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Good Dad

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Well to start with I am 40years old, I have been a widower for the last 5 years, my wife dying in a car accident. My parents are dead and all I have left is 1 c***d my lovely daughter and my sister and her two c***dren. My daughter is 20years old now and lives in town, with my sister. After my wife died we both sought of kept to ourselves, tho my memories would still flood in of my little girl. On the other hand, my sister is 32years old and has 2 daughters, on her own, her husband died of cancer. But that much later. Just recently Sara, my daughter, came out to see me and I saw how much she… Read more

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Saturday Night Fever

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PART 1 I was sitting on the edge of the bed watching Lisa dressing for our date night. We planned on going out to eat at a nice restaurant then going to the club for some dancing and drinks. I watched as Lisa went into our walk in closet and came out with a black leather mini skirt. Ooooh, I was beginning to enjoy this. She wrapped it around her waist and fastened it at the top. Nothing else kept it. She had not put on any underwear, which whenever we went out dancing she never wore any panties or bra. She didn’t need to as she had the perfect body at least to my way of thinking. Lisa was 5’2… Read more

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My Daughter

First TimeHardcore

I have been married to my wife for 25 years. She was my high school sweetheart and is the mother of my c***dren. We have 2 together.Mark, our oldest is 20 and has moved away to go to school on a lacrosse scholarship. Bethany is 18 and getting ready to graduate from high school. She will be attending a university in the fall on a soccer scholarship. I am very proud of my k**s and what they are turning out to be. Bethany started ddeveloping, She was in that awkward stage of adolescence for what seemed like forever. She had mosquito bites for breast, but a firm round ass. Her hair was shoulder l… Read more

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The Train Ride

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I was getting on a train and it’s so crowded. I see a spot behind a lovely mature woman wearing a red top with a scoop neckline, and a dark skirt. I get close behind her and we smile at each other, and you feel my hand on your ass. You are shocked, but you cannot say a word, but look at me, puzzlement, desire, all show in your eyes My hand presses into your ass, out of view of the crowd. You lick your lips as my fingers got lower, between your legs and rub your pussy through your clothing. Your mind is racing.… Read more

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Kinky Kay, Abroad in Asia 2: Lez Love

First TimeLesbian Sex

Kinky Kay is a fine female friend, who was away for a while. As she told us recently: "Abroad in Asia" ... 'A broad in Asia', seeking sexual satisfaction in seducing some sexy sweet students, tiny titted as she. Kinky Kay finally found time for an intimate interview, mostly about her new erotic experiences in Asia. "I love their looks, how pretty, sweet and sexy they are. How wet they get and moan, when I turn them on." Initially, I assumed Kay went to one of the countries, which often have academic contacts and exchanges with Europe, like China, Korea or Japan. Instead, she sp… Read more

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Beths introduction

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Beth and her mother went to visit her aunt Ann. Ann was home from the hospital after giving birth to her son. Going in Beth asked where Robert was. Her mother put her hand on her shoulder and said not now. Ann said he has to stay there for a couple of more weeks. As they say talking Beth noticed Ann rubbing her chest. Ann said, I'll pay for it if you'd go get some takeout. Beth's mother asked if Beth could stay. Smiling Ann said of course. As Ann rubbed her chest again Beth asked, why did you keep rubbing your chest. Ann said, they're full of milk and they hurt. After a few minutes Ann said,… Read more

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Blackmailed babe turned sex toy 2

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By the time Janel collected herself and, brought her seething emotions under control, her blackmailer was gone. He’d no sooner finished with her than he’d cleaned himself up with a damp towel and dressed, standing in front of the mirror to tuck in his shirt and knot his tie. Janel lay naked on the bed with the spread pulled over her, trying to collect herself and think of something to say that might somehow redeem herself—in her eyes at least, if not in his—but absolutely nothing came to mind, so she kept quiet, hardly daring to look at him as he dressed. Her orgasm had left her weak and tremb… Read more

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Are you here to Suck my Cock? Gay

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I'm a curious cocksucker and I dream about sucking dick way more than I ever actually do it. I'm divorced (from a women) in my mid forties with a good job and two k**s in college. That's why I'm deeply hidden in the closet and very skittish about letting the cocksucker in me out. But the longer I go between sessions and the more big dicks I goon over on the internet, the hornier I get till I'm ready to do anything for my next taste of cock, and of course cum. It had been several months since I'd found a comfortable hookup and I was so horny to suck cock, I found myself posting on Craigslist o… Read more

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A meeting in Leather - Part 5.

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#English / #Engels - a sequel to: "Wow, what a night I had!", I thought, when I woke up. I would love a few more like that one. I could recall the dreams I had one by one in my mind. Of course I looked back at them with a extreme amount of horny pleasure. Just thinking about them my almost 17 year old hand started to play with my cock. It felt like that thing had grown a few centimeters in one night! It occurred to me much later that I must have cum a few times… Read more

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My wife came home from work with a wet spot on her

First TimeHardcoreFetish

It had been a cold, snowy day when I finally arrived home from work. The house was still dark as I entered, so I checked my voicemail to find out where my wife was. She usually is home from her job before I arrive. My wife is a registered nurse and works in a busy cardiac treatment center inside a local hospital. I listened to her voicemail saying she had a patient that required treatment at a more advanced hospital. She was riding with the ambulance crew to transport the patient and would be home later than usual. I took t… Read more

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A Cop learns his place

First TimeGay MaleInterracial Sex

Eric Stone was finally on vacation , he had just finished his last tour for the next two weeks . He was thinking he might take a few days ,go deep into the next county , rent a room and become a cum slut for anybody who wanted him ,although he did have a thing for black bears. He himself was on the chubby being 5'10 and about 225 ,he had brown hair and a dick that was about 4 in . at best. He just couldn't say no to them ,last time he did it he got 3 different guys to come fuck him in his motel room. He only let guys use him when he was away from his county , he was careful not to let anybody… Read more

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A meeting in Leather - Part 4.

FetishFirst TimeGay Male

#English / #Engels - A sequel to: Completely satisfied I walked home with the heavy weekend bag full of Leather. The outfit I was wearing now would not attract any attention, I thought. The white sneakers, the black leather trousers with a sturdy belt, and the T-shirt with half short sleeves was something that every young guy could have. Without anyone finding the look too strange. Or that they might think, "Look, there goes another gay". That I… Read more

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wtf?!!! wtf was that homie?!!! i don't know,

VoyeurFirst TimeMature

it was quite a day, & a night. the man, this guy, fella, or whatever, or however said had quite a bit of a Friday of the weekend with some, or such of his homies, partying with his male friends, & their female dates after work, winding down after a rather busy week, not really thinking about any religious church service, &/or sabbathical sunday school class whereas if anything it was like, "homies, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, see you when I get there.", & so they party to practically if not possibly until that being of the break of dawn at the club, downing one… Read more

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why aint you in the can jesse smoulette? the-gay-m

VoyeurFirst TimeMature

i myself personally can't remember that being of the last time that I have heard of something so ridiculously outrageous, really now, but get a clue, I mean that being of the most recent fabrication of a supposed, or so-called hate-crime having supposedly been perpetrated is just as insulting to that being of the intelligence of the general public, the people at large, &/or the global community, & being of a lie that is just as bogus as, & to be placed into that being of the category with, &/or to be classified likewise with still that being of some, or of such other being of s… Read more

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How I became a Pornographer - part 3

TabooVoyeurFirst Time

Alright - to continue the story... After the shoot I developed the film and made contact sheets. I was pretty pleased with results and made few 8 x 10 glossies for myself. Mother took the negatives and contact sheets to London on Sunday while I stayed home wondering when I would ever get to squeeze a breast again or find out what exactly is the secret kept in a womans' panties. Between wondering I would pull out the pictures I kept of mom in her panties and wank at the memories of shooting them. Best Sunday ever ! The next morning mom was back in the kitchen and I went down for breakfast. On… Read more

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Exploited, Danny

First TimeGay MaleMature

I've been thinking about a new series for a while. This new series will be a series of one offs focused on teens being exploited by adults whom they should have been able to trust. This will be the first installment, so let me know if I should continue with this project. Jenny O'Brian watched as her teenage son Danny scrambled to recheck his backpack for the third time, and for the third time he found that everything that he needed for the week ahead was packed inside. It made her smile to see him so excited, it had been a long while since she'd seen him like this. Her musing was interrupted… Read more

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what a parasite, a fool, a jerk, this is an attack

VoyeurFirst TimeSex Humor

hello, hey, hi, … hello. hey. hi. bare with me everybody, no, I don't mean do a undies, or underwear mass transit walk, or naked bike ride with me, & being of which I myself have yet to do either, or both, & PROVIDED THAT I MYSELF HAVE THAT BEING OF A SECRET-SERVICE DETACHMENT TO BE BORROWED FROM MY 'BIG-BROTHER' BEING OF THE FORMER, OR EX HISTORICAL BLACK PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.A., & just in case there are any closet-j.w.g./john-wayne-gacy, or closet-j.d./jeffrey-dahmers copycats, or wannabes(like the ones of those male weirdo characters with their sacriledgious, blasphemous selves… Read more

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Caught my wife cheating on the cams (Part 2) Cucko

VoyeurFirst Time

When I was home somewhere around 3:30-4PM, Jason was nowhere to be found. Michelle did good job trying to cover up, the vacuum cleaner was out, she was scrubbing the kitchen counter, the table and the floor were already clean from the sweat and body fluids, I could clearly see that the vacuum cleaner wasn't used but I didn't say a word. We talked a bit how her day was, she lied obviously, so did I. I started complimenting her looks and how much I loved her and how much I appreciate all she's doing for our family, to which she did the same but feel I could see a glimpse of guilt right there.… Read more

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"Hi there , you must be Carol" , I was pleasantly surprised. My best buddy had set me up on this blind , double date with his new wife and him , and carol. I love big tits and curvy girls with big asses who's body wobbles when pounding them so Carol is tottaly 'not my type'. She was beautiful, with long straight blonde hair hanging to her waist , big 'doe like' eyes , supple lips , a white even smile but.... she was tiny. Not only was she under 5 foot tall , but she was thin and seemed flat chested. My buddy's wife was.?.. well she was ugly. A fat pimply tall woman with blotchy red skin , so… Read more

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When I Was Younger

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

Back when I was younger I had my first time with a guy. At the time he was like a brother to me, not biologically or by blood but by how we trusted each other. Looking back on it, I quesion it, but you're not reading for that so I'll get down to it. Back when I was young, foolish, and guliable he showed me some porn magazines. I got curious and so we went outside the house and into a shed, where we covered the windows and door and dropped out clothes to the ground. We were both young and I had never seen anyone else naked that I remembered. I started off by stroking his dick, which he seemed… Read more

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