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Carmen's black evening pt3

Lesbian SexHardcoreGay Male

The three of us sat on the sofa relaxing and gathering our strength when I realized I was rather thirsty, "How about something to drink? I asked Jayden and Laila. They both agreed they were dry as well and I looked down at Joe still on the floor, "Alright you fuckin' pussy" I started "We're thirsty" I said "Get in the kitchen and get us some wine" I finished. Looking at Jayden and then Laila. "I hope you two like a nice wine cooler" I said "Sounds great" replied Laila "I'd rather a beer" Jayden answered and I told Joe what to bring back. A few minutes later he returned with our drinks a… Read more

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My Kinky Fantasy To Fuck With Mangalsutra On


I love fucking women of various age groups and various walks of life. I believe sex must be always consensual and enjoyed fully rather than force. So this story was submitted by one of my reader fans who told me the outline. She asked me to construct a story about the real incident that happened to her. So now in her own words. I’m telling you before only this is going to be a long story, maybe in 2 or 3 parts. I advise you to read with patience and enjoy it a… Read more

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Meeting my Professor After Class


I am a Junior in College and my boyfriend lives my hometown so I don't see him until the weekends...so I am a good student and a hard worker, but with finals this week I had 5 exams. Needless to say I was behind in studying for all of them and I had my hardest final today. I was prepared, but still nervous. My professor is awesome, but the class is really challenging. ANYWAY... During the exam today I looked up a few times and noticed my (male) professor looking at me. I thought nothing of it and continued taking the test. By the end of the exam I was the last one in the room. I turned my te… Read more

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What Are You Doing Grandpa?

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

The Uber driver pulled up into the tree-lined drive, a huge southern-style 2-story home came into view with whitewashed arches supporting the stone columns framing the double-door entranceway. The late afternoon sun highlighted a balcony ran surrounding the whole 2nd floor with windows looking out all sides, large potted plants, chairs, and tables dotted the view. The impressive statuesque appearance of the building and the neatly manicured shrubs, trees and stone walkways caught everyone by surprise. Standing in the doorway was Grandpa. His outline was not unlike their fathers; muscular and… Read more

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The Cost Of A Mistress.

Gay MaleTabooHardcore

This is a work of fiction. This story was requested by Dice29. Characters: Thomas, 18, the youngest brother. He's street smart and not afraid to speak his mind or get himself into trouble. 5ft 9in, blue eyes and brown hair, a swimmers body. William, 20, the older brother. He's smart and capable, he keeps his younger brother out of trouble when he can. 6ft 1in, blue eyes and blonde hair, like his brother he keeps himself fit but his hobby is running. Brian, 60, the stepfather, he's having an affair.. 6ft and hairy, greying hair and stubble but his build isn't bad for a man his age. It… Read more

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First time with a guy, April 2009.

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

I had just gotten out of a long-term relationship with a girl and I decided to do something I'd wanted to try for a long time. I took out an ad on craigslist for a no-strings encounter. He arrived at my house in the late afternoon, I was so nervous. We sat down together on the couch and made small talk. He reached his hand out and started rubbing my chest. I was so timid I could barely breathe. I managed to put my hand on his leg and rub his thigh ever so slightly. With both of his hands he unbuttoned the fly of his khaki shorts, unzipped the zipper, and pulled his shorts down a little bit,… Read more

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Train Meet


This happened several years ago. I was travelling to Bombay in first class coach. It was a two person coupe. Besides me there was just this lady. She was somewhere between beautiful and ugly. She was in her early forties. She had well grown breasts and attractive hips. Going by these two I imagined that her other parts must be equally attractive. Since the journey involved two nights and a whole day, I introduced myself and asked about her. Surprisingly she introduced herself as a writer I had heard of. She was a very famous one and I had never seen her photographs in the past. I was very happ… Read more

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Beach Master

Group SexHardcoreVoyeur

Cathy and I stand beside the sign that says Nude Beach: No Photography. We strip off our bathing suits and put them in the holdall with our mobile phones and sun lotion. Two naked men approach, one short and dark, the other tall and blond. Both sport large penises. The blond introduces himself as the beach master with a hint of Scandinavian in his English accent. He says the nude beach is on his private property, at least the access to the beach is his land, so he makes the rules. Unlike most nude beaches, sex is not only permitted but also required, so if we want to sunbathe in the nude, we… Read more

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Summer Cabin in the Woods


She knows the trail well. These are her Vermont woods, and she leads us with sure steps along its winding paths through pine and birch forests, over bare bedrock, and around cedar swamps. It is a warm day in late June. I follow Jane’s mother, Linda, at a respectful distance, but as I walk behind her, I cannot help looking at her gorgeous big ass in her summer shorts as she walks casually along, swaying her generous hips side to side. Her buttocks stretch flatter as she climbs an outcrop. Her bum wiggles girlishly as she half runs down the slope on the other side. Behind me, Jane keeps up a… Read more

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Blowing Two Cocks in the Washroom


Here is a short story about my night. Enjoy! It was a normal Thursday night, I went to A&W for dinner, I ordered a burger and fries and sat in a booth to enjoy my meal. It was 6:30 and the place was surprisingly empty, a few Indian guys and a young couple were the only other customers. I had sat in the booth closest to the washrooms, I gave it no thought. I finished up my burger and slowly ate my fries while browsing instagram. Two guys came in and I glanced up at them. They looked like they just got off work, some sort of construction job I guessed based on their clothes. The first guy w… Read more

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Summer by the river


It was late in the afternoon when i left work, quite fed up with all the sh_t happened that day. I was not exhausted, but i really needed something to take my mind off of things, to relax. So, i just rode my bike, with no idea where i should be going. I didn't wanted any friends around, nor did i want to be completely alone. Since it was a hot summer day, i finally decided to go for a swim in the river. There's a quite nice sandy beach near town, where the river takes a turn, with beer stands and sports facilities. There was quite a crowd there having fun, all ages, families, couples, etc. It… Read more

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Daughter in law


Daughter in law by coleman©O The original story can be found at Literotica.com I have changed the names. Well here he was, Morris Arkard, 65, 5' 10'' with a paunch belly, going bald and widowed for 5 years. After his house was sold, he was forced to come and stay with his 30-year-old son and his daughter in law. He now had to spend a whole month with the young couple until he found a flat. He knocked on the front door and his 29 year old daughter in law Barbara appeared, wearing a pair of tight sky blue shorts and a white tee shirt. Her styled straight shoulder length brunette hair parted… Read more

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Samantha and Hannah - Twins Summer Fun, Part 3

HardcoreLesbian SexTaboo

Samantha leaned forward again and kissed her again, this time with more passion, she cupped Hannah's cheek as she did so. Hannah felt the soft lips of Samantha's on hers and then her tongue flicking against her lips, pressing against them gently. She let her mouth open allowing Samantha's tongue to dart into her mouth. Samantha pressed her lips harder against Hannah, the kiss becoming more passionate. She let her hand slip from Hannah's cheek, she traced down across her shoulder and onto her chest. Her fingers lightly rubbing across her flesh moving slowly across the soft skin of her breast.… Read more

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Carol No Inhibitions Part one

HardcoreFetishGroup Sex

Carol No Inhibitions Part one I am going to stop here at this rest stop, its early and theres only one truck here, while you are in there I am going to call Jim, anything goes, so what happened, you were in there for awhile - I got matted my love, When I went into the womens room the guy was standing by one of the cubical doors, his cuck and balls were out and playing with himself, I told him I would rather do this in the mens room, he just said yes and we went in there, we stayed in the sink area, in front of a urinal, they were all the way to the floor and I could face the wall and hold ont… Read more

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The birthday present

First TimeHardcoreMature

In the dusk of early evening I knocked on the front door and soon Ken answered it. “Good evening Ken. Your parents asked me to keep an eye open for you while they were away, although since your last birthday you are technically a man now, so you should be able to look after yourself! May I come in for a few minutes?” “A coffee? thank you, but I brought a bottle of wine with me, if you could get some glasses. I see the house is nice and tidy, but don’t worry, I’m not making reports for your parents! Since you are now officially grown up it’s up to you what you do, but I bet that as a lad you… Read more

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Bigger Cock Always Wins

FetishFirst TimeHardcore

My wife Sarah has been friends with our neighbor Jill for a couple of years. They aren't best friends, but they sit around and drink coffee at least a few times each month. Sometimes they will bargain shop together. Jill's husband Mike is a consultant and travels each week returning home just for the weekend before he heads out again to solve a problem in Wichita or Boise. Last month Mike got laid off and he has decided to take a few months before starting to look for a new job. One morning Sarah was coming around the backside of Jill's house with some muffins she had just baked and what she… Read more

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help me part 2

BDSMGroup SexHardcore

As Fiona undressed, she realized that it was not even possible to resist the three men who had again taken her against her will. While removing her clothes, the small woman could not open her eyes and look at the men who had ****d her just a few weeks previously. Now they were going to take her again. "I'm having a... a baby, and... it is one of you three that got me with c***d. Please let me go and I won't report you, I didn't - didn't tell the last time, not - not even my... my husband." Then Fiona opened her eyes when neither of the men spoke in response to her comments. "Oh God… Read more

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Invitation bone me

HardcoreInterracial Sex

by williacj I'm sitting at home one afternoon when my phone rings. "hello, hi is this William? "yes who's this?" it's me Elizabeth" "hey Liz how are you? haven't seen you in awhile" ”I've been thinkin' about you” she says.”how have you been?” “I've been great, staying busy staying out of trouble, I'm still the same guy I was before.” I told her. ”what are you up to today? I'm having dinner at my place tonight you're welcome to stop by if you want” she tells me. I'm wondering if her boyfriend peso's going to be there, but then I said to myself,you know what? he's not my problem."i'l… Read more

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To Stay Neat

AnalGay MaleHardcore

To Stay Neat By: Londebaaz Chohan This was 3rd or the 4th circle around the block when I dared myself to pull in the parking lot of this Adult bookstore. I never knew that this step, I had decided to take was so addicting and I shall be introduced to the one of the most fun sexual act of putting my cock into another man’s mouth to get it sucked and consume my sperm and also reciprocate the play as much as none could believe. Actually, all this started with my then girlfriend, Pearl. She was too much of a firecracker in the bed, when naked in the bed with me. She was far too kinky th… Read more

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To Be Continued


Fritz smiled as he watched her sleep, as always stunned by her beauty. Not a conventional beauty, but to him she was the most incredible woman who ever lived. Her long dark hair d****d over the pillow, framing a delicate face. Thick lashes shadowed by high cheekbones. Well shaped lips parted slightly in sleep. She lay on her back, her body displayed to him. Her breasts were nicely shaped with large nipples. A nice round belly led to gently flaring hips. She was short, only five foot five, but her legs were perfectly formed, with strong thighs, shapely calves, narrow ankles, ending in tiny fee… Read more

Posted by eagerprince 2 days ago 423