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Sexual Incidents With My Aunt –Pt 2 (Birthday Sex)

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Thank you for such a lovely response. Without any further delay, let’s move ahead. Please do read the previous part. My aunt Neelam left the room giving me the hard-on of my life. I shagged my dick a lot after that incident. It was revolving around my mind the whole night. Well, I never had such an experience or never even imagined something like that. I was just lost in the thoughts of that scene, “Fingering of my aunt in front of me!” I did not sleep pr… Read more

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My Wife And The Principal – Part 1

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This incident happened when we called all the teachers from her school at our 5th anniversary. At her school, all are ladies except her principal, Mr. Paul. He was in his 40s. We were chatting, I was showing them our wedding snaps. Today Shikha was wearing sari and blouse gifted by Mr. Paul. It was pink color sari with a dark pink blouse, which was having one string at her neck and one st… Read more

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Keegan Gets Sentenced

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Todd Wise rolled over on the mattress and yawned. The 47 year-old opened his eyes and pulled his sissy boy toy closer to him. Todd was divorced with two daughters. The brick mason had given up the three-bedroom house without much of a fight as he didn’t want his ex-wife to reveal his criminal activity. She had kept her word. Now, Todd lived with his younger daughter’s former best friend, Keegan Wagner. The man tweaked Keegan’s budding breasts and said, “Damn, you turn me on!” Then, he belched. “Get me a beer, boy,” he ordered. The 20 year-old He watched the five-foot-ten, red-haired, green-ey… Read more

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Vicki: The wildest slut part 2

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Part two. Over the last few days, I’d enjoyed a few naughty conversations on line with Bob, Calvin the black studs friend and Phil who was the other conversationalist. Both guys were very imaginative online and excited me immensely. I could hardly wait for Saturday evening when I would become a hot wife slut and the guys sexual plaything. I arrived at the hotel a good hour before my husband, to allow me to prepare and pamper myself. Hubby was not best please with this, but as the outcome was his suggestion, I soon put him in his place regarding this. I’d brought along a couple of bottles of w… Read more

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Dee…My friends slut wife.

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This is a true story, with many more to follow, for the purpose of writing, my name is Micky. This all started in the 80’s I was 23, playing in a house band and loving all the pussy I was getting. “Chicks dig singers” I had a friend from high school, Jay, who was a long distance truck driver, gone for two weeks at a time. He had very boldly hinted that he wanted to have a 3 sum with me and his wife Dee. I was very straight back then and was a little worried about “Crossing swords” and kept putting him off. Being a musician I worked 3 nights a week. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, the rest of… Read more

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GF slave 2 story

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My Master tell me write this – how I become slave. Sorry my English not so good but I try. My name is Ming, hello everyone. I am Chinese girl. I am small, maybe only 45 kgs and 1.57 m. I have small breast. I am cute. I have no boy friend at the time. I had one before and sexed with him. I like sex very much. Now no boyfriend, I play myself very often and cum many mornings. I first time see him on my first day at work. I go to HR department to finish some forms, it maybe about ten o’clock. I wait in corridor for HR, I see W… Read more

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Video Scenes of My Cheating Wife's Sex Tape

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Video starts: No introduction or title, just my naked wife bent over with her hands on a bed. A strong muscular naked black man is standing behind her fucking her pussy hard and fast with his big black cock as she moans. Her body looks amazing with her firm round ass and big tits on her thin frame! The fucking and intense moaning goes on a few minutes then the screen goes black and white text appears with "Your Wife Loves BBC" A quick series of clips appear of the coming scenes. A male voice says "Hey cuckold, in… Read more

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Blackmailed Teacher part 3

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After Mr. Walker and Mr. Holmes left me in the middle of my living with cum down my throat and cum leaking from my ass, I just sleep there the floor. I was spent and my jaw and ass was sore from the beat down by two BIG BLACK COCKS. I didn’t hear from either Mr. Walker or Mr. Holmes over the next month and everything went back to normal. I started messing around with hand full of women but I left all the black married parents alone. However, one night while I was fucking one of my regulars I was picturing Mr. Walker dick pumping in my ass. I will admit, I tired watching black men solo videos o… Read more

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My BBC Story

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To start with I’m a middle age white married woman. I’m extremely fit for my age. Barely over 5’ with 36 D tits a small waist and nice ass and muscled legs. It all comes from my cheerleading and gymnastics back in my school days. My husband and I have an excellent sex life. But he has been trying to cuckold me forever. He has always wanted me to fuck black men. So he always introduces fantasy into our sex. It always about me being slutted out to blacks. I have played along with the fantasy but I always let him know that I don’t have any desire to do this in real life. Now for the truth. I’m… Read more

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My new friend Alex

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It was looking to be another picture-perfect mid-summer day in my small hometown of Ormond By The Sea, so of course my damn mother had to fuck it up. Apparently, a friend of my step-father’s is coming over for the afternoon and bringing his k**, Alex, with him. This meant that I had to keep the k** entertained, just what I need on a day just made for surfing. This fucking sucks! I tried to blow off some steam by mowing the lawn while I waited for my parents’ guest and his little bastard. It didn’t work, and by the time I was putting the mower back in the shed I was even more pissed off. I went… Read more

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clumsely pulls it free, she begins to work her hands over his cock, as she was pumping his shaft up and down the foreskin would cover and uncover the head this seemed to fascinate her as she kept doing this she would take a closer look,her face was only inches from his cock as she was pumping it she started massaging his balls, she smiled and looked up at him and says I cant believe Im doing this, she confessed to him with a shy giggle that ever since she had seen his cock in the restroom, she has thought about it often, she said that she had not seen but a couple of cocks in her life and nev… Read more

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Another ruined her white Pussy

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It has been almost four months since Amber has slept with anyone other than her husband, the pale blonde slutwife moved three months ago for her husband's career leaving all her old playmates. When they first moved in she considered starting a family but Kyle, her husband, didn't feel ready to stop their exploring, he suggested they wait until they were well settled in the new place and then they'd discuss it. In those three months Amber started to follow her fertility chart just in case but they never really discussed it again. Amber started to think Kyle was right about her continuing her am… Read more

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My fair lady

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by williacj I was at Wisconsin state fair one august when I went go get some lemonade, i saw a lovely girl I found very attractive. I went up and introduced myself to her. Trish was a hottie with long slightly blonde hair. She told me she was here with mom and dad from phoenix, She looked beautiful in her Carolina blue striped tank-top cutoff blue jeans and flip flops. it was really hot out so We decided to hang out in the barn. Her family is interested in agriculture and farming. Things turned from friendly to frisky 10… Read more

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white like snow

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I still dont know who he was and why i just didnt started to run when he walk in the bus stop his sweatpants showing of a big bulge i just coudnt not see waiting for the last bus east of downtown ''when is the next bus boy'' ''in like 20'' ''that's enough time. here suck the cock cute white boy'' it happen so fast i didnt have time to talk, i was help mouth open on his cock looking up at him getting it out ''damn, im not gay , im sorry but'' ''but what , we are alone, im not gay we are just having fun, common boy look at how big iam, you felt so warm around my cock, here try again nobod… Read more

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Hijabi affair

FetishInterracial SexTaboo

My husband and I have a reasonable sex life. I don't have much of an appetite and only like a few positions. My husband likes sex a lot more than I can manage. However, I do sometimes get turned on thinking about him being with another woman. Recently I have been fantasising more and more about women wearing the hijab. There have been a number of porn movies made with women dressed in a hijab and I live in an area with plenty of hijabi women. The below story is a fantasy of mine between my husband and my friend Zahra. Zahra is an old friend of mine. We had been to school together bu… Read more

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Me,My Friend’s Wife Savita And Her Daughter– 1

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It was around 9 am on a very chill winter morning and I had just reached my office.As soon as I stepped in office my assistant told me that my neighbour Anil is waiting for me in my cabin. Anil who is in his mid 40s is my neighbour since past 12 years and he lives with his 43 year old wife Savita and 19 year daughter Pooja and he often used to visit my office. I greeted him ‘‘morni… Read more

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Me My Wife And My Best Friend– Part 2

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It was around 9 pm. I & Samir were waiting for Neha to join us for dinner near swimming pool under deemed lights.Sounds of sea waves were very loud & wind was blowing at monstrous speed. Overall it was a very pleasant atmosphere. Samir was smiling mischievously as he was still rerunning all the scenarios from the afternoon. He said to me, “Pratik,you know it was my quite a taboo f… Read more

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Me My Wife And My Best Friend– Part 1

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It was well past 10 o clock on a chill winter Saturday night & me and my best friend Samir were enjoying our whiskey at my place. We were too drunk as per usual standards.My Friend Samir had got little too tipsy & he said to me, ” Pratik, I am must admit.You are a very lucky guy. You have a very beautiful wife. I am a silent admirer of her beauty. She is really one of the best girls I have ever seen.” Let me tell you one thing, I… Read more

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A Fathers Dream

Interracial SexHardcoreTaboo

Every one in this world has a dream. I am not speaking of the outside dreams, but of inside dreams; dreams which you never told to anyone and which you never tell anyone; dreams which you never try to realize them, but dreams which you always dream of. Every one has a dream about his love and life partner but every man also has dream of sex. It is a sexual fantasy. A sexual fantasy you dream… Read more

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Co-Worker Fucked Hard In Office

HardcoreInterracial SexBDSM

It had been a couple months since I started my own IT firm with a couple of my friends. We built a great team, yet the absence of female employees made the office feel a little dry. After a few weeks, we started our first venture, a news-based web portal and it went viral. We started giving out vacancies for interns as we needed journalists and content writers. After a few days of interviews and rejections, luckily, a group of 5 girls, all friends to each… Read more

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