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Found out I'm Definitely Gay?

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I'm Nick, and I just found out I'm bisexual about six months ago. These two monster guys at the gym, Steve and Butch, caught me watching them have sex in the shower after hours. Since then I've been their little fuck toy every Wednesday night. I love getting fucked and sucking cock. I'm married and so far my wife doesn't suspect. If anything, my sex life with her has improved. We have sex much more frequently and she's even opened up to anal sex. It's great! About one month ago the consulting firm I work for hired a new guy, fresh out of college. He was Indian and his name was Sanjay. He was… Read more

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Found out I'm Bisexual leaning Gay?

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It's Nick again. I recently found out I'm Bisexual. I discovered it by having two guys, Butch and Steve, catching me watch them have sex in the gym shower after hours one night. Since then I've been their little fuck toy every Wednesday night after our work out. I'm 5'11", tan, and in good shape. Steve is 6'6", blonde, slender and athletic and Butch is also 6'6" with red hair and the body of a professional body-builder (which he was). One night after our Wednesday work out, we all headed to the showers to clean up and get to business fucking me. Butch said to me with a k**'s grin, "Are you… Read more

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Wild and Wilder.

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... They towered over me. 5 masters, 1 boy... Wearing their tough leather jackets and chaps. Their huge dicks swinging free. And not much good in mind. The lessons Tony had taught me earlier came in handy now. I looked up as Jeff pushed his huge throbbing cock in my mouth. I took him... I took it all! And the others cheered, as Jeff plowed my face, talking very dirty to me. Then Damian did. Cody, Tony, and Cliff followed. And I was loving it ... - A continuation of: https://xhamster.sitescrack.site/stories/the-porn-star-and-me-Read more

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Susanna Francessca, a sexy story, not a sex story


This true story about sexy glamour model Susanna Francessca has been sent to me by a friend.... "I’d booked Susanna for a video photoshoot at a different studio to the usual one that she ran in Warwick, UK. The day before the shoot, she ‘phoned me and said ‘Can we get to the studio about 15 minutes early, please? The studio owner shoots pictures for men’s magazines and wants to look through my portfolio. If he likes my pictures, he’ll book me for a photoshoot. I haven’t been in men’s magazines for a while, and I really miss being published’, I said ‘Yes, of course, that’s no problem at all’… Read more

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Trip to Spain. Part 1


So, the day came where daddy and i was going on vacation to Spain, i was sooo excited. Daddy had told me to NOT pack my suitcase, he did that, as he said, im gonna tell you what to wear and when. Daddy also told me what to wear on the plain, and he had placed it on the bed, no questions asked. I went to the bed to see what he had come up with, and i was surprised. A pink latex swimsuit, pink long latex stockings, girdle, panties and a girly blouse, all latex and beside that, a jogging suit with no zipper, that was kind of smart. Daddy had bought me some long boots in black leather, and of cou… Read more

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My Black Surprise PT2 Blacken

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My phone buzzed in my purse while I was at the grocery store, and it was my lover. He wanted to see me again, and I had been waiting for this e-mail. He had a few requests, I figured he was starting slow and appreciated it. He wanted me to meet him at his house, and he gave me specific instructions as to how that would play out. I wanted to see him again, but I was concerned about getting caught. I was so nervous, but I totally trusted him already. He requested a dress and panties because he said he wanted the pleasure of taking them off. After dropping the groceries off at my house, I quickl… Read more

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My Black Surprise Blacken

FetishFirst TimeInterracial Sex

As I walk up to the coffee shop, he chose for us to meet at, my heart was racing. I had met men from the internet before, but never this soon. I hardly knew him, but it seemed that things went faster with him than usual. I agreed to meet him wondering what exactly I was getting myself into. I had put an ad on the internet hoping to find an older married black man that would want to have sex with me for a little while. I wasn't after just sex; any woman can go to a bar and find that. I was looking for a man who knows the value of a good woman, and married men seem to have that covered. I was lo… Read more

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The BDSM Club Monthly Social - Part Foun

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The BDSM Club Monthly Social -Part Four Robert said, "This has become a family tradition Kathy. Whenever a new submissive is being tested I let my sons have a go with her as part of the tests. I'm going to watch so you boys have some fun with her and I'll let you know when it's time to give her back." "Have you ever been gang banged before Kathy?" She replied, "No Sir, but I will do whatever you want." Kathy was led over to a round drum like device and tied bending over it, hands cuffed behind her back and feet tied wide apart… Read more

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First Time taking Cock Gay

FetishFirst TimeGay Male

I'm Nick, a married mid-30's professional. I'm 5'11", in shape, tan, brown eyes, black hair. I work out to stay in shape. I was working out one night and was running late, the owner of the gym said I could stay late and finish my work-out and that Steve and Butch would be staying late to clean up and lock up. I didn't see Steve or Butch while I finished up lifting weights, but when I got to the locker room and headed for the showers, I heard the water running and figured they were cleaning up themselves. I was shocked when I walked in and saw Steve on his knees in front of Butch. Steve was 6… Read more

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My mother's married best friend


“I fucking hate weddings.” Shocked and embarrassed, I didn’t reply. “Give them a year and they won’t be so, lovey-dovey.” I looked for a way to escape. The room was early-evening busy, and people were starting to show signs of wear and tear. We were the only two still sitting at the table. It was a wreck. Confetti, glasses, empty bottles of wine, and used coffee cups showed the tail-end of the wedding breakfast as a crew of young people rushed to get the place tidy. It was the lull between the meal and evening entertainmen… Read more

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I have to Fuck your Ass Pegged

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I dominate my husband with prostate milkings and strap-on discipline!!!!!! Now that that's out of the way, a little background information on how we got to this point in our lives. I am not your typical leather-clad dominatrix that you see on TV. As far as I'm concerned, all that leather is just for show! I am your typical normal, unassuming housewife that you would never expect to be a dominant person to begin with. I am 5'6" and about 120 lb's. My husband is 5' 11", 190 lb's and has a muscular build. Our relationship started just like any other relationship would start, but somewhere alo… Read more

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YMCA3: My Brother’s Best Mate, the Dude from the S

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Ken, Bryan and I slowly walked back to our gear. We were grabbing each other, kissing, pulling swimsuits down, until we got to my towel. A sexy dude of 40, in some cargo shorts and ball cap, was taking pictures of dudes and the scenery. He came over to Ken and reminded him that he just bought tons of gear, porn, and toys from the shop. He asked Ken to pose and snapped a few frames while Bryan and I laid down, with the guy just at our feet. Bryan was still fingering my hole, when the guy came over and introduced himself as a model scout. We rolled our eyes, and Bryan said “Dude, you don’t need… Read more

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Making him Cum Pegged

FetishFirst Time

She had plans for him tonight, and she would have no problem getting him to go along. Any time her naked body was involved, he was willing even if he didn't know where it was going. After teasing him a little with some rubbing and some accidental bumping all evening, and promising him a special blow job, she would easily get him on the bed and tie his hands and feet to the bed spread eagle. That's when the real teasing would begin. Jed knew she would never hurt him, so she could make it interesting, and he liked her when she was a little aggressive. Once he was tied down, she could continue t… Read more

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Beg me not to Stop Pegged

FetishFirst Time

She was working the dildo in my mouth like it was her real cock and she could feel all of the moves and thrusts. Her body moved like this was natural for her to be shoving a cock in a man's throat. She coached me at times by telling me to move faster or slower. At times, she grabbed me by my ears and would make thrusts, in and out, just like she wanted so that she could control the feeling and edge around an orgasm. "You wait till I get this dick in your ass. It's gonna feel so good you're going to beg me not to stop." Muffled assent was all I could manage. I was worshipping this strapless c… Read more

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Cuckold Creampies and a Transsexual at the Bathhou

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While sitting at my lover Nicole's place, as she is out getting her pussy filled with cum, and I am waiting for her to come back and feed me. I got a text from a Transsexual lover Kayla; since i was just waiting, i arranged to meet her at the local bathhouse. I got to the bathhouse, stripped down and found Kayla in the steam room getting sucked off by a guy. As I entered, she stopped the guy sucking and came straight over to me and we made out for a minute. We left the steam room and went directly to the sling. I hopped up into the sling laying on my back, then back out to adjust the height… Read more

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im 59 and a crossdresser who loves older men 60+ . i have known mr.john jones since i was 14! john is about 20 years older then me im guessing and was married for many many years till his wife linda passed away!! i just found out recently that john is gay now !! my gaydar went off instantly and since hearing this i cant get him out of my mind !! i have masturbated and cummed many times thinking of john and i together !! im 58 now and john is about 78 !!he is still quite handsome with a sexy moustache and is still trim and slender !!john used to be my assistant band director 40 years ago and i… Read more

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condom transformation (english version)


The music played loudly, it was the second hour of the festival. Tom came here not only to have fun. He was an ordinary thief. He was looking for an opportunity to steal something. He noticed that one of the girls put her purse on the ground and did not pay attention to her. Tom came closer and squatted next to the girl. He wanted to reach for the purse, but he failed, the purse just turned over. Unfortunately for him, a vial with a mysterious powder fell out of the bag, opened when it fell, and flew a little powder on Tom. The last thing he saw was a packed condom, which also almost fell out… Read more

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Trisha's cum cravings


I moan gently as my cock twitches in Trisha's mouth, the sensations of pleasure like waves rolling from my groin and across my body. Her head is resting on my thigh as she also lightly moans, and I know she's tasting more of my precum. Having done this so many times with her now, and her detailed erotic messages and texts describing her thrill and joy of sucking me, I've gotten to know her responses well and have a very good idea of what the experience is like for her. Her hand squeezes my other thigh, and knowing what it means, I begin to deliberately twitch and swell my cock and she respon… Read more

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Black Caddy Daddy

AnalFetishInterracial Sex

Black Caddy Daddy Over the many years of cruising I have learned how to look for the signs of places and men who are looking for a little action. Learning to loiter with intent and recognize those who are loitering with intent is a more exact science now days but it can still be done. We live in a surveillance society now with cameras, security guards, lighting and cops watching public places so the days of open cruising are long gone. If you take your time, are cautious and learn from small mistakes you can avoid the big mistakes while at the same time hooking up with some consistency. Close… Read more

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Stretched out Pussy PT2 Blacken

FetishInterracial Sex

This story comes after our relationship with Tre had ended. He ended up meeting a really nice lady and when they got more serious in their relationship, he decided that the wonderful thing we had going had to come to an end. His new love was not into open relationship and sharing her well- endowed boyfriend. After that relationship ended, we both decided to take a break on it and really focus on our marriage since it seems that we were caught up into such a tornado of passion. My wife also joked that she needed to give her pussy a break and let it get tightened up again. With that we both had… Read more

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