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Snowbound with a fun cougar - Part 2


I followed her up the stairs, admiring her shapely ass in her silk PJ bottoms. Enjoying how we had quickly settled into our roles as Dom and sub. When we approached her bedroom she gestured for me to go in first, "After you, sir." she said as she looked at the ground. I entered her bedroom and pointed to the king size bed, telling her "You're a bad girl and you need to be punished! Get on all fours so I can give you a proper spanking!" Sheila slowly walked to the bed, got up and all fours and said: "Please punish me Sir." I moved next to her and gave her ass a hard smack! "Thank you, Sir!" s… Read more

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Mother and son do what they must.

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I left home because of mother. Why? Because from the time I was f******n I'd fallen in love with her, or put more bluntly, I wanted to fuck her. Living with her meant a constantly high level of sexual frustration and I thought that one day, in an unguarded moment, I might do or say something that would reveal my secret lust. At the time of my leaving home mother was of course in her early forties, but this had done nothing to diminish what I think of as her allure. Tall, with dark hair and eyes to match, she had an athletic figure, but she was not what might be called beautiful; her nose and… Read more

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Marco posed nude for a MILF

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I had another day free in Boston after a work trip, so I visited Herring Cove nudist beach in Cape Cod again, hoping for more romantic encounters like my previous visit (see our other story 'Fucked by a park ranger.') After getting off the ferry at Province town, I took the longer but scenic route to the unofficial nudist beach. It went pass sand dunes followed by miles of deserted beach. A few people from the ferry were doing the same route, but when we arrived at the dunes, we were soon dispersed. I stripped to my skimpy G… Read more

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Snowbound with a fun cougar


This is a true story that happened many years ago. I was working as a software technician and was often making service calls around the state to different offices. There was a customer that I usually serviced in Princeton, about an hour south of where I lived. The company did medical billing, there were eight employees, all women. Sheila, the woman who owned the company was in her mid to late 50's, she always wore loose clothing, but was a bigger woman. She definitely had a BBW type of body and it was obvious that she had big tits. She was probably pretty when she was younger, I assumed she… Read more

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My date with another tranny of website

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This was my first meet with another tgirl from a contact site id recently joined which turned out to be one of the most enjoyable sexual experiences.i started chatting to sandra on the website who was another mature tranny which soon turned into rather naughty cam sessions when we both played until we both had wonderful cums until one day sandra suggested we take it further which was what i wanted so we agreed to meet in travel inn in bristol. Room was booked and sandra arranged to meet me and shed be arriving in sandra mode. I booked in as tracy and took some sexy stuff to change into and the… Read more

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Sexual Excapade with Sana

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Part 1 So, 29 & virgin, doesn't sound right for a Mumbai MNC Professional lad. Hence, decided to pop my cherry yesterday. Booked a hotel near Dahisar Checknaka Hotel with the company of Sana. Met her at National Park in my Car. She recognized me as she banged the glass of car door with a amazing smile. Her attire was like a 'Dubai Arbi Khatoon'. She had a light brown jacket with black-grey checkered trousers. Her head was covered with a scarf (weared in the Arbi way). I greeted her with a smile & asked her whereabouts. Complimented for her looks too. And then and then when I leane… Read more

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Me and Mr Jones


Me and Mr. Jones “Hey great game guys—gotta jet” “What's up Dillon—gotta hot date”? “Ya, I think so” “No shower ? Hope she likes funk” ! “ya, me too” I grabbed my duffel bag from my locker, and quickly ran out the shower house. We had a good game that night, and I was pretty excited. Even at 10:00 at night, it's was pretty fuckin hot in East Texas—about 80. I was sweatin like a pig, and damm near smelled like one. I hopped in the GTO with Mark Mattox. Catching me right after the game he said he had a 'client' set up for me that liked young hot sweaty jocks. He said this would be an easy gig… Read more

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The First Appointment I told Gail until we knew how much she was going to handle I would book appointments for one day and the next day she would have off. She pouted and looked disappointed but I said try it first and see. The six men arrived at 8:00 am to pick Gail up for their appointment. Gail was wearing a trench coat and the men told her to take it off. Gail was naked except for her high heel shoes. The men examined her, slapping her ass and squeezing her tits. They laughingly said yeah I think the old sow will do. They hand cuffed her hands behind her back. Before they lead her out th… Read more

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Boat House


I have never been into older women as a rule, I tend to take home young women, not cradle robbing or anything but still barley legal if you know what I mean. Although being thirty its not hard to find younger women to screw. Attractive older women that is a rare find. But I found one last week at a party at the lake. I was with some friends and we were checking out the quality women in bikinis on a warm summer afternoon, when this beautiful women walked up beside me and took off her shirt. I figured she had to be about 32 or 33 but with the body of a 20 year old, nice and firm and very busty.… Read more

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Troy’s moving away fuck


Troy’s moving away fuck, me and the neighbour boy. This happened this morning and I had to write about it while it was fresh in my head. As anyone who has read our stories know, I love big young cocks and one of our neighbours is a 23 year old boy with an 8+ inch cock that’s very thick. I’ve had sex with him more than a few times but we eventually stopped getting together because he got a regular girlfriend. I’m a 45 year old ginger turning white, fit at 5’8” and 130 lbs with firm C cups. I’m extremely sexual and my hubby and I often invite others into our sex lives. Troy is moving away… Read more

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Alone with Tom at the backyard


That afternoon I was sunning at our backyard, when my beloved husband came home with one of his buddies from the office. His name was Tom and he was Victor’s old friend. They went directly to the kitchen, to grab some beers. Then they both came outside and Tom whispered when he saw me in a very tiny yellow bikini. It was really a very small piece of cloth, that barely covered my shaven mound and my dark nipples… I liked the guy, but I was a bit ashamed he could see me almost naked. He could not never keep his eyes off my breasts. I could remember him during a football game at home, having an… Read more

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Another bar pick up


That summer weekend we drove to the coast and checked into our hotel; where we would stay for a couple days. On the first evening, after a delicious dinner, Ana and I decided to have some drinks at a near bar. So my sexy wife began her preparations while I went down to the lobby bar for a drink. When I got back to our room, Ana had showered and was in the process of hair and makeup. Standing there nude, her stunning boobs and her round ass cheeks were getting me hard. I fought the urge to strip and grope her body from behind. Ana blew me a quick kiss and got dressed for the evening. I coul… Read more

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Mom visits son and his master.


Grover had been hinting in his letters that his home life, his love life, had taken a new direction. I try to not be too inquisitive on such matters. I suppose all mothers want to know all about how their sons are doing, but I knew that he would appreciate my not being meddlesome. Grover has always been a shy, sensitive boy. When he was a young boy, I knew he was different. He loved donning my straw summer hat and a silk scarf and parading about the house. I encouraged him in these sorts of things. In his teens, he took up ballroom dancing, and the girls at the dance studio liked him and look… Read more

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My mother and I have always had a special relationship, ever since my dad died four years ago from cancer. My mother was devastated by his death, and has never even considered dating again. But, as I know that her and my father have always had a very lively sex life, I've heard them in the throes of passion many nights, though they don't know so. I've always thought that my mother was the most gorgeous, sexy woman on the planet; she's forty-three, but has the most incredible body you could imagine. Her tits are pretty big, and very firm; her ass isn't too big, but has a nice round shape to it;… Read more

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My younger years

MatureFirst Time

Ive always had a high sex drive & I like to date older guys, my friends think I'm strange and one of them has a really cool dad. he's single and really fun, he always compliments everyone and makes me feel good. The first time we had sex was when my friend went to her moms and I had a big row with my mom, so went to stay with her forgetting she’s not there. I always let myself in through the back door and I saw her dad and said "Hi" as I walked passed and went to her room. He said hi and after I got halfway to her room, he shouted she wasn't in. I walked back downstairs and asked him wh… Read more

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One night touch from SecretFriends


Story taken from forum! I'm relaxing in a luxurious motel room in Northern Florida, watching out the window every now and then and wondering what the hell I'm doing here. I realize what brought me south; a holiday trip to visit a relative in Georgia, but what made me stop here in this five-star motel on my way home? I recognize what I'm doing isn't right, but, this time, I’m just out of control. Or I must accept that I want to be out of control. And then again, my deviant mind is poking me “if it’s so wrong, then why are you so excited about it?” Darren had messaged… Read more

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Disabled, But Still Able 1


It was in November that Brian broke his neck and became paralyzed. He still had motion in his arms but his fine motor skills and his fingers were affected. The nerve damage to his legs was complete and he would be using a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He wondered at the time if he would ever have sex again. It was only the following summer that his questions were happily answered by two different women. The first was the personal care attendant he and his mother had hired. Chapter 1 "So then, we hire her?" Brian's mom asked. "I like her. I say yes." Brian replied. Brian saw a weig… Read more

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Disabled, But Still Able 2


Chapter 40 On Monday morning, Marlene was back. Brian opened his eyes and there was her smiling cute face below that sexy red hair. He was so glad to see her and even half-asleep realize that his time with her was limited. It was now August 10, and he was returning to school next week on the 18th. But he planned on taking full advantage of this time. In the last week, he started a sexual affair with both his personal care attendant as well as his mother. The relationship with both had so far been wonderful, but separate. He did not realize that would soon change. "Morning gorgeous!" She holl… Read more

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A Bikini with a Mind of its Own

VoyeurMatureFirst Time

Erin drove as quickly as she could, but the evening rush hour traffic slowed her way home from work. The package lay on the passenger seat next to her, and she couldn't wait to get home and open it. The package had arrived at her office early in the afternoon, in plain brown anonymously marked cardboard, as she had known it would. When she had placed the order for it, she deliberately had chosen to have it arrive at work, so her husband wouldn't see it. But she didn't want anyone she worked with to know what it was, either. That would have been too embarrassing. So, before placing the order,… Read more

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The neighbor's wife


My neighbor is a jerk. He is about 12 years younger than me and when I bought my house, he was a pre teen jerk. His father never made him work, he purchased him a car, which he promptly demolished and his dad bought him another. When he was 18 he moved out due to an argiment with his dad. His dad had a bad heart and developed CHF and he moved back. His dad died not too long afterward. So he was left the house and a large endowment. That was 25 years ago. In the man time he has been through a few girlfriends until he met the woman he got pregnant and married. She is older than him, She is 50,… Read more

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