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First adventure.

First Time

I threw a few cans of potted meat, sardines, and some crackers in my knapsack and told mom I would be home Sunday. She knew that a few of us guys would go hunting on the weekends, so she was o.k. with me leaving. The only thing was, she did not know that I was going to be hunting alone this weekend. Saturday I wandered into new territory trying to find some game without any luck. Later that evening, it started to rain and I began to look for shelter. Then the rain turned into a storm. I wandered around in the woods for a few hours in the dark until I found a dirt road and started to walk down… Read more

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Jimmy's Sissy, Part 1

Gay MaleFirst Time

"Alright, faggot. Wake up! I'm not leaving until you make my dick cum." That was the sound that reverberated around my freshman dorm room the night that my...let's call them troubles...the night that my troubles began. While not the absolute beginning, it was the point where there became only one possible ending. You see, there was a time when I wasn't a cock sucking sissy addict. That was the time before Jimmy, my high school bully, drunkenly barged into my dorm room with the urge to embarrass me by trying to make me make him cum. There were a lot of things that could have gone differently th… Read more

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Cuck and clean (the first time)

First TimeGroup Sex

I had been waiting all evening for her to come home and now I heard the cab doors shut and could hear voices. Who had she brought home? I was about to find out… I was a bit of a newbie to the term cuckholding and never really knew what it meant until we had discussed it at a friends diner party after a few glasses of wine and a few beers. It was the norm the conversation would turn to chat about sex when the alcohol kicked in. My wife of 30 years has always been good in bed but more recently got more and more adventurous which I loved. Helen is fifty two and has looked after her self well,… Read more

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My Gay Initiation

First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

This happened around 40 years ago when I was in my mid-twenties. My girlfriend had thrown me out over my drinking and I found myself sleeping on friends’ sofas but I was quickly running out of sympathetic friends. One evening I was in the local pub (drinking as usual) when Edward sidled up to me and asked if he could buy me a drink. Now Edward was a local businessman who everyone knew to be gay but was without a partner and at fifty+ was struggling to find one even though he was considered to be wealthy. I accepted the drink and as I was already the worse for wear told him my tale of woe and h… Read more

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tgirl rape

BDSMAnalFirst Time

Gene pulled his car into a gravel drive. it was a trailer park. he had picked me up thumbing home. i was so worn out! he said it would be a minute and would i like to come in? Gene offered me a drink and asked if i would like to take a shower. "you probably should shower, you have been on the road for awhile." so i went into the bathroom and stripped down. i folded my bellbottoms neatly and then my shirt. i looked at my boots, they were scuffed and worn. the water felt really good. i soaped up and shaved all over as usual. my nipple were so sensitive and stood out like little buttons. when… Read more

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Three virgins went on holiday, one came back

Group SexFirst TimeMasturbation

My rock hard penis is inside my girlfriend Julie's vagina, having the time of his life. My tongue is licking the most delicious nipples, but they are not hers. Both women are moaning  and grunting. Yet, barely one week ago, I was still a very old 18 years old virgin. How did it happen? It was the beginning of the university holidays. My girl friend Julie and I decided to treat ourselves and hire a small sailing boat to spend the Summer in the Aegean. We were both in our first year and met during fresher's week. We have earned a lot of money during our first year at University by giving… Read more

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Brother cheers up his coed sister

HardcoreFirst Time

It all started back in my second year of college, at a party a friend of mine was throwing at his house. The party was just getting wound up when my sister and her two best friends showed up. I went to an engineering college in Milwaukee and my sister just started at a two year college nearby. I soon lost track of my sis while playing a game of asshole. In this game everyone is ranked, there is a president, vice president, treasurer, and so on all the way down to the lowest person who is the asshole. You can order people to do things who are of a lower rank than you, and cards determine what t… Read more

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MatureFirst TimeHardcore

Tom went over to his best friend Steve’s house. It was a hot summer day and they were going to use the pool in his backyard. He parked his bike in the driveway and knocked on the front door. Steve opened the door. “What’s up, dude?” Steve said. He was already barefoot and in his swimming trunks. They headed through the kitchen and to the patio. Steve’s mom, Claudia, was in the kitchen. She was reading the newspaper. She looked up to see the handsome young men going past her. “Hi, Mrs. Turner,” Tom said politely. “Hello, Thomas,” Claudia replied with a low, sultry voice. Tom blushed slight… Read more

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The Awakening

TabooFirst TimeMasturbation

It was very early ... barely enough light to see anything, and I lay there for a while wondering why I'd woken up at this hour, and then I felt her next to me ... she must have climbed into bed whilst I was asleep. She was snuggled up next to me and I could smell the warm sweet scent of her hair. I lay there motionless, pretending to sleep, and savouring the feel of her young body pressed against mine, her leg resting on my thigh, and the heat emanating from her silken bush. She had her hand resting on my belly, and was moving it ever so slowly, carefully down towards my crotch, pausing now an… Read more

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Prof p6, the lesbian episode

Lesbian SexFirst TimeBDSM

Riley realised that she had crossed a bridge in her relationship with the Prof. He had tested her to the limit, and she had submitted to his authority. She had accepted that she would do whatever he asked, without question. Strangely it felt hugely relieving to let go, to let him take charge. She loved and admired him - more than admired, she worshipped him. She wanted to mark his ownership in a tangible way. She thought about getting a tattoo, but he was appalled at the idea, lecturing her at length on their lack of aesthetic merit, how the concept of a fashionable tattoo was an oxymoron (as… Read more

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Cindy's panties...part two

MasturbationVoyeurFirst Time

The early light of dawn finally came into my bedroom and, no, it wasn't all a dream. Little Cindy slept next to me, still clad in her sexy pink nighty and matching almost diaphanous panties. How close I'd come to sexually penetrating my little niece was on my mind but I knew that it was just not meant to be. I turned up the heat and headed into the bathroom for my morning shower. Yeah, I cranked the heat hoping that when I exited the bath, Cindy would've kicked off the covers and give me a chance to check out her youthful body! Well, it almost worked out like that. Cindy had kicked off the co… Read more

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Dear Sarah "NiNNa" Holmes 1,

HardcoreFirst TimeTaboo

So how would this begin, so many different ways to unleash the wild and very scary obsession and love, almost endless passion that my, "NiNNa" Sarah Holmes, has for me before any other man. Well it would have to start way back, back in the time, I would say the year was 2003, the summer of the beginning of the true HipHop Evil Empire, that would be when my Musical business partners in crime Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre, Eminem, and 50 Cent, was controlling the Airwaves, music scene, and the entirety of the entertainment industry.... While I, JohnVeNOM and my UnderGod, Assassin's Fokus and Cory That K… Read more

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First Time

She heard the door open and closed softly. Bea Jones laid smiling under the covers. Her Uncle Webb had come for an extended overdue visit. It had been nearly seven years since Webster Jones had seen his brother and his family. Bea was just ten years old the last time she saw her dear sweet uncle. Back then Bea was learning how to walk. The fact that she had been born with Cerebral Palsy seem to not faze her family in the least. Bob and Kate Jones had raised their only daughter to be strong and confident, they taught her that her disability did not define her. Growing up was not easy for Bea.… Read more

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First TimeAnalShemales

I knew I was attracted to other boys in high school but at the time it was something you kept to your self , back then you'd be called , homo , queer , fag , fairy or sissy everything but gay or trans . The closets were full . Husbands who couldn't be satisfied by there wives any more and needed another male , the father who was attracted to his sons teenage friends , granddad wanting grandson , all keeping it secret from their wives and family . It was a taboo to be a homo , it wasn't talked about in public or even among family except for a few wives that it excited sexually and didn't min… Read more

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The first time with my friend

First TimeGay MaleAnal

It all started one night when we were drinking. We were at my house, we were young and fucked up. We were good friends for along time and never talked about gay sex at all. Well some how we were in our underwear and wrestling around but this was the first time in our undies. He got on top of me and was holding me down. When I noticed he had pushed his Cock down on mine. I did not think anything about it at that time cause his was not hard. That made me a little horny though. I could feel his Cock on mine it was not hard. Then I pushed him off of me and got on top to hold him down. Then pu… Read more

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Lunch special

AnalMatureFirst Time

"Slow down Ann; tell me again what he wanted." "He said he wanted to take my back door." "Do you mean..." "Yes, sister dear, he wanted to fuck me in my ass. You wanna know what I did, I'll tell you what I did. I demanded he take me home that very instant. Once I was home I told him I never wanted to see him again." Although rather surprised, none of this information from her sister shocked Jean. In fact, she found it intriguing and once hanging up she couldn't get the thought out of her mind. When she and Adam were dating, anal was a regular part of their sexual repertoire. Jean enjoyed an… Read more

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A very erotic massage

Group SexVoyeurFirst Time

My name is Jessica, I am a white girl in my late teens, and have long shapely legs, with blonde hair down to my waist, 34-24-34, and a cute little nose (or so I'm told). I recently took evening classes on aromatherapy massage at the local college, and got to make friends with the others on the course, especially an athletic muscular lad called Jake, who was a bit older than me. We hit it off the instant we met. On the very last lesson before the classes broke up for the mid term break, he approached me to ask me if I would consider letting him practice what he had learned on me at his place… Read more

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Sex with Doctor in Her Clinic

First TimeGroup SexHardcore

This story happened in pune….I want the doctor to read this story too… It happened 1 year back, I was 24 year old and was back in pune for my last year engineering exams when I fell si… Read more

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Mrs. Shimkiss teaches me

TabooMatureFirst Time

Growing up I always liked to be around Mrs. Shimkiss, I mean she was old but she sure didn't look old like my mom and she didn't act like an old lady either. I knew she was divorced but I just couldn't understand how her husband could have ever left her; I knew I never would if I'd been married to her. Although mom told me not to pester her, she didn't seem to mind my being around, and I used the excuse of helping her with yard work so I could hang at her house. There was never anything sexual or anything like that but somehow I knew I was in the presence of a woman and it gave me a thrill. S… Read more

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The Christmas Party

MatureFirst TimeFetish

I dreaded going to my wife's company Christmas party, but there was no getting out of it. Alice had been at her new job less than a year and was soaring to the top of the corporate chain. Her promotions were coming at the rate of almost every other month. I was happy for her, as she brought plaques of praise, letters of appreciation, and even cash bonuses. I was also happy for the extra income she was now getting; in fact, she now made a lot more than I did. All of this success came with a price; our home life had become almost non-existent. Yet I was still happy for her and could tell she wa… Read more

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