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I had graduated from college, moved to Atlanta to take my first job in marketing for a small software company, and had been working diligently to establish myself for about 6 months. One day, a VP in sales, Jeff, came by my desk and asked if I could come in Saturday morning and help him with a presentation. He said, “I need help with PowerPoint and making it look pretty and heard that you are whiz with presentations.” I had no plans, so I was excited to get a little face time with the executive crowd. He continued, “since it Saturday, please do not feel you have to dress up. Jeans and T-shirt… Read more

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You got my Ass So Now I get Yours

First TimeFetishAnal

My girlfriend and I have always been a little kinky. We liked to tie each other up every now and then. We both enjoyed it every time we did it. I didn't realize that it was only the start of something that would land me in the position I am in now, on my knees dressed in a slutty skirt and panties with makeup and a wig, taking her friend's dick in my ass while I ate another guy's cum out of her freshly fucked pussy. I guess it all started a few months back on my birthday. I had wanted to fuck my girlfriend Jennifer's ass for a while but hadn't wanted to bring the subject up for fear that she… Read more

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Pregnant Wife Caught With pregnant friend

FetishVoyeurLesbian Sex

My Wife (amy) and I who have been together for around 4 years expecting a c***d had a bbq one summer evening. It was put together fairly late and only Amys friend Alice (who was also heavily pregnant) and her partner could make it. I remember when Alice turned up I couldn't help but stare at her magnificent Figure her huge round tits bounced as she walked or giggled, her Ass was incredible and was barely contained in her tight jeans. my cock was beginning to throb as I watched her and my wife talking. an hour or 2 passed and the girls seemed to be getting bored so they decided… Read more

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I'm 100 percent Straight CockSucker PT2

FetishGay MaleGroup Sex

After spending a majority of the morning sucking off one of my closest friends, I spent a few quiet moments sitting on my bed, back in my own hotel room, trying to comprehend what happened. I nervously twisted my wedding ring around my finger, anxiously thinking about the pictures I had allowed Brad to take of me. What was he going to do with them? What if one of them found its way back to my wife? All the sensations I had just experienced came flooding back to me. The warmth of Brad's stiff cock in my mouth and his manly scent when my face was buried deep in his lap were so vivid it was like… Read more

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Straight Until I Sucked Cock

FetishFirst TimeGay Male

As I walked into the bathroom, I immediately took note of its strange cleanliness, considering its location off of a highway. I sat down in one of the stalls and closed the door. As I finished my business, I turned around to flush the toilet, and noticed a hole in the wall, about 3 inches in diameter. Inspecting it more closely, I began to notice a variety of vulgar slurs along the edges of the hole, all alluding to oral sex and times to meet. I notice one was 3pm as I looked at my watch it was almost 3pm. Then the noise of footsteps could be heard on the other side of the stall. A man had ju… Read more

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Black Cock Club

First TimeFetishInterracial Sex

Lucy assured me she'd look after me as we headed down the long driveway of the country house that now served as the black cock club resort. She had started coming here once a week the previous month but this was to be my first visit. As we parked the car and headed up the steps towards the front door there was nothing about the building to give away its unusual purpose. There was, however a completely naked brunette waiting by the door! Lucy had briefed me about the many strict rules of the club. The first was that women were not allowed any clothes at any time inside the club. There was a la… Read more

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I'm 100 percent Straight CockSucker

FetishFirst TimeGay Male

I always dreaded my office's annual work trip. A whole ten days dedicated to trainings and lectures with the other members of management. A small upside was that it meant a week away from the hassles of my k**s and wife. My wife and I got married right out of college and had k**s immediately. Now we were in our mid-thirties and it was nice to get away every once in awhile. I would never cheat on her but I felt there was no harm in hitting the strip clubs with a couple of the other guys and looking at the forbidden fruit. The other positive of this year's trip was that it gave me a chance to c… Read more

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More White Pussy 4 Maurice (2)

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After that first (and very successful!) 'insemination' of that young white married female from Europe, I found myself being offered a second such opportunity; but this time from a married couple from Spain. The wife was in her late 30's, and her husband was older, in his early 50's. Both were professionals; she was an immigration lawyer, and he was a judge. They had both become increasingly concerned with Europe's burgeoning white nationalist activity towards immigrants, and towards African immigrants especially. The husband had been unable to get his wife pregnant, and though they could have… Read more

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Cum FACE Gay

FetishGay MaleVoyeur

In my city, we have a park that is well known as a place for cruising. Lots of guys go there for disc golf, but even more go for cock. I have scored many times there myself and it is always a rush to suck cock in the open air. This story is about one time in particular that I really enjoyed. I go to the park for two reasons, one is to jog and the other is the reason mentioned above. This time I was there to suck cock and nothing else. I entered the main path and by the time I had walked 100 feet, I saw a guy that I had sucked before at the local ABS. He looked as if he was still looking to ge… Read more

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What's a Creampie Honey

FetishFirst Time

It took a long time, but I finally managed to get my wife to try some adventure. We had been married for eight years and our sex life had become rather predictable. Once a week or so, she would relent and we would "be together." This usually meant her sucking my cock to get it hard and then laying down on her stomach and letting me pound away until I had my orgasm. Occasionally she had one too but more often than not, it seemed like sex with me was just one of the many things on her list of things to do. That all changed the night she discovered I had been online looking at websites devoted t… Read more

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First swingers party after gangbang

Group SexFetishLesbian Sex

This is the true story of our first swingers party. Prior to this, we had a few threesomes and moresomes, but it was under our terms and I arranged the guys. Some were guys from work, especially the first few times as I knew i could trust them. After that, we used the various sex sites and Craig's list. From our 'advertising' Graham made contact and advised he has swingers parties at his house in a northern suburb and asked if we would like to go. My wife Jordan said "I'm not sure. There will be other chicks there. It wont be just about me." "I know hun" I replied "but you will get your s… Read more

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A fantasy of mine

FetishHardcoreFirst Time

This is just fiction and a fantasy of mine. Also my first time writing a story so bare with me So me and my wife had been together for 10+ years and our sex life has had its ups and downs. We were currently getting into bondage and a few other kinks we enjoy. So just to paint you a picture I am 6ft even about 220 my wife is 4ft9 about 120 with black hair and tattoos all over. It had always been a fantasy of mine to see her with a guy with a larger cock than mine. I knew she wouldn’t agree so I had came up with a plan. I looked online and found a perfect guy that was willing to go through wit… Read more

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Brie Larson & her crew guy.


Brie Larson has a hard time following her controversy, men on set would shun her, why help this woman? She clearly couldn’t care what we think, so what do I owe her nothing? Well that’s the attitude, I on the other hand couldn’t help but hold onto my infatuation with her, we often small talk, glance at one another across the set and smirk. Her long legs and slim figure drove me wild at work every day, she knew it, flaunted it and loved it. ‘So what can I do?’ I turned to see Brie Standing there wiping her neck down with a towel. “Well you could try smiling every once in a while” I sarcastica… Read more

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Daisy Ridley Casting


‘Ms.Colman, your appointment has arrived’ “Thank you Sam, send her through” Ms.Colman responds through the intercom. Being Olivia Colman’s assistant has its perks, her bisexual nature, her age, and her sex drive make for some interesting situations for a guy like me, a lot of interesting people for a 22 year old guy to meet. “You can go through ma’am” A young Daisy Ridley stands from the waiting seat. “Thank you so much” As she heads for the door, I continue to check her out, just as I had done from the second she walked in. Tight leather pencil skirt, bare legs, heels, a light sparkling t… Read more

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$100.00 Bet turns into $200.00 BlackenPT4

FetishVoyeurInterracial Sex

I rolled out of bed late in the morning. Having nothing to do I was in no hurry to start a lazy day. Grabbing something to eat I sat down to watch some bad weekend morning TV when the thought of my wife and last night came into my mind. I knew she would not be by today having a wedding and party to go to afterwards. Stretching out on my couch I zoned out as one hour blended into the next. By the afternoon I was bored out of my mind and by the evening I was dying for the day to finally come to an end. Around seven o'clock I was startled by the sound of my phone ringing. Answering it I was surpr… Read more

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how it began

BDSMFetishFirst Time

Where it all began I was a mere slip of a lass, ripe and ready to go and explore life at the age of 19. Now, I was never the cultured, fashionable, up to date type when I was in my late teens, I didn't have many friends, having a bit of a reputation among the guys in my local area didn't help me gain many friends either, but that's just how it goes. I was, still am, slightly over weight, not obese, curvy in all the right places and have struggled throughout my life to keep it in check, glad to say I'm doing rather well with it now. But I would never let my weight get in the way of my goals… Read more

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Mature Slut Wife Options for BBC......


So if you have been reading the stories about my hot slut wife Debra you know what hot mature wild fuck she is..... Been doing more sharing lately since she is enthralled with this 37 y/o stud. Go back and read some of the hot fuck sessions she has had with him, only makes this story even hotter..... So a week ago Thursday her stud was over for the night and pounding the fuck out that slutty 59 y/o size 10 body..... He had eaten her first into complete wild screams and then got on top and started fucking that wet horny pussy.... he can hold off cumming for quite some time.... he had been in h… Read more

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First Time Wife Played with my Ass

AnalFetishFirst Time

I still remember the first time she ever started to play with my ass. We were in some heavy lovemaking and she was sucking my cock and pulling on my balls all of a sudden she started playing with my ass. First taking her finger and tapping my asshole then she rubbed the outer edge of my ass. I noticed my cock was jumping all around and pre-cum was forming on the end of my cock, I told her that it felt real good and she said let me finger your ass. Well that was the start of a new sex life before the night was over she had fucked me with 3 fingers, my ass loved it and I was too. Over the next… Read more

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Wife Trained Me to Love Cum

FetishFirst TimeAnal

She said "cum in my mouth and then we will make out" before I knew it she had my pants down and was sucking my cock. I felt my balls tighten up as she deep throated my cock, my balls where being sucked on more and more as she violently sucked up and down. I exploded a huge load of cum in her mouth, and not one drop of it escaped her swollen lips. She got up and planted a big kiss on my lips. I was so horny I wasn't thinking straight, I opened my mouth and she stuck her cum coated tongue all the way down my throat. I could taste my cum in her mouth. I remember thinking how good it tasted as s… Read more

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First Threesome

FetishFirst TimeGroup Sex

I was fucking one of my FWB and while we were hitting it pretty hard I mentioned that I'd love a threesome with her and one of her female friends. I guess she liked the idea because she came all over me and her pussy tightened up so much that I came right after filling her pussy up. Sandra told me she'd ask a couple of her friends. Sandra also knows about my fertile pussy no rubbers fetish. Fast forward a week and she and her friend Lisa came over, were introduced and we got comfortable upstairs getting naked and rubbing each other all over. I'd never had two pussies and four tits in my hands… Read more

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