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Missy a bbw car dogging by the river


Okay so y’all know I am a country girl! Born and raised in East Texas, love my pine trees and red dirt…but don’t live there anymore. Not that I don’t like it here, I do, but sometimes this town is just too city. Thankfully, you don’t have to go too far to find some country areas around here. So last weekend, I was feeling much too citified, and decided I wanted my husband to take me for a ride down the back roads out by the river. He gladly agreed, and we headed out. I have a cute black dress that I really like, not too short but not long either, and you can slide it up a little for really ea… Read more

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The cold caller (part 2)


It was the longest wait of my life.. sitting there trying to wriggle out of the handcuffs and then freezing solid everytome i heard a noise at my wide open front door.. i felt completely defeated.. i was exsausted by the time he got there.. it was like a lightning bolt through my body when i heard my front gate close and his footsteps as he made his way up my garden path.. i prayed in my head over and over "please dont let it be my husband.. please god please god".. I cringed at the sound as he sheepishly called out down the hallway "helloooo?" I took breath and shouted out "whos there???"..… Read more

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Dad Started it


Dad was the start of my cuckhold adventures... It’s surprising what you learn and how little things change as you get older. As you grow the simple innocent gestures or incidents suddenly take on new meanings and although at the time things are quite as they seem it takes time to fully understand what is or was going on. Growing up during the early seventies there was a lot of stigma around mixed race relationships even friendships, both my parents especially my mother coming from and continuing in a church orientated lifestyle was so less judgemental encouraged me to embrace everyone in the… Read more

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The Poolside Question I Was Not Expecting (Part 3

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I sat on the sunporch and contemplated the text I was about to send. How do I talk to my friend and lover, Kathy, about the possibility of being her daughter, Jeannie's first female partner? I tell myself to take things one step at a time, set up a time to talk with Kathy and then figure out the details of the conversation. I typed out a message and read over it before I hit send, Misty Jo: Hey girl, I am needing some cuddle up on the sofa time with a tall beautiful blonde and bottle of wine. Know anyone who is free tomorrow evening? I hit send just as John came back out, now wearing… Read more

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MatureFirst TimeHardcore

Tom went over to his best friend Steve’s house. It was a hot summer day and they were going to use the pool in his backyard. He parked his bike in the driveway and knocked on the front door. Steve opened the door. “What’s up, dude?” Steve said. He was already barefoot and in his swimming trunks. They headed through the kitchen and to the patio. Steve’s mom, Claudia, was in the kitchen. She was reading the newspaper. She looked up to see the handsome young men going past her. “Hi, Mrs. Turner,” Tom said politely. “Hello, Thomas,” Claudia replied with a low, sultry voice. Tom blushed slight… Read more

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Oh Daddy!


Oh daddy! Oh! I really need to pee. I've been holding back for a long time now and I've just reached home. Thinking no one's at home, I strip off my jeans and quickly toss it aside to walk briskly to the bathroom, wearing only my black sleeveless spandex tight top and pink lace thong. Standing at my urinal, I peel my panty quickly down to the middle of my thighs and hold my little soft penis, pulling back my foreskin a little, relaxing myself as I feel a slight trickle of golden fluid starting to flow out. 'ahhh......' I moan softly as I start......more fluid flows out, when I hear a voi… Read more

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Tigerlover's beautiful body burnt into my har


Life is boring. I often look forward to an event or chat that will bring me something extra. And sometimes I happen to have a chat that brings excitement and pure joy, exaltation. The chat to beat all chats. And because there is no such thing as chance, I convince myself that I deserve these lucky shots. Because I am a good guy and am nearly always nice to people ... It all started - as ever - quite innocently. On Xhamster. Contact, chit-chat, no strings attached, wow, this is nice! And also: this is special. Because there was a click between you, Tigerlover, and me. And then you sent me a pi… Read more

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My secretary 3 home


Home You can tell John is angry the moment you come in through the living room door. 'You're late', he snaps, barely glancing at me over his glass of whiskey. He is wearing the baggy corduroys which allow his cock to stand fully erect without restriction. 'I'm sorry ...', You tell him, throwing off your coat. 'Gerry let me finish some dictation' 'Don't lie to me! ... is staring at you now, and his eyes are hard. You feel your nipples stiffen against the silk of your blouse. 'Gerry is the laziest bastard in the firm, and the randiest. He only keeps a secretary for one reason' 'That's not true… Read more

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The Used Car Salesman


Sitting in the office trying to get a few Zzz's after a hard night on the booze. I hear a tap on the glass window. I look up from my reclined seat and see a very attractive blonde looking at me. "Hi. I'm interested in the old Plymouth coupe " she said in a very sultry voice. "Yeah, would you like to take it for a test drive" I said trying to smoothly get up, and get the keys. "Yes please. I have a lot of questions. " her face showing her excitement "Where are my manners ,I'm Michael and you are?" I asked "Grace" she replied now standing beside me in a halter neck sundress. Her large firm… Read more

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three amores alternate adventure


my thoughts are on CD adventure as i love alternative climatic reality - and i have network of naughty men that love to indulge - and i have varying intimacies with several guys off and on - can be frustrating with trying to arrange dates as most are married and have travel time to my lair of lust so i hostess with my mostess when they are able to sneak away to indulge i do like to indulge with in my circle and so it happens that we share mutual acquaintances as X-Hammies - which brings up the possibilities of group encounters - make me swoon at that dream - so i delight when two of my fellow… Read more

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Finding my stockings were wet


Two days ago we had received at our home one of Victor’s good friends, Terry, a former coworker now living out of the town. Terry was on his way to the West Coast, so my husband invited him to stay with us at home. That night my beloved hubby had purchased tickets to the theater. I was dressing sexy for my hubby and within a few seconds I forgot about someone watching me as I was in a major rush. Then I felt him again, someone was watching me. I should have wrapped the towel better but I did not have time. Then the towel fell to the floor and my naked body was revealed to anyone; but I had… Read more

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After Hamlet


Monica left the room prepared for an average dinner and questionable fun. She returned with gourmet dining in her stomach and lines of Shakespeare floating in her head. With a huff, she flopped on the bed and sighed. Then, she looked at Carl who wore a smile of smug self-contentment. “You’re crazy,” she said with a smile. “I can’t believe you went through all that trouble.” “It was no trouble. And I may be crazy but I can still ‘tell a hawk from a handsaw.’ I know how to please my woman.” Monica laughed. “My, we’re very pleased with our self, aren’t we?” “Yes. Yes, we are.” He walked to the be… Read more

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Hot Mommy


Like everyone else, I can be described a number of ways -- normal, suburban housewife, stay at home mom, soccer mom, average in looks, happily married...horny....and someone that lusts after her son and his friends. I know that many people would be shocked and appalled at that last descriptor and I can't say that I totally blame them. It's something I never thought about before. It came as a surprise to me. I'll describe how it got started. My husband and I were married 20 years ago, when I was 18 and he was 26. A year later we had twins, Josh and Amy. Our married life has been good; my husba… Read more

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The next day the girls decided that they needed to set off home at dawn following day, as it would take two days walking, going on it having taken two to get here. Micky laughed, “sod that, I want you to stay, and I will take you home in the rover!” they kissed him, grinned and Mary said, “well whatever shall we do with the extra time?” then they fell about laughing, Then, he asked in his serious voice, if They would ever return, when Sadie dropped what to Micky was a nuclear bomb into the place, she took his arm looked deep into his eyes, and said, “you might be a good shepherd, and you don’t… Read more

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Lunch special

AnalMatureFirst Time

"Slow down Ann; tell me again what he wanted." "He said he wanted to take my back door." "Do you mean..." "Yes, sister dear, he wanted to fuck me in my ass. You wanna know what I did, I'll tell you what I did. I demanded he take me home that very instant. Once I was home I told him I never wanted to see him again." Although rather surprised, none of this information from her sister shocked Jean. In fact, she found it intriguing and once hanging up she couldn't get the thought out of her mind. When she and Adam were dating, anal was a regular part of their sexual repertoire. Jean enjoyed an… Read more

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Mrs. Shimkiss teaches me

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Growing up I always liked to be around Mrs. Shimkiss, I mean she was old but she sure didn't look old like my mom and she didn't act like an old lady either. I knew she was divorced but I just couldn't understand how her husband could have ever left her; I knew I never would if I'd been married to her. Although mom told me not to pester her, she didn't seem to mind my being around, and I used the excuse of helping her with yard work so I could hang at her house. There was never anything sexual or anything like that but somehow I knew I was in the presence of a woman and it gave me a thrill. S… Read more

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The Christmas Party

MatureFirst TimeFetish

I dreaded going to my wife's company Christmas party, but there was no getting out of it. Alice had been at her new job less than a year and was soaring to the top of the corporate chain. Her promotions were coming at the rate of almost every other month. I was happy for her, as she brought plaques of praise, letters of appreciation, and even cash bonuses. I was also happy for the extra income she was now getting; in fact, she now made a lot more than I did. All of this success came with a price; our home life had become almost non-existent. Yet I was still happy for her and could tell she wa… Read more

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An interesting thing happened to me last month. A girl (now woman), who I knew in High School moved in around the corner from me. Karen and I were friendly in High School, we knew each other, but we weren't close friends. Karen was a cheerleader in High School and I played football. We did not travel in the same circles, but I had friends who had dated her. While I was out on my afternoon walk, I hear a voice “Hey there!” I turned around and it was Karen. I was surprised she recognized me, as we had not seen each other in years. Her daughter and my daughters were cheerleaders in high school,… Read more

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Looking for nice asian lady, Lijiamason69

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Yes this is her Lijiamason, this is the real one Scot was playing with. Actually this whole novel is crap! She then said loudly, "Keep fucking, don't stop baby!! Don't Stop! Keep going!" She grabbed his back and she started to shake. My wife usually starts to shake right before she has an orgasm. She said out load, "Oh my god!! I'm cumming baby!! I cumming!!" I could see he was getting turned on and he let out a large groan. She grabbed his ass and wouldn't let him pull out. I didn't realize until he pulled out, that the rest of his cum was dripping out from his dick as he already unloaded… Read more

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Out in Dawlish Nature Reserve


Carol and I were walking in our nearby nature reserve. It was back in July, and as you know 2018 was a particularly hot and warm summer. It wasn’t long before we had disappeared from view from the sea and nearby golf course. It was very hot, Carol was wearing nothing but a summer dress and I had a t-shirt and shorts on, no boxers or anything underneath. We continued our walk to the far end of the nature reserve where very few people venture, it was stiflingly hot but as Carol was walking in front of me I couldn’t help noticing the jiggle of her arse as she followed the path. I felt myself get… Read more

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