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Screw You Blinovitch

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Screw You Blinovitch Clara's life was in many ways divided into two now. Clara herself was in many ways divided into two now. There was Before The Doctor and After The Doctor. Some part of her wanted to believe that she hadn't really changed that much since she had met that strange man in that wondrous blue police box. Some part of her desperately clung to the tiny details of her life as if they could somehow prove that she was still just Clara. She still wore the same clothes she tried to tell herself. She still smiled the same way she always had she insisted. She still had… Read more

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Emma Watson is Taken

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“Damn! Does this dress make me look fat?” Emma asked. “Anything form fitting looks awesome on you! Especially the dress you wore to the Noah premiere! Men are wanking to the photos of you there!” her boyfriend replied. “OK! I’ll take your word for it!” Emma said. She was wearing a dress very similar to the white gown she wore at the Noah premiere, except it was light blue. She went commando and without a bra! Her hair was piled atop her head. Mark was sporting a hardon, which sealed the deal! “I think your cock is a more convincing judge than anything you could say! Hold that thought until… Read more

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Holly Willoughby Caught Me


Finally, the day had arrived. I had been begging and begging my friend, John, to let me come and visit the studio where he worked as a camera man and he had always refused, mainly with the excuse of 'I haven't been here long, I don't want to get into trouble, blah, blah, blah. But now John had been working at the ITV studios for well over a year and finally caved in and agreed to show me around the set. This wasn't just any set though this was the studio where they recorded This Morning. That might not sound too exciting to you but to me this was going to be the greatest day of my life. I wa… Read more

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Stuck in a lift with Jennifer Lawrence

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The excited teen hurried into the hotel lobby and looked around quickly at the lifts. He just managed to hold open the doors of the lift before they closed and breathed a sigh of relief as he pressed the button for floor fifteen. He became aware he wasn't alone, Pete looked around to set eyes on a beautiful woman who was leaning against the side wall of the lift, obscured from site when the doors had opened. He recognised her immediately as Jennifer Lawrence. "Hi, going up?" "I was going down actually." He noticed the American accent as she spoke. "Oh, you were getting out? Sorry about that… Read more

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Emma Watson’s 18th Birthday

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Emma had just finished making a short video about turning eighteen. She was very happy! Now she could do grownup things, like have sex, without worrying about her chosen lover’s getting cold feet. She had big plans for tonight! There were plans for a birthday party, where she had decided to pick out two hunks to “leave her breathless!” She had made plans for tonight since she was sixteen. She planned on wearing a black dress which was suitable for a sixteen year old lady. But she had also purchased (in secret) a pair of black panties with vertical stripes of black silk and see through lace.… Read more

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Kitty and Michael

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Kitty and Michael Kitty Foreman lay in a drowsy haze, Red was in the shower. She was remembering the events that took place last night, it was their 25th wedding anniversary. They were at a very fancy restaurant downtown Milwaukee have drinks and some food. Kitty had been drinking a lot of wine while Red had a couple of beers. Red said to Kitty in a soft voice remember the first years of our marriage when we would swing with our friends and how you would get on your knees and all of us guys would offer our cocks for you to suck. Yes I remember that was so much fun I couldn’t get enough cock b… Read more

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Taylor Swift Abused by Kanye West and Friends


Taylor Swift looked at her ringing phone and instantly recognized the number. “What the fuck do you want?” she answered. The caller said, “Listen, don’t hang up. I know we’ve had our problems in the past but we want to end this feud.” Taylor listened and said, “You two have made my life miserable. Why should I believe you?” Kim Kardashian smiled and said, “Look Taylor. Kanye and I, well, we’re sorry. We want to make it up to you. How about you come over and we’ll talk this out. We want to let bygones be bygones. What do you say?” Taylor thought about it for a minute and said, “Fine. When shoul… Read more

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Kim's Cock Addition


The first thing I thought of was getting Kendall and Kylie involved somehow so Kim would have some incentive to obey me. But three things were wrong with that: I didn't want to have to involve three women when I could involve only one; dealing with women that young might be difficult and counter-productive and I wanted her to want me to use her - I wanted her actions to be guided by lust and desire and passion, not fear. What they say is true -- Kourtney is the hottest one. But she hasn't made a fortune out of teasing me to death the way Kim has. Kim is the one who showed how crazy for cock… Read more

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True story of mine

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But I can’t wear this dress, the skirt is so short and neckline of top is so deep” I complained. “No, as per our agreement you have to wear this dress, you have already signed the agreement and any breach in the agreement, and you will lose you 90% payment.” Director replied. So please go and wear the dress, we are already running behind the schedule. My name is Anita and I am 18 years… Read more

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Emma Watson’s Vacation Part Seven

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The next morning, exhausted and satiated, Emma’ guests gone, she fell into a deep sleep. She dreamed of having more sex. But then, it seemed like most of her dreams these days were sexual! When she awoke around noon, she couldn’t remember the details of her dream. “God! I can’t sleep away the whole day! Time to get showered and get down to the beach.” She thought to herself. After her shower and makeup, Emma put on her white bikini. She had been planning this night for a long time. She was going to have a Director, a good sound man, a great lighting team and three cameramen to capture all th… Read more

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Love is a 5 Way Street - Chapter 3


Killer Tuna Redux 2: Love is a 5 Way Street - Chapter 3 "Ugh," Sam said with an exasperated tone as she jumped off the couch to answer the knock at the door. "About damn time." As she opened the door, she came face to face with the guy who'd been on her mind since middle school, and as hard as she tried, she just couldn't shake her… complicated feelings for him. And today, as Freddie stared back at her, wearing a striped long sleeve button up shirt and jeans, looking even more muscular than he did a couple months earlier, she felt the all too familiar tingle in her stomach and knowi… Read more

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Fucking a Politician in the Arse

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I'm back home after a great week last week in Canberra having fun exploring the city and being Paul the Politicians boy toy. I couldn't post too much on my blog (Aussie Speedo Guy) because Paul is married and is a bit of a public figure here in Australian politics.  But, after checking with Paul and running the first draft past him, I can now share with you guys some more details about how Paul and I met as well as what we got up to last week. It all began about a year ago... It was a Wednesday afternoon and I was sitting around the house in a pair of red speedos, horny and looking for… Read more

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Sex With Amy Jo Johnson (The Pink Ranger)


I had sex with Amy Jo Johnson on the set of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers while she was playing Kimberly Hart... the pink ranger. I once told her I wanted to eat her out. She replied by saying... We arranged to meet up in her dressing room. She was wearing the outfit you see in the photos below... When I arrived there, I saw her wearing the same outfit including the tight pink shorts. Keep… Read more

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iVisit the Brilliance Bar

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iVisit the Brilliance Bar (Takes place after "iHire an Idiot". Carly visits the Pear Store to see if there is more between Ashley and Freddie than him helping her with a sociology paper. But it seems that Ashley isn't interested in Freddie. Her interest is in someone else in the iCarly crew.) (Notes: The episode "iPearStore" where Freddie goes to work at the Pear Store takes place in season 6, two seasons after "iHire an Idiot" but I'm assuming that he worked there before then and that's where and when he met Ashley.) Carly Shay peeked around the edge of the glass front of the Pear… Read more

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Love Is A 5 Way Street: Chapter 2

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Killer Tuna Redux 2 - Love Is A 5 Way Street: Chapter 2 Catarina 'Cat' Valentine looked down at the sleeping form of the beautiful dirty blonde resting on her back, whose bed she was sharing on a semi-regular basis as she did last night, while the redhead straddled her hips. She just patiently gazed at her secret girlfriend and admired her beauty. Samantha 'Sam' Puckett's mouth was partially opened with a bit of drool leaving her bottom lip and onto her pillow. Her right arm was shoved under the pillow and her left arm out across the left side of the bed as she had been holding Cat c… Read more

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Amy Pond and Clara Oswald 2

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Amy Pond and Clara Oswald 2 With the Doctor away, clearing up an old Gallifreyan mess that was too dangerous for her, Clara had known exactly where she wanted to be dropped off. Clara sat next to Amy Pond on the edge of her king-sized bed. Amy was confident she'd have Clara in the palm of her hand in no time. Her soft hand rested on Clara's thigh, rubbing up and down gently. Clara smiled remembering how it had all began the first time. "Your legs are unbelievably smooth..." Amy remarked in her seductive Scottish accent. Clara was starting to sweat. She hadn't realised quite how warm… Read more

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Our Love

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Our Love Summary: Dawn and Faith's points of view on their relationship. It takes place a little over a year after "Chosen". Dawn is eighteen, and Faith is in her early twenties. Author's notes: As mentioned in the Angel Season Five episode "Damage", Buffy and Dawn are living in Rome, Italy. Faith is living there as well. While Buffy is dating "The Immortal", Dawn is dating Faith. Dawn was around sixteen during season seven of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I made her eighteen in this story. The words in italics are lyrics to Pete Townshend's "Let My Love Open The Door". When people k… Read more

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The Cellist's Greatest Performance


The mansion at Arcore it the foothils of Rome was bathed in soft yellow light from the spotlights in the grounds. The gravel in front of the house was littered with expensive cars; the manor was the home of Italian business magnate, Silvio Berlusconi. Tonight he was entertaining a select group of his friends. They were all eagerly looking forward to what he had promised to be an evening to remember. As ten o'clock approached the immaculately dressed waiters strolled among the invited guests handing out glasses of vintage Champagne and politely asking the elegantly clad guests to make their wa… Read more

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Erotic Escort Experience With A Rich Indian Woman


I am a tall, handsome and very very sarcastic, 6 feet 5, fit body and have a serious look on my face most of the time. I have been living here since 1999, completed all my education here and went to another city in southern India for work. I worked for 4 years and saved a little money. I got back to the city in May 2019 for h… Read more

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Daisy Ridley Casting


‘Ms.Colman, your appointment has arrived’ “Thank you Sam, send her through” Ms.Colman responds through the intercom. Being Olivia Colman’s assistant has its perks, her bisexual nature, her age, and her sex drive make for some interesting situations for a guy like me, a lot of interesting people for a 22 year old guy to meet. “You can go through ma’am” A young Daisy Ridley stands from the waiting seat. “Thank you so much” As she heads for the door, I continue to check her out, just as I had done from the second she walked in. Tight leather pencil skirt, bare legs, heels, a light sparkling t… Read more

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