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Katie's first street punter

HardcoreMatureFirst Time

Picture a woman, a mother, with a well paid professional job and good wife, mostly, dressing up like a whore and joining the girls working in your nearest red light district. She has no need of the money, but she is driven by the desire to experience as much filthy sex as possible, Imagine her feelings as she stepped into a different world, random men, all seeking sexual satisfaction, driven by strong urges, each with different needs and desires, individual preferences. Picture me, a trembling Katie, dressed in a short leather skirt, revealing her stockings, a black tight fitting blouse, a… Read more

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Wife Recounts Her Cheating

MatureHardcoreInterracial Sex

Introduction “I know how your marriage to Wayne ended,” Henry said, slowly licking in between Denise’s large breasts. Her head was back, her mouth open, eyes closed, an orgasm subsiding. She was straddling Henry in bed, giving herself to him – like she does daily. Their naked bodies faintly illuminated by the orange glow of candles next to their bed in their new Charleston, South Carolina home. Henry squeezed a breast, sucking its nipple, “I know he was a horrible person. I know he was cold, manipulative, evil.” Denise moaned, her long, dark hair flowing down her back. “Yes,” she wh… Read more

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Mother-in-law and Me - Unlimited Pleasure


I had been away at work for 3 weeks and was coming to the end of a 16 hour drive home. I had called my partner Cathy about 5 hours ago and told her I should be home around midnight. She replied “ I will be well asleep by then, don’t wake me when you get home. Drive safe I love you" I arrived home just after midnight and parked my ute in the back yard. Living on a corner block I had a side gate into the back yard and with the vehicle securely locked away I entered the house through the laundry door. I stopped off in the kitchen a grabbed a quick glass of oj before heading to bed. I stripped of… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part 91


The Kelly house was strangely quiet. Sue and her Dad, Pete, had gone up to his bedroom, and taken a shower together. Sue had scrubbed him thoroughly, first, and he, in turn, had scrubbed her the same way. He had, washed her as carefully as he had when she was a baby, and then as a little girl. She had ALWAYS love the feeling of his hands scrubbing her. At first simply as her Father, then as the man she loved most in the whole, wide world. Her protector, and her teacher. He had taught ALL the k**s, at first, the simpler, or less strenuous tasks, and gradually, things more strenuous, and involve… Read more

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Testing Anita's fidelity


I was at my office that afternoon; when Sarah, one of Anita’s office mates, called me. This fine lady told me that my loving wife was having fantasies about Mike's cock, her well hung husband. I had seen Mike several times after soccer, as he got a shower at the club and I knew he had a real magnificent cock. I wondered if my sexy Anita had already found out it by herself… But Sarah was sure they had never met each other being alone. She said everything was just Anita’s fantasy and I agreed with her… Then I asked Sarah if she would mind I could test my wife’s fidelity. Sarah was a little… Read more

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A BBC under the shower

MatureInterracial Sex

When we moved to Savannah, I began going at a nice gym that also had a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms. It all started one night when I was home alone and I had gone out with my nice girlfriend Camilla. She was a recently divorced young lady and she was even hornier than me… We had gone to a local bar for some drinks and music. When the place closed, we went to a stripper’s club. Watching those sexy sluts dancing, teasing and pleasuring men, got me really horny. I felt I needed a real nice hard cock for me that night; but Camilla at her home did not have even a dildo… So, finally… Read more

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Pegging and rods


 Pegging and rods After a long but fun night out at the bar, Alex and Donna were staggering their way home through the freshly fallen snow. It was a very cold night and Donna wished they had taken the car. Once inside the warm inviting living room both Alex and Donna breathed a sigh of relief. Beers in hand, they settled down for a relaxing night. "You know" said Donna "I'm getting a little warm now, I think I'll go get into my PJs" and off she went to go upstairs...she added “you can always come with me you know”.. Alex loved it when she wore those yoga pants and he knew she did it just… Read more

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Hot Mother in Their Grasp Ch. 05


When D woke up the following morning she knew that a new corner had been turned...but had she wanted it to be this way? The previous evening she had allowed her 19 year old son, Mark, to seduce her and they had ended up fucking on his bed after she had enjoyed a few drinks of champagne and changed into a seductive, sexy outfit. But what was worse, if she recalled correctly, was that she had been screaming encouragement to her well-built son as he slammed his wonderful cock deep into her eager body, and she had agreed, in the passion of the ecstatic moments, to obey anything that her son was l… Read more

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Friends Curious Daughter 3. Mom's turn


It was Thursday morning around 9am; I just dropped my younglings off at school and my wife off at the airport She will be at her suppliers’ summit for the next two days. As I arrived back home, I was expecting Yulia to be waiting for me in the driveway. We have been fucking since that fateful morning 2 months ago. To my surprise I didn’t see Yulia’s car when I pulled into the driveway. I went inside and sent her a text “where are you?” She texted back instantly. “I saw my mom’s car driving down your street, I got scared and turned around” I was about to text back, when I heard a knock at my d… Read more

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A long weekend ll

Group SexMatureGay Male

Candy woke with moment on the bed. Head still spinning from last night's drinking, she looked around to remember when she was. Her soreness of her pussy told her she had a good time. Turning she seen Mike laying on his back with a grin, then Scott. He was laying between Mike's legs sucking his dick. It all came flooding back. Crawling over, she swung her leg over Mike's head. Pressing her lips on Mike's face opened his eyes. Candys wish came true feeling a tongue pushed between her sore lips. Mike's tongue felt cool as he lapped at her clit. Leaning forward she took Mike's balls in her hand.… Read more

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Becky Goes to Korea? Part 1

MatureTabooGroup Sex

~Continuation of the stepsister series~ ~~Start of Part 1~~ It was another suck ass day working on the ‘Z’ for us, we were just coming in from a fence line check patrol and are all covered in mud and dirt and generally in a bad mood, except we knew it was almost over. We are getting close to the barracks now and the platoon sergeants tell all the fire team leaders to take their teams and start recovering and cleaning up the weapons. Having just made PFC about a month ago, I was fire team 4’s new leader and was taking my 3… Read more

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My Boss gives a party

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My Boss was giving a party to celebrate New Year; but I could not convince my beloved hubby to come with me. Victor said he was really tired after a hard week at his office and he wished me luck; but his intention was staying home that night… So, I picked up a taxi and went alone to this party. A while later, I had got several glasses of nice red wine. Then I felt a bit tipsy; but however, I kept dancing with these two rather handsome guys. They were business men, invited by my Boss. Our bodies were gyrating, moving, touching and getting quite close. I was getting very aroused, as they were… Read more

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Adventures of Teddy: The Beginnings Part 3

Gay MaleMature

My heart is pounding hearing the bedroom door open. I try to compose my thoughts and hide my erection and panic. I turn to the sink on to ack like I’m washing my hands. “ Baby, I missed you. You know how fights make me,” as Mr Smith walks into the bathroom. “ O Teddy, what a surprise to see you, Its so nice to meet you, I have heard all about you” as he reaches out his hand. My mind goes blank and my hand reaches out and shakes his, as far as I can remember. He begins to thank me for all the help I have been, “ I know it has been hard on Mrs Smith with the move and me being gone. What project… Read more

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My Barmaid Encounter

First TimeHardcoreMature

Occasionally I like to go out alone to a nice pub I know away from my local area, typical English in all manner of ways serving traditional ails (all brewed on-site), good food served on plates, none of your overrated restaurant type and in winter, a roaring fire to great you. The staff are very friendly and when the place is full of visitors, my pint is always pulled. The best time is usually lunch when there are few people about as it’s a country pub, so I get to talk to the staff and pass the time. Now I am considered old against them, but they always listen, and good conversation is had by… Read more

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Ramya Gets Trapped

MatureAnalGroup Sex

Ramya, a married woman with a son, as usual had bath in the evening after applying oil. While having her bath she was thinking about her recent encounter couple of nights back when one of her da… Read more

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Curiosity of A Boy And His Cousin’s Wife – Part 2


My Deepthi Akka had found the porn magazine and the condoms in my school bag. “Ok then, have you used this with anybody?” saying this she showed me the condom packet that Mahesh gave me with the magazines. Deepthi Akka had taken that one too from my bag along with the magazines. I now knew I was totally screwed. I was embarrassed and said, “No, Akka. Never.” Deepthi Akka wasn’t convinced by… Read more

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Bhabhi – You Beauty!


I am from Kolkata, have an average build body, about 5 feet 9 in height and got a 6.5-inch Tool. Have a special fetish for mature woman. Not that it is less for the others. So feel free to reach out and indulge. Always open to new connections. Now getting to the story. This is about a couple of years back. I was preparing for my entrance examinations for my master’s degree. while selecting… Read more

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Curiosity of A Boy And His Cousin’s Wife – Part 1


the unmarried guy working in the real estate business. The following story is a fictitious story and isn’t real. The story is about me and my cousin’s wife, Deepthi. I hope you like this story as it took a long time to write. Please feel free to contact me. Please send your feedback to [email protected] Now coming to the story. The story is of the year 2004 when I was in 10+2 class… Read more

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My new girlfriend is a she male

AnalShemale PornMature

I had told my beloved hubby this night I would be going out with my brand new friend Alexandra. My girlfriend Helena had introduced her and I had fell in love with the slut. She was nice, smart, sexy and she was a transsexual girlie. Helena had warned me she had a huge nice hard cock and Alexandra liked both ways: to be fucked by a dominant male and to fuck a submissive female. We went alone this night; we met at a local bar for some drinks. Time was getting a bit boring, so Alexandra invited me to her home. After a brief making out session in the back of the taxi, we got down at her place.… Read more

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A nice quick in a restroom


Friday evening my husband and I had come early from work; so I asked my beloved Victor if we could go to a biker bar to enjoy some beers and listen to a band playing dark blues. My hubby came with me a little bit reluctantly, as he did not like this kind of bar and this music… By my side, I had always liked the whole scene, especially the tough looking of those leather dressed bikers. I had gone to this place several times, always fantasizing about what it would be like to get fucked by one of these guys. But this time, I wanted my fantasy to come true finally… We were sitting at a table q… Read more

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