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Mom brutally gang-banged by 20 black bulls…1

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My family consists of me , my father and my mom…My father is a person who likes to travel a lot and hardly stays at home… My mom is a very conservative lady and is spiritually connected… She usually wears nighties at home covering most parts of her beautiful body… She wears sarees while visiting temples and she wears them well above her navel… She doesn’t like to expose h… Read more

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Mom brutally gang banged by 20 black bulls ( Part

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My mom was brutally gang-****d by 20 monsters in our house… After my mom was brutally gangbanged by those six men , they were lying on the bed naked and slept that night… It was 11 in the morning and my mom had some movements in her body and she woke up… All the men were still lying on the bed an… Read more

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Lilly's Porn Shop Parking Lot

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Lilly, my friend, likes to show off, to tease.... and then at times she knows she will also have to pay the price. The other night she stopped by an Adult Toy Store and....well, you can read about it for yourself.... Lilly smiled at the clerk who openly leered at her breasts. While back in between racks of lingerie and stripper outfits, she had “accidentally unbuttoned two buttons on her blouse. Not that her cleavage did not get her enough attention, especially when she… Read more

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Jennifer: As I dutifully walked away I knew James' eyes followed my movements and I imagined he was seeing my shamelessly bared ass in his mind. I did feel a sense of relief however. I knew when my son confronted us that we would have to atone for our transgressions and he could have been much more demanding. Strangely, I did not feel much remorse over him 'divorcing' John and I nor his order that John move out of our bedroom. I had come to hate sleeping with my ex anyway and too many years of frustrated sex had taken it's toll. I had only to submit to my son one time and allow him to use me i… Read more

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Bringing Mom Home


As I got Mom buckled up in the passenger seat of my Altima, she tried to fight me, but only slightly. "I can get in by myself." She protested. "Well I'm just being a gentleman." I responded. I could smell the alcohol on her breath the second I saw her at the bar. She had called me to pick her up, and bring a good son with no girlfriend and nothing else to do on a Friday night, I made my way over. I got in the driver's seat and looked over at my mom. She had that loopy look on her face that I had seen a few times before. She didn't get drunk often, but I knew the signs. "Are you oka… Read more

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A 23-year-old guy shouldn't have to move back home with his parents but that is exactly what happened. At least, the move wouldn't be a long-term thing as it was only five weeks while I was waiting for my new condominium to be ready after my apartment lease ran out. I had an excellent relationship with my parents calling them Ma and Pa even though I didn't grow up in the country. Home was the bustling town of Kansas City. I would shortly be moving into a condo in Crown Center a very high brow shopping center and home to my employer the world's biggest greeting card maker. My folks had their o… Read more

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Unrepressed the wife sexuality

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I would like to begin this story by telling you a little about ourselves. I believe people hear or read stories similar to this and think that we are a different sort. In reality we are normal people and no one would expect that we have such fantastic sexual experiences. We are just like any other husband and wife living in suburbia. We have grown up c***dr*n and the wife even attends church. I work in IT sales and my wife is a teacher. I hope you get the picture because for the most part we live “normal” lives. Angela and I have been married for over thirty five years. Our sex life has been… Read more

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How I got my Nickname BULL PT2


After our first encounter I made daily visit to Mrs. Bowers house. Anita Bower was a sexual marvel. We did it in every room; the bedroom, living room, basement (on the dryer), bathroom, and her favorite room, the kitchen. I would often arrive to find her sitting on the kitchen counter in just a T-shirt or a silky piece of lingerie and high heels, rubbing her hot exposed pussy. She would say something like: "Matthew I am all horny and wet, now be a good boy and fuck me hard with that big cock." I was more than happy to comply. She loved my big cock and my copious cum shots brought her no end… Read more

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Mom's Murky Interlude!


How she prostituted herself as part of her murky deal. The day after I received the video clip was one of my StepMom's days off. She worked on the computer doing her homework. I stayed away in my room to think. I needed to go over all this and put more pieces together. I went back to our holiday in my mind. It had started just like any holiday abroad, enjoying the sights and getting to know the town. We made friends with a married couple in their early fifties I'd say, from New York. Mom had many chats with the wife as her hubby and I talked men's things. I felt very comfortable with our f… Read more

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Lily has Group Fun at Book Store

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My friend Lily told me about this time she went to an adult book store. She is a brunette, not a blonde and much prettier than the woman below, but.... If what you see gets your crank hard, read on. Lilly smiled at the clerk who openly leered at her breasts. While back in between racks of lingerie and stripper outfits, she had “accidentally unbuttoned two buttons on her blouse. Not that her cleavage did not get her enough attention, especially when she was braless, like… Read more

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Two Horny Families – Part 2 (Uncontrollable Son)


the next part of the story ‘Two Horny Families’ after getting tremendous demand for it. Urmila felt never before feeling in her body after the incident. She felt as if something had made her body totally light. After this incident, she got into the habit of doing this almost every day, mostly after all the gents and c***dren went to work/college. But she never imagined anyone other than her husband while fingering as she felt it was a s… Read more

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Teaching The Neighbor


Teaching The Neighbor By: Londebaaz Chohan Unlucky, Aryan got divorced only after couple of months of marrying his school days’ cock hiding pussy girl, Alkali. He was hardly 19 when he came to live in this quiet neighborhood. He did not know if the men and women in the block fucked or not but they sure did not produce any k**s because for almost a month living in this neighborhood, he did not see any k**s but of course a couple of grown up boys and girls were seen driving with moms to soccer practice or the little league ball game. He did not know where his land lord lived because he… Read more

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One Family's Awakening - Chapter 19

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The winter dance at Keith's high school was less than two weeks away. This time, Keith had a date - Abby. He could not wait to show her off to his friends. She was tall, beautiful, and a damn good fuck. That was more than he could say about any of the girls in his school. Several had indicated interest in him, but when it got down to it, none were willing to really put out. The ones who were willing were not his type. Keith had never been this eager to go to a school dance before. He didn't anticipate another encounter like the one he had with Amanda at the last dance, so he was glad to have A… Read more

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I sell Kim Cattrall into sex slavery


(All characters are above the age of 18. This event happened 15 years ago.) I am a sex slaver. I find women who will bring me a large profit when I sell them into slavery. I cannot do this openly. I have an employment agency that places women into secretarial positions in businesses. I do get a number of women who are better qualified to be secretaries than sex slaves. I do place them into businesses for that helps my cover story. I have developed a program that helps to rate a persons aptitude as a secretary or as a sex slave. I have one more appointment today. The woman rated very low as… Read more

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A white married slut for Blacks

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On that warm spring time, I felt particularly attracted to a black man. He was in his late thirties; he had a smooth dark skin and his name was Peter. The handsome black guy worked in the men's clothing department at a store that my loving Victor and I often frequented. I became acquainted with Peter while shopping for some things for Victor. At first, I just flirted with him and stopped when I began to feel aroused. But then came the time when I wanted to go further. One Tuesday afternoon, knowing that Victor would come home late, since it was poker night with his friends; I went to the… Read more

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DeAnn's Submissive Weekend ..... PART FIVE

BDSMMatureGroup Sex

DeAnn's Submissive Weekend Part Five ============================================================================ I was begging Robert to let me suck my first black cock and I still wasn't sure if he would give me permission or deny me. Finally Robert spoke, "Mark I think I will allow your wife to suck my cock. Would you like to sit here next to me and watch her being a cock slut for me?" Mark said, "Sure, I love watching DeAnn being submissive." As Mark got up he told Suzy to go over to the bar and fix him and Robert another cocktail. While Suzy was doing that, Mark crossed the room and sat d… Read more

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Debbie from Dunfermline

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A few years ago, I answered an advert on fastflirting to meet with a couple. I was picked up around 8pm outside a bar in the Westport area of Dundee by the guy, who was much older than me, and we headed off for Dunfermline to meet his woman. He told me on the way it was her 40th birthday and I was to sit in the back of his jeep when we got there. We arrived, and he sent her a text, I was sitting in the back, when the door opened and in climbed a very pretty blonde, about 5ft 4", slim and cute. Her eyes met mine and I just pounced on her, sticking my tongue down her throat, and pressing my knee… Read more

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Beth's Predicament


Of all the students in Sheridan High, Robert Haley's mother, Beth, was the best looking by a long shot. She was what they called "statuesque" standing 5'11" and blessed with the figure of a swimsuit model. Back then if you didn't know she was 38 you'd probably have guessed her to be in her early 30s at the very most. She was divorced some time before she and her son Robert moved to the little midwestern town of Sheridan and the two of them lived on the edge of town where she pretty much kept to herself, not socializing with the other moms or anyone else, for that matter. Sheridan itself was p… Read more

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Beth's Predicament Ch. 02


At 6:45 the clicking of her high heels on the hardwood floor announced Beth's entry into the living room. Simply put, she looked ravishing. The tall stiletto heels made her long legs look spectacular and the fitted bodice of the minidress nicely highlighted her breasts, which were made all the more prominent by the demicup pushup bra her son had chosen for her. (It was uncomfortable enough to have her teenage son selecting her lingerie, but all the more so when he had held up the bra exclaiming, "wow, Michael is really going to like this!") As his mother got ready to walk the two blocks to th… Read more

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Mother has sex with her son.

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My name is Jill, 45 and I'm a married bifemale with three grown c***dren ages 25 (son) 23 (son) and 20 (daughter). I really don't know where to start this or how to explain what happen too me last month but I think I need to tell someone just so I can get it off my chest I guess. I grew up on a farm with 4 brothers and three sisters in a home that I'd say was somewhat strict when it came to the subject of dating and sexual things. When we raised our c***dren we tried not to be that way and nudity and seeing other family members nude was just normal for us. My husband and I didn't run around na… Read more

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