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The upstairs lady Blanche


So, when I was 15 we had a lady living on the 3rd floor of the building I lived in. Mrs Buonafina, was her name, but insisted I call her Blanche She loved garden and would often pay me small sums to dig up the garden, and to weed it. My parents had an arrangement, it was my job to take the trash to the street, mow the lawns, shovel the snow, fix plumbing and electrical issues – all for free. One day Blanche calls my parents and asked if they could send me upstairs to fix a leaky faucet. They said I’d be up shortly. When I get there she tells me "it’s here in the bathroom" and to go in. Once I… Read more

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She fucked the tow ball


So we are Father and Daughter, I am almost 40 years your senior. The sex is good, we don’t have to live together, we just enjoy our times together. You like having sex with Dad , and I enjoy the attentions of a young sexy woman.who is my daughter One Saturday morning, I call you up and say, ' Kayla wanna go get an ice cream and take a walk?" You are thrilled, and you say “sure Dad”. I tell you I’ll pick you up in about an hour, and we’ll go get an ice cream cone and do some window shopping. I arrive at your home, and I pick you up, and we drive to a part of a nearby town with lots of shops.… Read more

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The Train Ride

MatureAnalFirst Time

I was getting on a train and it’s so crowded. I see a spot behind a lovely mature woman wearing a red top with a scoop neckline, and a dark skirt. I get close behind her and we smile at each other, and you feel my hand on your ass. You are shocked, but you cannot say a word, but look at me, puzzlement, desire, all show in your eyes My hand presses into your ass, out of view of the crowd. You lick your lips as my fingers got lower, between your legs and rub your pussy through your clothing. Your mind is racing.… Read more

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My Housemates Girlfriend P2

HardcoreMatureSex Humor

So, a week later, after I had first shagged my housemates girlfriend, Josh my housemate was playing away at another amateur rugby match, and Kelly his lovely cute chubby girlfriend went with him, as she always did. Which left me all alone for the day, so after a bit of lounging around, I went to the pub for a few drinks, and then decided to turn in early. It was around 1 in the morning when I heard the usual thud of heavy footsteps, coming up the stairs and from what I could hear, it sounded like Josh's team had won again, and he was once more very drunk. Then after he and his girlfriend stagg… Read more

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The Escalator


I have seen you in the mall a few times. You are a sexy mature gal, not a BBW and not slim. You are elegant, and have a great smile. I dreamt of you last night, only this time we were in a shopping mall, and had to take three escalators to get to the third level. We both got on at the first level and I was behind you and, being bold I put my hand under your skirt and rubbed your inner thigh You jumped, and I quickly stopped. You turned around to look at me look at me. Not a word came from your mouth. Once again I reached forward and touched your inner thigh. No response. My hand slid up your… Read more

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Crossing the Line

MatureGroup SexFetish

Following up from A year later, she’s back. This time Saru is ready to up the game. While I have been surviving on the odd relationship, I had spent the odd weekend with Jeff and Kate though, I minimized this as Jeff was pushing the line. The beauty of 60+ women, no periods, ready to fuck any time. Straight from the airport, we were in bed. After a couple of hours of catch up sex, she says – I have a surprise for you, go look in my suitcase. I jump out of bed naked, bend down at the suitcase. I suddenly find her boobs press… Read more

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350 Part 2 Cuckold by agreement


350 Part 2 Cuckold by agreement It was a week later on the Friday when he was summonsed to his doctor for the all clear, she was a pretty heavyset middle-age woman that brooked no arguments or shilly-shallying, in her room she said, “well let`s see the bally thing then, don’t be bloody shy!” A little shocked he dropped his trousers, and with cold hands and an even colder attitude she poked and prodded the scar, muttered he was a lucky chap still to have it and asked if he had used it again yet? Abrupt was not in it! Blushing he said he had had one or two gentle hand tries, but was waiting for… Read more

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Ana in a darkened parking lot

MatureInterracial SexVoyeur

That night my sweet Ana had gone out with her slutty girlfriends Laura and Camilla. I was a bit worried knowing these bitches and I was sure my lovely wife would end fucked by a huge black cock… I stood at home and after midnight, while I was enjoying a fine glass of my favorite whisky, my phone rang. It was Anita. I could hear she was excited and breathing hard. But she told me she was not fucking any man as she was talking with me. But then my sensual wife offered me, if I wanted to watch her behaving like a bad girl, I should go to the parking lot of that disco. I drove there and waited o… Read more

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wtf?!!! wtf was that homie?!!! i don't know,

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it was quite a day, & a night. the man, this guy, fella, or whatever, or however said had quite a bit of a Friday of the weekend with some, or such of his homies, partying with his male friends, & their female dates after work, winding down after a rather busy week, not really thinking about any religious church service, &/or sabbathical sunday school class whereas if anything it was like, "homies, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, see you when I get there.", & so they party to practically if not possibly until that being of the break of dawn at the club, downing one… Read more

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Working Late


I was about 25 and working for an office based company in the West Midlands. The work was alright, but sometimes deadlines could be tight and one or more of us would end up working til 10pm or even later. The department secretary was a lady, Sally, probably in her forties. She had long blonde hair, a slim body and always wore tight, short skirts, dark tights and shiny heels. Her breasts were often straining the buttons on her white blouses. I had had a few wanks in the office toilets thinking about her tight arse, and VPL. One evening, a Friday when most people left early, I was still there.… Read more

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How I started my own porn company


My family was never the usual average family. We weren’t rich, but we could afford a nice lifestyle in our own house. We never had been really close to each other. We always had our own lives going on. From time to time one of the family members just left for some weeks, even sometimes for a few months. Then it was dad’s turn. He just went out to buy himself some cigarettes and disappeared into the nowhere for the better part of a year. We three, my mom, my sis and me, back at home were used to it. We had found several creative ways to keep on paying the bills and put some food on the table.… Read more

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coast to coast driving mom's best friend part

MatureGroup SexVoyeur

I watch Shelly as she slept and with my feelings all screwed up. I mean I wished she was younger but we fit together so well and so far she didn't have any limits on what she would do with me. Yes I haven't forgot about Bill and what he has done for me either. I laid there watching Shelly sleep wondering what mom would say or do if she could see us now. I'm sure it wouldn't be pretty, mom is very much straight laced and, me her son in bed with her best friend, well she better not find out. I fell asleep with Shelly in my arms and when I woke up Shelly had just come out of the shower and walk… Read more

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Spain With Mum


I first started to sniff my mum's knickers around the age of twelve, when I was starting to learning about women and sex. I guess I did because I had read about it in porn mags, and out of curiosity and for a cheap thrill back then. But two months ago, I found myself sniffing then again, this time fantasising about fucking and licking my mother's cunt. My mother has shapely hips and wonderful 38C breasts The laundry hamper in the bathroom in our house, and I often take a pair and wank with them, the intoxicating smell of her dirty knickers always got me hard as a rock. Last week, I decided t… Read more

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Keeping Warm


It was winter and my mum came out of her bedroom to tell me that it was so cold in her room and did i want to sleep in her bed to keep warm". My mum hab a king-size bed and heavy covers, Yet she is always feeling cold for some reason. I jumped into the bed while she went to get herself a drink of water, and god the quilt was heavy and i could hardly lift it to move myself around.. My mother returned with a drink of water and she placed the glass on the bedside cabinet, turned off the light then got into bed. After a while i fell asleep next to my mum and she was cuddling up close to me to ge… Read more

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Cuddles With Mum


My mum was 34 and has a nice curvy body, dark brown hair, black pubic hair, 38C spongy breasts and tight buttocks and lovely thighs. It was one of those days when your mum hurrys to the office early and you are left alone at home to smell her Knickers and bras. But today was different, because mum had had a sprain on her angle had made up her mind not to go to the office, so after phoning one of her friends to tell the reason, she came and snuggled close to me on my bed. . It was early morning, about 7 or something, Mum snuggled close to me and gave me a hug. She was wearing only a black sho… Read more

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why aint you in the can jesse smoulette? the-gay-m

VoyeurFirst TimeMature

i myself personally can't remember that being of the last time that I have heard of something so ridiculously outrageous, really now, but get a clue, I mean that being of the most recent fabrication of a supposed, or so-called hate-crime having supposedly been perpetrated is just as insulting to that being of the intelligence of the general public, the people at large, &/or the global community, & being of a lie that is just as bogus as, & to be placed into that being of the category with, &/or to be classified likewise with still that being of some, or of such other being of s… Read more

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Holiday With Mum


Mark looked at his mother’s naked body through the crack in the door. Their holiday in Spain had been arranged to take Helens minds off work A fortnight in Spain. “Let’s recharge the batteries,” she’d said, “and just chill – you and me, the sun, the sea and the sand.” In Mark’s mind the added ingredient of “…and the sex” also sprang forward, as he looked forward to the opportunity of meeting nubile young girls stretched out on a Spanish beach, by the hotel pool or, maybe, even in disco. Four days in and it became clear that there was little or no action of that sort available. The few yo… Read more

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Coward Little Housewife – 9 (Pumped @ Petrol Pump)

HardcoreGroup SexMature

READ BEFORE PARTS TO UNDERSTAND THE STORIES....... About 10 days later, my mother-in-law got sick again, including my sister in law and father-in-law altogether due to contaminated water. It wasn’t home water of college or office water or somewhere else. All were admitted in hospital but different hospitals. Now a few f… Read more

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Exploited, Danny

First TimeGay MaleMature

I've been thinking about a new series for a while. This new series will be a series of one offs focused on teens being exploited by adults whom they should have been able to trust. This will be the first installment, so let me know if I should continue with this project. Jenny O'Brian watched as her teenage son Danny scrambled to recheck his backpack for the third time, and for the third time he found that everything that he needed for the week ahead was packed inside. It made her smile to see him so excited, it had been a long while since she'd seen him like this. Her musing was interrupted… Read more

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My sensual Ana ganbanged at the kitchen

MatureGroup SexVoyeur

My sweet Ana had met a very nice colleague lady in a boring conference during one of her business trips out of town and they both had become very good friends. Ana introduced me to her new friend, whose name was Lucy and the lovely nice lady invited us to their house; which was located in a very near town from ours. Before going there, Ana told me she had met Lucy’s husband already and she had the strange feeling that the man was lusting after her. I told her not to worry; I would be there to care about her. I drove our car that Saturday evening. When we arrived to their house, Lucy said that… Read more

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