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A night at Gabby

AnalFirst Time

It was winter, during our mid year varsity exams when Gabby invited me over to her place the friday night. Her parents went away for the weekend, leaving her home alone. During the stressfull time of exams I was rather happy to go have a night out to rest the mind before my final exam on the Thursday. I arrived by Gabby about 4pm the Friday afternoon with an over night bag some meat and a bottle of whiskey. As i got out the car, she greeted me with a warm kiss, welcoming me in. In we went to the longue where a few of her friends were sitting drinking and chatting already. The initial plans wer… Read more

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Being me 4 you.

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When I had left home I was scared of what I would do. I had no idea. Well I took off for Laguna Beach. Was not sure why I had heard some sexy stories coming from there. I knew what being gay meant and was not sure I wanted it but I saw pics of the women and I went crazy. So here I go. I arrive in Ca alone with very little money. But I just knew everything would come out right. When I arrived in Laguna Beach I figured I would sleep on the beach until I found out where things were. I got to the beach and thought it was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I was walking along and ran into… Read more

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His Fucking Cock was Huge

First TimeFetish

"Is that the guy Felicia was talking about over there?" I asked. Anna followed my gaze to a booth in the corner of the nightclub. Almost instantly she turned her head back to the bar rolling her eyes with a smile on her face. "Yes, Trina, that's him," she replied sounding dramatically bored. I studied the guy from my stool at the bar toying with the straw in my drink absently. He was sitting with a few other young men, obviously his friends, talking and laughing over the noise of the club. He had short cropped black hair and a slim but stocky frame. From what I could tell he was dressed f… Read more

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His Fucking Cock was Huge PT2

FetishFirst Time

John's dick stood before my face, tall and thick. I had thought it would be a plentiful seven or eight inches, but now I could see that it was probably closer to ten. What was even more impressive was the sheer mass of his dick. My fingers at the base barely fit around it, and this thickness was maintained all the way to the tip. The head was enormous, almost appearing to my eyes as big as a doorknob. The large bulging vein through its center was well defined, tracing the entire length of John's huge rod. To top it all, it was still growing. John's dick throbbed with his escalating excitement… Read more

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Friends and Family

FetishFirst TimeGroup Sex

Have you ever been head over heels in love with someone you didn’t think could want you? Have you ever had that love become super complicated incredibly fast? That was the way I felt about my best friend. He and his family lived next door to me throughout high school and it wasn’t uncommon for me to go wait for him at his house or him to go wait for me at mine, often we’d interact with each others family members while we waited. I helped his mom with dinner, or helped his dad by holding a ladder still for him. He’d mostly help my little brother with video games, but every now and then I’d cat… Read more

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Wife Lost Bet Not Paid in Full

First TimeFetishInterracial Sex

Melissa had been acting funny for a bit, distracted like she wanted to tell me something but could not bring herself to do so. One evening I sat her down and asked her what was wrong, she could not look at me. "I made a bet." She said, then she stopped for a minute and continued, "I made a bet on the election with Eric." She said. Eric was a bit of a jerk, he had once made a pass at her at a party, he was drunk but she fended him off. "How was I supposed to know he would get elected." She said. "What was the terms of the bet?" I asked her. Basically if she won he would have to do her monthly… Read more

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Unrepressed the wife sexuality

MatureTabooFirst Time

I would like to begin this story by telling you a little about ourselves. I believe people hear or read stories similar to this and think that we are a different sort. In reality we are normal people and no one would expect that we have such fantastic sexual experiences. We are just like any other husband and wife living in suburbia. We have grown up c***dr*n and the wife even attends church. I work in IT sales and my wife is a teacher. I hope you get the picture because for the most part we live “normal” lives. Angela and I have been married for over thirty five years. Our sex life has been… Read more

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How I got my Nickname Bull

FetishFirst Time

My friends call me Bull. Its an odd nickname and this is the story of how an otherwise average guy comes to gain both what became a title and an unusual reputation. I was born into an average middle class family in the early 1960s. My father passed away from an early heart attack when I was 4 years old. My mother, a saintly woman, did the best she could too raise us on a bank teller's salary. For the most part my c***dhood was happy and without unusual events except one. When I was entering puberty my mother sat me down to give me the "bird's-and-the-bees" talk. It was vague and awkward for… Read more

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The Harem Master: Chapter 1 & 2

Group SexHardcoreFirst Time

“Like, right here?” she said. I nodded. Mahika looked a bit confounded. She could see people both to her right and left. The parking was busy as we had just finished our accountancy classes. “You must be crazy”, she said. “You know me well”, I replied. She looked around again, “But where?”, she asked. I was just waiting for it. “I know a place, come on along.” We waited for the crowd to di… Read more

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Circle Jerk With The Fellas

Group SexFirst TimeMasturbation

I’ve been friends with Cody and Marc since third grade, so it was no surprise that the three of us went to the same college after high school. We lived in the same dorm on-campus for freshman year but the summer after, we got an apartment off-campus in this cool building with an indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi. It was in the Jacuzzi one night that we discovered just how special our friendship with each other was. We were the only ones down there that night and it was late. “Samuel,” Marc said to me, “call up Carmen and see if some of her girls can come through.” “Nah bruh,” I told him. “She… Read more

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Night shift fun

First TimeTabooHardcore

John didn’t have much time for women. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but working as a surgeon in one of the busiest hospitals downtown didn’t give him much time for that sort of thing. He was an ok looking guy, and liked to flirt with girls- usually the pretty nurses at work- but it never seemed to lead anywhere. Never had the time to. It was a shame that the only person to experience his big curved cock was his own right hand usually. He had a great sex life at college, and knew his way round a woman’s body, but since starting this career work had taken its toll. One unusually quiet night… Read more

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Go on! Cory, cum in me!

Interracial SexFirst Time

As I remember it, four decades ago, so I tell it. Go on! Cory stepped back and put his hands on my waist and moved them down to my hips and squeezed me on the bottom. Then he reached inside my dress and felt my boobs. He squeezed my right nipple between his thumb and finger. Then he pulled out my boobie and started sucking on my nipple. It was so hot! He put my hand on his cock. I unzipped his fly. His cock just sort of flopped out. Only it wasn't floppy. It was standing up! He was so hard. I was causing his cock to be so har… Read more

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He’s Different, Be Nice

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

“ Preston, I’m flying in next week and hotels are pretty pricy. Can I stay with you for a week??? “ my sister Julie asked over the phone. It was spring break of her sophomore year in college and she wanted to hang out at the beach. It made sense. It’s spring time in Daytona, of course they’re gonna be expensive. “ You know it’s not a problem. I’ve got plenty of space “ I told her referring to my 3 bedroom, one occupant home. “ Great! I’m bringing my friend Ash. Is that cool? “ she asked. “ Hiiii Preston “ a hyper schoolgirl like voice said in the background yelled. I laughed. “ No proble… Read more

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I Suck My Sister's BF COCK Gay

FetishFirst Time

Taylor had shucked his clothes leaving his body naked except for a pair of thread bare tighty-whities. He was slouched on the sofa across from me with his muscular legs spread wide. He was passed out drunk! When Taylor would walk around the apartment in his underwear his cock and balls would bounce around in the loose cloth. It was hard not to stare. This was the first time I had caught Taylor in his underwear passed out. I could stare at his package as long as I liked and he wouldn't even know that I was interested. The cloth contoured to his cock and balls leaving a wonderful off white relie… Read more

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loosing control of my holes

Interracial SexFirst TimeGay Male

I always knew it would happen since the night i eagerly put on my sister panty and used her lube on my freshly shaved ass, putting a condom i bought exactly for this on my sister toy, getting down on her toy deeper and deeper , realising how much i love getting open up wearing panty, cuming in the little panty humping the cock like I was a cute girl I started wearing panty daily nothing was making me feel better than the tight tissus rubbing my crack as i walk I endup driving late night wearing sexy kits i bought of amazone my long blond hair and pink lipse , driving sit in panty on my vibr… Read more

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Sure it's a Bet

FetishFirst TimeVoyeur

I barely know how to begin... It happened a year ago. My girlfriend Jennifer and I had just moved into a cheap apartment. We were both studying at the university, I was 26 and she was 24. She was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She had medium-short blonde hair, big brown eyes and a voluptuous body. She had perky c-cup breasts with small nipples and round tight ass. We had a good sex life and she was always satisfied with me. I am quite muscular and have a respectable 7-inch cock which she seemed to enjoy. She was very bossy though and liked to have things done her way, not just sexual… Read more

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The Virgin Cuck's & Bull

First TimeInterracial Sex

Nasima seemed to smile more often. Especially on Saturdays, having the fine company, of a lovely Ebony gentlemen, who Loved his friends wife’s Indian Cooking. (The voices in my head) Telling me) How badly Nasima wanted To give Dwain A sweeter treat. We were watching television, My Husband was trying to watch, Match-of-the-day on TV. Nasima noticed her Husband was trying to take a peek at us. Dwain started joking around with Nasima, trying to flirt, He made me feel so naughty, whispering dirty things, into my ear, Dwain was trying his luck tonight, Sitting next to me on the Leather sofa,… Read more

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A mutual lust for Lycra . the second part

FetishFirst Time

I was on my knees , looking at a moist well defined pussy in lilac lycra shorts and jerking through my own shorts as her husband was standing above her whilst being expertly sucked off . Alice was going deep on Rob and sometimes she would choke leaving a thick white mucus all over his magnificent cock . It was dawning on me that the sexuality levels were rising rapidly , yet all I was doing was staring at a cameltoe . I raised my eyebrows and nodded at Alice's sweet 'toe as if asking her permission . The answer was a hand full of my hair in her fist and me falling face first into her soggy pu… Read more

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Daddy and daughter see a show.

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Brenda and I walked into the mall together through the fading light of the setting sun. It was late summer, and still warm, but not hot like it had been for weeks upon end through July and August. Brenda was my daughter, and was visiting me for a week. We were close, and I don't mean that we simply loved each other like a father and daughter would. During her last trip to visit, Brenda and I had become lovers. She and I had always been close in the traditional sense. When her mother left me for another guy, Brenda was the woman of the house and acted as such in every way except one. I had wa… Read more

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Mercy FUCK

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

Mercy FUCK My name is Leigh. I'm a little bit bigger girl about 5' 7” and easily12 lbs overweight. Bleached blond hair with some outgrowth of my darker hair. I always wear lipstick and I like to wear a lot of eyeliner and mascara to the point where I look slutty. My tits are 36 B with big dark nipples. My left boob has several veins running through it. I shave my pussy big dark pussy lips but let some hair grow on my pussy since I don't have a boyfriend anymore. I gained most of the weight after my wimpy ex boyfriend and I broke up 9 months ago. I have many fantasies most of them on the dark… Read more

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