service pt2

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As i pulled his cock out he wasnt big but he was thick, i wanked him slow he put the popper bottle to my nose i took a hit dropped to my knees, licked his cock kissing it licking it, i teased him a while then put him in my mouth taking my time to suck and lick the head i could tell he was enjoying my mouth he held my head pushed forward starting to fuck my mouth, i cupped his balls he fucked my mouth faster, i pulled back i didnt want him to cum to quick he stepped away pushed his boots and socks off kicked his jeans onto the sofa took his tshirt off keeping his little black pants on he asked… Read more

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The first handjob on a Otaku

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This is my first story, I am bisexual and although I really like women that does not stop men like me also ... Near the apartment there lived a boy who always pretended Otaku printing for my tits, at first I did not care what he did with his life and always joked telling him to stop having erections when he was close to me. Three days later, I discover I had tons of pictures and artwork of hentai anime of all kinds of genres and all that kind of pictures, I saw a picture of Hinata of Naruto Shippuden, which in fact is what I have as the image of my avatar this moment. That same night I told… Read more

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My fourth blow job I gave

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This guy was another Craig's List find. It had been awhile since my last one and I was looking around Craig's List for another cock. I saw him laying on his bed in BVD's with his cock out and one with him down on his knees in his shorts again with his cock out with the caption "anybody want this" well I knew I did so I answered him but got no response. After several attempts he finally responded and we exchanged phone numbers. I called him first and his first response was "what are you wearing" I told him I was still in bed and I was wearing nothing. He then ask if I wore jockey shorts and I s… Read more

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Sure your Wife won't Cheat Blacken

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Carole's head was spinning as she stood in Tre's hotel room. She couldn't believe she had let him talk her into having a drink in his room after the hotel bar closed for the night. She was a happily married woman and she had never cheated but she was enjoying his company and neither of them had been ready to call it a night. She had no intention of sleeping with him but she was a little drunk and her inhibitions were low. He was undeniably hot but he was most definitely not her type. She had never been especially attracted to black men either physically or emotionally. She had always been draw… Read more

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BBW finds a BBC

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Jennifer paced nervously in her hotel room. She had done her hair and makeup. She had checked her clothes a half dozen times. Her heart was racing and she had butterflies in her belly. He wasn't late but she was hoping he'd be early, very early. A soft knock on the heavy wooden door startled her and she breathed deep to calm her nerves. "Coming," she said sweetly as she took one last glance in the mirror. She looked good and she hoped Richard agreed. He had never seen her before but they had chatted and shared some of their most interesting thoughts and secrets. He was honest, open and matur… Read more

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Dirty Sex


More Dirty Sex with Tania. Part One Hotel Sex More Sex with Tania Part One. Hotel Sex It took quite some planning, after our last meet in the lay-by, but at long last we had both been able to get away at the same time. We, well actually Tania, had arranged our meet to be at the Premier Inn at Witcombe, just south of Cheltenham and just of the A46. Tania was arriving just after lunch and myself at about 3ish. We agreed it that way so it gave Tania time to dress and get ready, however it did mean that I would have to arrive dressed as Joanna. I have a lot of confidence when dressed, as Joanna… Read more

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The Commute

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Erotica as always. From this seat, I had watched the scene develop every day for a couple of weeks now, and I couldn’t wait for today’s installment. Rush hour was upon us and I had managed to grab my usual spot, facing back towards the central doors and I was sat against the wall of the train to get a clear view through the protective plexi- glass. She stood in the doorway across from me. Strap hanging with her left hand whilst leaning slightly back against the door, nonchalantly glancing around at the slowly filling carriage. All the usual suspects were there, the spotty faced youths, the fat… Read more

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Fucked at the BBQ by my sons friends BBC 4

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I was still lying on the floor looking at my body when Paul my sons black friend walked in with his BBC swinging from side to side. He stood over me and said I need you to come with me. I was a little worried by his expression, but the thought of being taken by his cock again made me follow him. I walked into my sons room and he was now tied to his bed with my stockings, his ass was on display for me too see. Paul said you have two choices here, you can stand and watch me fuck your sons sweet ass, or you put a dressing gown on and drive me to a friends house. I said it is 2 in the morning… Read more

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Touched By A Guy

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Today it’s a very fine day cool breeze is blowing, Clouds have started covering the hills. I m on my bed and looking outside the window. A cool breeze strikes me and took me to the past. My exams for 12 Th were over and I was free. My cousin sona doing her graduation from kodaikanal also stays with us. She was a romantic gal and having a number of affairs. She used to tell me her stories and… Read more

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Having Sex With Pradeep

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my life quite well in the metro.The incident I am going to narrate is my sexperience with my brother-in-law,Pradeep.Even though I am not very adventurous desi wife my situation has taken control of to have sex with pradeep. He is a great flirt even though he just 19 when he fucked me.May be its my voluptuous structure thats making him an even bigger flirt of me.He would never miss a chance… Read more

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Flight to New York

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I am sharing my experiences here mainly of those that happened after I left the shores of India and on landing in the land of opportunity USA. I am originally from Mumbai and had my share of sexual experiences from college and work. I got married to an IT software engineer and since he had to leave back immediately I stayed back for 3 months to get the visa etc. The marriage was arranged as my parents had got fed up with me for always coming late and havin… Read more

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Seeing nude men

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We were 3 girls and stayed in a remote part on the outskirts to save money. it was a rural area with few houses and many huts where locals lived. when we used to go to college early in the morning we had to pass fields and would see many men come there for their morning nature call. They would come and pull up their lungis and sit. Once we three were going early and we saw a young man doing… Read more

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Extra Service at the Massage Parlour

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It was not a big parlor though which was located in ECR road of chennai . Many business persons and some youth boys used to come here often . Many boys just come here just for enjoyment .. Me and 2 other ladies are working here ,where they used to do massage to the customers . Our owner was a lady and she comes here just for thrice in a month ... Let me tell about me first . I'm married… Read more

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Servant Fucked Me

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I am thought as the sexiest girl in the city with 36-24-36 and look very sexy in sleeveless T-shirt and tight fitting jeans. Our family consists of my brother my parents and me. I am regular reader so I wish to share my first true sex experience with other readers . We also have a servant in our house and his name is Sajid khan. He is 24 years old and having a wife in Bihar. This is my true story and myself (Natasha) narrates it. it is around two months… Read more

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Amulya & Mechanic Part 06

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"Aaahhh...Ohhhh....shiitttt!!! I screamed as my orgasm hit me in just a matter of seconds. Gurnam immediately slowed down his stroking but kept fucking my spasming pussy in slow and longer strokes which prolonged my orgasm. My mind was numb from such an intense orgasm and for a few seconds I had no clue of what was going on but a hard slap on my ass brought me back. "Ha ha ha ....looks like… Read more

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Amulya & Mechanic Part 05


Once the orgasm ended, I was still on my fours on the back seat of my car. I heard a zipper being opened. I looked back at Gurnam and he was pulling down his pants. He was ready to fuck me right inside my car but I couldn't risk continuing this. The black sedan was a close call and someone could show up or worse, call the police. I didn't want to get caught in such a situation. I couldn't le… Read more

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Amulya & Mechanic Part 04

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After a long night of passionate love making, I woke up to see my husband packing his clothes in a bag. I was naked under the sheets. I covered my breasts as I sat up and looked at the clock on the side table. "Good morning baby..." Arjun said, smiling at me. "Good morning Arjun. I am sorry; I couldn't get up on time." I said, still a little sleepy and tired from last nights romp. "Don't… Read more

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