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First Time Porn Stories

What Are You Doing Grandpa?

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

The Uber driver pulled up into the tree-lined drive, a huge southern-style 2-story home came into view with whitewashed arches supporting the stone columns framing the double-door entranceway. The late afternoon sun highlighted a balcony ran surrounding the whole 2nd floor with windows looking out all sides, large potted plants, chairs, and tables dotted the view. The impressive statuesque appearance of the building and the neatly manicured shrubs, trees and stone walkways caught everyone by surprise. Standing in the doorway was Grandpa. His outline was not unlike their fathers; muscular and… Read more

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The Builders hut

TabooFirst TimeGay Male

I’d walk past the small building site every day on the way home from school. Had it not been for what I could see through the little site shed window, Id never have given it a second glance Linda Lusardy ( I think thats how she spells her name) Naked on a calendar on the scruffy wall. I’d noticed several times that the door had a padlock but they must have lost the key because every night it would be wedged shut with something heavy and the door wasn’t properly locked. I decided to raid the shed and steel the calendar. That night after dark I slipped into the shed and moved to the wall to take… Read more

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Meri Sagi Behan

TabooHumorFirst Time

Hi Dosto, aaj mein aap se apni life ki story share karna chahta hoon jo meri or meri bari behan k bech mein hand job ki wajah bani. hum darasal gaon k rehne waley hain or meri behan ne kisie univeristy se graduation khatam kia tha tab usay apni higher studies mein education mein admission k liye city jana para tab us ne mujh se israr kia k mein us ko apne sath karachi le chaloon jis k liye us ne mera kharcha bhi khud uthane ki offer ki....phir kia tha, mein tu jhatak se tayar hogya or agle he din hum subah ko savere karachi k l… Read more

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The Builders shed

First TimeGay MaleTaboo

I’d walk past the small building site every day on the way home from school. Had it not been for what I could see through the little site shed window, Id never have given it a second glance Linda Lusardy ( I think thats how she spells her name) Naked on a calendar on the scruffy wall. I’d noticed several times that the door had a padlock but they must have lost the key because every night it would be wedged shut with something heavy and the door wasn’t properly locked. I decided to raid the shed and steel the calendar. That night after dark I slipped into the shed and moved to the wall to take… Read more

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My First BBC Blacken

FetishFirst TimeInterracial Sex

Reggie was in one of my first semester education classes. Our instructor paired us up in 2 person teams for the semester and Reggie and I were paired. Our grade for the semester would be as a team, so it was important that Reggie realize that the grade was important to me. Reggie was a Junior College transfer brought in for the basketball team so our meetings would have to be planned around his schedule. You know me, Sally. I am a self-confident, solidly built woman - 5'9", 135 pounds - I enjoy good sex and have separated sex from love in my mind. My breasts are natural, sensitive, heavy, an… Read more

Posted by 425olds 1 day ago 1 2,204 100%

Just Having Fun. - Part 1.

Gay MaleFirst TimeMasturbation

This story is a work of fiction. Paul and Jake, two mates from back in their days at school. Now they're in their 20's and out to have some fun. The scene is as follows, two mates sitting back and enjoying a few drinks, Paul, the redhead who worked out at least twice a week and was partial to taking selfies of him in the local gym, without a top. His body is hairy and his muscles are defined and Jake, his brown hair is shoulder length, he enjoys cycling and swimming, he's shyer than Paul and less willing to take risks. Both men are around 6ft tall, Paul being slightly taller. Sitting… Read more

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The look on her face.

First TimeInterracial SexAnal

My wife Sue is so shy its unreal, we have been together for 28 years and to this day she is still shy? I keep telling her she is beautiful and not to be putting herself down all the time, she is a big girl size 20 but she carry's it well, she has big tits big ass but she is tight! she is now 46 and still only been with 3 men until now! here goes. one day I came home and told my wife she has to open up and let people in, she was like how? easy just relax around people and talk and have a few drinks and relax. I told her we were going out to the pub in town and getting pissed and dance the nigh… Read more

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Parker – M’ Lady Bound and Fucked

BDSMFetishFirst Time

Parker – M’ Lady Bound and Fucked . I’m Parker. The chauffer to M’ Lady who I desperately want to fuck before I retire. So, this is how I achieved it. I send a note from Virgil’s phone, her current lover, to Lady P. Penny, on Wednesday at 4.30 pm you will trim your pussy before showering. You will only wear your wetlook black leather Basque. The one with the zip down the front; you know the one! By 5.30 you will tie your feet to the bedpost of your sexy four poster bed and make ready to attach your wrists to the other posts. Fix your Leather blindfold firmly in place before securin… Read more

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First time with a guy, April 2009.

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

I had just gotten out of a long-term relationship with a girl and I decided to do something I'd wanted to try for a long time. I took out an ad on craigslist for a no-strings encounter. He arrived at my house in the late afternoon, I was so nervous. We sat down together on the couch and made small talk. He reached his hand out and started rubbing my chest. I was so timid I could barely breathe. I managed to put my hand on his leg and rub his thigh ever so slightly. With both of his hands he unbuttoned the fly of his khaki shorts, unzipped the zipper, and pulled his shorts down a little bit,… Read more

Posted by Spanky59000 1 day ago 5 1,701 100%

The Urinals - Part 1.

Gay MaleFirst TimeMature

This story is a work of fiction. I was 19 years old and a total virgin when it came to men, I'd had relationships with women before this point in my life and I'd assumed I was a straight guy, until this day. I was out, drinking with some mates of mine. The problem with drinking is that sooner or later you're gonna need a piss and when that happens you have to visit the toilet, the toilets in the places I drink tend to be pretty fucking disgusting, they stink of stale piss and you never really want to spend a lot of time in there. I went in to do what needed to happen, stood near the ur… Read more

Posted by Jjay93 1 day ago 1,387 100%

Becoming A Whore---1

Group SexInterracial SexFirst Time

just four days before my marriage. I was marrying a wealthy landlord. The story starts when I decided to see some mehendi designs. On a side note, I was allergic to mehendi kind of stuff. That’s why I decided to do it before one. To talk about me, I have an athletic figure. A 5,6inch tall girl with fair complexion and medium size boobs and broad ass and long hair till my thighs. I finished… Read more

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Compliments Matter

First TimeGay MaleShemale Porn

The huskular man walked into the bar. It was still happy hour. He loosened his tie. He’d left the suit coat in the work truck. He was tired from a long day, one in which he was passed over for a promotion by a less qualified woman. He took a seat and waited for the bartender to come over. Just a few hours later he was banding the shit out of a 20 year-pld pussyboy. “Oh my god, Mr. Mullins! Fuck me,” the tiwnk whined. “Yeah, boi! Take this cock,” barked the man. He thrust his 7-inch-by-6.75-inch dick into the raven-haired emo boi with the wispy haircut. The sissy cried out, “Oh my god! I a… Read more

Posted by faggyboi 1 day ago 3 881 91%

The birthday present

First TimeHardcoreMature

In the dusk of early evening I knocked on the front door and soon Ken answered it. “Good evening Ken. Your parents asked me to keep an eye open for you while they were away, although since your last birthday you are technically a man now, so you should be able to look after yourself! May I come in for a few minutes?” “A coffee? thank you, but I brought a bottle of wine with me, if you could get some glasses. I see the house is nice and tidy, but don’t worry, I’m not making reports for your parents! Since you are now officially grown up it’s up to you what you do, but I bet that as a lad you… Read more

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Big Cock Gets them Both

First TimeVoyeurGroup Sex

Jake had invited me to his club to play squash one Saturday and after completely dominating me we sat down in the men's grill to have a couple of drinks. Jake is a nice enough guy, but all he talks about are women and sex. Jake's wife is very attractive and more than ten years his junior, but he still can't stop talking about other women. We finally stopped sweating and headed to the shower room to clean up and head home. I undressed in the locker room, wrapped a towel around my waist and wandered around until I found the shower room. It was a single room with more than twenty shower heads, a… Read more

Posted by 425olds 1 day ago 2,091 85%

Bigger Cock Always Wins

FetishFirst TimeHardcore

My wife Sarah has been friends with our neighbor Jill for a couple of years. They aren't best friends, but they sit around and drink coffee at least a few times each month. Sometimes they will bargain shop together. Jill's husband Mike is a consultant and travels each week returning home just for the weekend before he heads out again to solve a problem in Wichita or Boise. Last month Mike got laid off and he has decided to take a few months before starting to look for a new job. One morning Sarah was coming around the backside of Jill's house with some muffins she had just baked and what she… Read more

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April Fools Prank

VoyeurMatureFirst Time

They walked along the beach, two of them -- one white-blonde while the other's hair was the colour of a raven's wing. Using the old pervs' trick, which was simply pretending not to look, I tracked them as they approached. The ruse probably had nobody fooled, but I couldn't help ogling. The pair drew level with my position and then passed by, the East Vietnam Sea swelling benignly just beyond them. I ignored the blue water and Cham Island in the distance because the view was much better close-in, my attention set on two of the most delectable rear-ends I'd seen in a good long time. I indulged… Read more

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Danielle Part II

TabooFirst TimeMature

As you may recall from part one of this narrative Danielle is a buxom 18-year-old BBW TV from the North of England that had desperately been searching for a “Daddy” figure to use and abuse her. With her parents away for a short pre-Christmas break I had taken the opportunity to visit Danielle in their house. She was dressed in a lace and fishnet bodystocking that accentuated all her curves and a pair of black heels. I had put her into a pink chastity device to prevent any “accidents” and was now sitting in her father’s chair in their lounge looking at this voluptuous would be whore. “So” I sa… Read more

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Bare girl at Sex Exhibition dream

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

I can’t remember whether I suggested it or She did, but the plan was to meet at Erotica in 2006. She was sharing a stall there. I’d worshipped Her since 1999 and by 2006 I’d sent Her 1000s of worship sheets, poems, stories, mag covers. We had also exchanged many emails and by that time She knew every detail of my worship. I never dreamed I’d actually see Her for real, be allowed into Her presence. As a life-long girl-worshipping wanker it was always my dream to worship personally, but the thought I could actually meet up with a beautiful glamorous model was beyond ridiculous – what girl woul… Read more

Posted by gorpur 2 days ago 357 100%

Hen night

AnalFirst TimeLesbian Sex

A few months ago, before the birth of my baby girl. I went out on a Bachelorette party with 3 other ladies. Jo is married with 2 k**s. Sammy, single with 2 k**s, and Sammy’s sister the hen. even tho jo was married she was in a romantic relationship with Sammy behind her husband's back. so we all stayed over in a hotel. And it was going to be Jo and Sammy in one room. and myself and Sammy's sister in another room. "I can't remember her name". so we all went out for a meal and drinks. I could not drink because I was 7 and a half months pregnant. During the night a massive argument kicked off bet… Read more

Posted by spider79 2 days ago 2,221 100%

Tempting Teacher

HardcoreFirst TimeAnal

Your one and only JJ back to treat you with a carnal lust of a teacher from Chennai where a student takes her by surprise and treats her with all that she had been dying for. Kalyani reaching in her mid 40’s suffering from the problem that almost Indian women undergo a mid life crisis, suddenly she feels its been awhile since she had great sex a typical phase Indian women undergo at her age. Many would silently suffer the low level of estrogen and approachi… Read more

Posted by mydick4milfs 2 days ago 619 33%