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Fetish Porn Stories

Daddy’s Girl 2: An Obedient Daughter

Interracial SexTabooFetish

This is a continuation of my previous story Daddy’s Girl 1: The Lunch. The ride from the restaurant was quite uneventful. Daddy was already in his 50’s and I thought he would not have enough stamina to keep up with the advances of a horny young teenager. Boy was I wrong. Although daddy seemed a bit flustered and shocked at the restaurant, it became quite evident that he was totally into me. I had my jacket on, and my skirt pulled down as much as I could.… Read more

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Pregnant Sex: Gordon stakes his claim Pt 1


Thank you for reading my story post. My name is Nirmala and I am here to share an encounter experience I had which occurred in 2017. You might wonder why I would want to share on here, however what spurred me on was reading an article regarding having sex when pregnant in a woman magazine publication, which brought certain memories when I was pregnant. Going back to spring 2015, my husband (Vik) and I were in our late twenties and had been married for 2 years after five years of courtship. We were both British born of Indian background and held professional jobs in the city. We decided to m… Read more

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another vacation


It was vacation time again we packed and went away again to a nice hotel checked into our room and then put on our stuff under our cloths and checked out the neighborhood. We found a few places to take some pictures again but not many so we went back to hotel and decided to have drinks. We sat in a nice booth and had a few drinks and talked about what to do. I could tell my wife was checking something out but had no idea what, but she soon got up said be right back and walked over to a booth across from us and started to talk. I could not see much but soon she came back smiling and said well I… Read more

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I heard Mistress setting up the fuck bench behind me , strapping Lauren into position. Then finally Mistress approached me again and deflated the plug invading me. I was told to go and get a small dick and attach to a strapon harness around my waist. Then as i approached the fuck bench , was told to fuck Lauren with it. Lauren lay face down , wearing a sissy hood and a bodystocking. She had already been prepared by Mistress , and so my strapon easily glid into her sissy cunt. I began to fuck her with my new artificial prick as my own still useless caged one dangled beneath it. All the time Lau… Read more

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Anita making some sexy foot jobs


Anita and I were walking around the shopping mall, doing some purchasing. It was a warm day and my sexy wife was wearing a light summer dress and high heeled sandals. Her feet were exposed and she had painted her toes in bright red color. I loved her feet; sometimes, when she was done after some wild sex and I insisted for a bit more, my sensual Ana was able to give me a sensual foot job until she made me cum, splashing my sticky cum all over her nice feet… That day we entered a lingerie store and I noticed a customer was staring at Anita’s feet. As she was busy trying some outfits at the ch… Read more

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Jock Tales--Jr Year Happy Fucking Thanksgiving


Jock Tales--Happy Fucking Thanksgiving Well, as the title indicates—it's Thanksgiving day. I loved this day—it was one of the few times I 'let myself go', and just ate what I wanted. The Diamond Dawgs had all assembled at the house to help out with the move. After meeting over at dad's new apartment last week, Kelso and Petroni, and Jackson, had a long talk with dad, and filled him in on pretty much everything that had been going on. The fighting, drinking, the dope, jail, hustling, the trips to Austin fucking Parker, the bad attitude, and the ever increasing occurrence of me checkin out my l… Read more

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Jock Tales Jr Year Final Game, PT 2

FetishMasturbationGay Male

Jock Tales—Jr Year --Final Game Pt 2 The day had gone slowly, and mostly uneventful. We had gone another season now, undefeated. If we finished out the night with a win, we will tie the Tigers three year winning streak. I entered the locker room kinda somber, and head for the cage. I needed to get pumped up for the game, and get my 'game face' on. After an hour or so of lifting, I head for the showers. Didn't know why—just wanted to feel the strong jets of the water on my back. But—no soap :) I head for my locker, dick waggin between my thighs with towel over my shoulder. Still loved show… Read more

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blindfolded 3


shaBlindfolded fun 3 After our Asian friend pulled his cock out of Shellies sopping cunt for the second time she now slowly closed her legs indicating she had had enough, my friend give me the thumbs up and i motioned for him to leave quietly, i shut the door behind him and looked at Shelley still sat there blindfolded and wrists tied to the side tables, she said come on you sly thing untie me i need a drink, i untied her and she removed the blindfold and i waited for her to go mad at me. Shelley put on her dressing gown sat down and swiftly drunk the vodka i had poured us both, i asked her i… Read more

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A quick visit with Nancy


If you've seen my other post about Nancy you'll know it's been quite a while since I saw her. Furthermore, aside from that one night, I've not had sex with her. But, that's okay. I have a very fond and favorite memory of that night and every time I see her I flash back to the night I made her mine and filled her young pussy full of my seed. I fantasize that I was the first man to have that pussy. So, with that backdrop, you can well imagine my surprise when I saw her at the local grocery store and she invited me to stop by her house that night since she was home alone. I could hardly wait!!… Read more

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Introduction and the first part of my story

First TimeFetish

Hi there, I am glad, that you stayed until you found this text. This will be the introduction, to all the following parts, of my story of how I became a TV / Sissy. First of all: I am not a native speaker, so please forgive me grammar or spelling mistakes. I hope I will not have many of them, but I can't really promise, that I will write or articulate everything in the right way. All started like 13/14 years ago. I was still going to school and living with my parents. I was used to watch regular porn and remarked, that I wanted more. Something more intense, more dirty and more "fo… Read more

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Cucked at the wedding - Phil comes to stay


The two weeks until Phil came to stay went by in a horny blur. Carrie and I fucked most nights, then 3 days before she put a stop to it telling me she was now saving herself for Phil. This may not be as 'story-like' as the others as I am recollecting from what Carrie told me so is more factual. Hopefully this won't disappoint. I left for my training course early that morning. Nervous and excited about what was going to happen to Carrie and how our lives were going to change forever....we kissed passionately at the door. Carrie had taken the day off to make herself over. When I got home the fo… Read more

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The Young Photographer

FetishFirst TimeVoyeur

We know him through a music festival we help with, he’s only 23 ish – he has a HUGE crush on me. Its going to be VERY stressful for all three of us. Just a quiet night in (bra-less Monopoly) Friday night but Sat we plan to take him for a steak supper locally.. I have this GORGEOUS black silk dress, quite 'floaty' around my top and it's very thin and quite backless. He'll know I'm not wearing a bra for sure. They’ll both see my boobs bouncing around all night, so that in itself will get me sopping. No panties coz I don’t want lines! Defo hold ups tho. He’s timid, so it all depends if HE can… Read more

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Aunty Betty Part Two

FetishFirst Time

Before reading this, to follow the story make sure you’ve read Aunty Betty So I had two weeks to go before my parents would return to drive me home and despite being in the company of the love of my young life, I felt miserable and depressed. In spite of her being kind and loving towards me, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had witnessed with gardener boy and wondered how long he had been poking her with his monster cock. I had massaged her feet two or three times since that awful day, but it just didn’t feel the same for me and she sensed it. In an effort to cheer me up she got me inv… Read more

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And old Asian song


I heard a strange song that was being played softly taking over the place, while I looked at the bottom of my empty glass and how the liquid was running, letting me see behind flashes of bottles hit by neon lights and dirt, of that distant bar which, as every suburban bar, was almost empty in the middle of a Wednesday night. Only some drunks or aimless people went through the town this pitifully late at night, which only came alive with the arrival of a train, or a long-distance bus that dusted the air through its dirty streets. But none of that would happen until sunrise, and there I was, str… Read more

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Right Where It Stings 2 (spanking/schoolgirl)


Long time has passed since Olivia’s last visit in to her headmistress’ office. Time long enough for the young girl to forget herself, get cocky and careless again, and therefore enough to get herself into trouble big enoug for her to be called in for the second time this year. Olivia instantly recollected what the call and prompt appointment were going to mean for her. Shame, a lot of it. Humilating herself. Enduring spiralling pain. Fighting back all the uncomfortable, unforgivable feelings.  When she was waiting outside the headmistress’ office the girl was already feeling the knot in h… Read more

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Shemale PornFetishFirst Time

Long before Robert L. even reached puberty, the seeds of his impending Sexuality were deeply implanted with strong personality molding roots. This by his single parent mother Bee, whose only real wish in life had been to give birth to and to raise a cute little cuddily sweet girl. So while all of the other boys in his small rural country town grew up playing army, sports or flirting with many of the interested and suddenly budding young girls, a poor and very sheltered Robert was made to spend nearly all of his waking hours either attending school or back home indoors tying to carry out all… Read more

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Feeling extra cuckold


Thanksgiving my wife Andrea and I were relaxing after all the family had left. Everything was cleared away and we were just setting in the den taking it easy when I asked her if she wanted to call a friend to come have sex with her. She said why are you in the mood to see me fucked? I pulled down my pants and my four inch dick sprang out rock hard. She laughed and asked why is your little pee pee hard? I said I have been looking at you dressed up and you make my dick hard. She stood up and brushed the wrinkles out of her short skirt and then raised up on her nylon covered toes so she could loo… Read more

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Thanksgiving Stuffing

FetishGay MaleMature

This is a Ture Story that Happen this Past week. Names have Been Changed.               I was Working out of town over the holiday.  Had a Nice 4 day week end coming up I figured I would Check some sites for a hook up that night. Hell I had a nice hotel and can host why not, so here I was In Boston relaxing in my room. For the past yr now I have been getting back in touch with my cock Craving, cross dressing side. I hit the gym hard losing 25 lbs and Really hitting up my ass and legs hard I look Awesome in 6 in H… Read more

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Sylvia Gets Back to Ida's and Spills theB ean


: I was back in Ida's kitchen, telling her about Amy, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, and Donnie, the boy who I wanted to fuck but didn't. She thought my story about leaving him a personal message was so funny, she wet her pants laughing. "But you didn't fuck after your period ended, right?" "Well, I wanted to..."Okay, that's good because we have to do the Mikveh, the ritual cleansing bath before we start having sex again.." ""Ritual bath? Ida, what are you talking about?" "Well, in Jewish tradition, orthodox women have to do this cleansing ritual before they can fuck after their period is over. I mad… Read more

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Best erotic stories on internet


KIM AND HER TALENT "I'm gonna take a dip," I called to her from the deep end. "Wanna meet in the middle?" She raised up and smiled as I dove into the water. Gliding from the force of my dive, I was a bit surprised when she plunged in next to me at mid-pool. I hooked an arm behind her leg and pulled her under. We both popped to the surface together and Kim's arms went around my neck. I pulled her close to me and could feel her hard nipples press against my chest as our lips met. We kissed gently at first, but as Kim pressed her hips against me and my cock began to… Read more

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