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Married women 12 - Susanne


I used to own a shop in which I sold all kinds of art books, posters, prints and stuff. Not much after I opened, a young woman came in early on a Saturday morning. I knew her, her name was Susanne, we had worked in the same company two years before. I knew she was married and had a little daughter, I kew where she lived – and I knew she wasn’t interested in art at all. It was a busy day in the shop, lots of customers, but Susanne was there all the time, looked at everything and pulled out books and leafed through them in the reading corner. I realised she wasn’t here because of a sudden rise i… Read more

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The Skate Park--B l o o d Sweat and Tears


The Skate Park—Bl o o d Sweat and Tears Time went on for the next few years with nothing out of the ordinary happining. Dustin 16 now I was aproaching 21. Still mowing, and more painting now. Still making a porn here and there for Mr. Johnny. I told him I was content for the filming fee—he could keep sales and commissions. Prolly should keep it in the big towns cause the smaller ones might recognize me from football fame. So we kept it to Dallas/Ft Worth, Houston, San Antone, and Austin. There was another real life case where the dude did get “outed” Just like me—star quarter back—him from N… Read more

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Crazy story


crazy story!!!! U won’t believe!!!  sumtimes da **** gods smile on you!!!  So I was out nightstalkin the nite before thanxgivin rite.  That’s a big go out nite and man there was so many bad ass yung white chicks out at this club/bar section, where there’s like 3 cars.  Ok 1st, these 3 fine ass thicc ass white girls come out the club, im sittin in my car just beatin my shit to all da meat, there’s this huge ass construction dumpster behind the club, the girls go behind it to pee and my car is lined straight up with them and it’s pretty close, so they start pullin they pants… Read more

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jims wanking gets him in trouble part 3


'jens on the way round jim here take your cup start wanking i'm not sure if she's coming alone or bringing her sons with her but i want you in front of the door wanking off when she comes in ok' 'but mom please she may not be on her own i don't want to wank off in front of anyone else please mom' 'so you don't mind wanking off in front of your mom and your aunt but not anyone else ?' 'uh no mom i don't like wanking off in front of anyone mom' 'well if you don't like it why does your cock get hard and why do you cum' 'i don't know mom but i don't like it please don't make me mom' 'get undressed… Read more

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The Awakening

TabooFirst TimeMasturbation

It was very early ... barely enough light to see anything, and I lay there for a while wondering why I'd woken up at this hour, and then I felt her next to me ... she must have climbed into bed whilst I was asleep. She was snuggled up next to me and I could smell the warm sweet scent of her hair. I lay there motionless, pretending to sleep, and savouring the feel of her young body pressed against mine, her leg resting on my thigh, and the heat emanating from her silken bush. She had her hand resting on my belly, and was moving it ever so slowly, carefully down towards my crotch, pausing now an… Read more

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Cuckold Lex has a strange preference in sex


My old schoolmate Lex has a problem. He has been married for 5 years to the prettiest girl in class, and every guy would like to fuck her. In talk or in apps they sort of openly say so to one another, and oddly enough Lex himself would rather have somebody else fuck his wife than fucking her himself. Strange guy ... And watching another guy fuck his wife is his ultimate fantasy. The thought of it has turned him on daily for quite a while. He has one other condition to letting somebody else fuck his wife while he is watching: licking the fresh sperm from her pussy when the other guy has ejacul… Read more

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When my wife and I were just Boy and girl friend we took chances as the only place we could have sexy games was at her house(I was on leave from the USAF in West Germany on leave in London, england. In those heady days she always drew the line at “going all the way” but loved sucking my cock and Always swallowed each and every spurt of my heavy ejaculate saying my cum tasted delicious! As a reward I in turn used my mouth, two fingers and long tongue on her hairy snatch which would emit sexy smelling juices I Didn,t mind swallowing myself. We,d also taken to doing a full sixty nine, but had not… Read more

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Dear Sarah "NiNNa" Holmes 1,

HardcoreFirst TimeTaboo

So how would this begin, so many different ways to unleash the wild and very scary obsession and love, almost endless passion that my, "NiNNa" Sarah Holmes, has for me before any other man. Well it would have to start way back, back in the time, I would say the year was 2003, the summer of the beginning of the true HipHop Evil Empire, that would be when my Musical business partners in crime Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre, Eminem, and 50 Cent, was controlling the Airwaves, music scene, and the entirety of the entertainment industry.... While I, JohnVeNOM and my UnderGod, Assassin's Fokus and Cory That K… Read more

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The pastor’s family 12

Gay MaleTabooGroup Sex

Phillip texts me and says he can spend the night. I am thrilled. I have clean sheets on my bed and my room is neat. I wait in the den playin my X Box for him to drive up. About 30 minutes later I see him pulling into he yard. I meet him at the drop and we hug and kiss. He smells so good. He comes in and we sit in the den and he says he hasn't eaten. I call and order a pizza and wings. I grab csh from dad's room that he left for us to eat and I put in on the table by the door. We play X box and are siting as close as we can. In this moment, life is perfect. The guy I love and that loves me, spe… Read more

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Mrs. Shimkiss teaches me

TabooMatureFirst Time

Growing up I always liked to be around Mrs. Shimkiss, I mean she was old but she sure didn't look old like my mom and she didn't act like an old lady either. I knew she was divorced but I just couldn't understand how her husband could have ever left her; I knew I never would if I'd been married to her. Although mom told me not to pester her, she didn't seem to mind my being around, and I used the excuse of helping her with yard work so I could hang at her house. There was never anything sexual or anything like that but somehow I knew I was in the presence of a woman and it gave me a thrill. S… Read more

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Neighbour 2


Well you have tempted me for a follow up.(so if you havent read the first part it might help to get you upto speedif you do) We have had a few strong winds recently up our way and one of John's(my neighbour)fence panels had blown out so he had 2 new ones delivered and asked me if i could lend a hand to replace the one blown out and store the new one at the side of his garage,and since i was off work that day it wasnt a problem. We chatted as we fitted the new fence panel and he asked me if Diane had remembered anything from the other weekend, i told him she hadnt remembered a thing and very… Read more

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Cindy's panties

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

My brother was briefly married and ended up with a daughter that he had to raise. Cute as a button, little Cindy was a teenage delight when they came to visit me out in California! Shock of curly red hair and freckles sprinkled over her cheeks, she was a little titted delight! Well, my brother was pursuing a new love interest and he traveled to Santa Barbara for a romantic weekend, leaving his daughter with me for Halloween. To me, Cindy was too old for trick or treating but, what the hell, I let her dress up as a witch and took her around my neighborhood for a while. She had fun and the two… Read more

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Holiday stud for my wife


My wife Anne and I were invited to stay at a friends villa in Spain. Nicola and Craig are friends of Anne, and both in their early 40’s, with an 18 year old son called Andrew, and Anne was is god mother. Anne is 38, blonde, very attractive, with green eyes, 32FF boobs and long legs. I’m Eddie and a few years younger than Anne, but nobody wants to hear about me. We stayed at Nicola and Craig’s for 2 weeks. They took time off work for the first week to show us the sights. After that we got to do our own thing during the day and meet up with them in the evenings. The Sunday before they returned… Read more

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Blackmailing my teacher part 3


After I fucked my teacher for the first time I couldn't wait to do her again. So I got up early the next morning grabbing a quick bite to eat headed for the Tanner's. When I rang the door bell Mr. Tanner answered it. I was shocked at first but remember shit he don't leave until 7 and its only 6:45. He said "It's a little early isn't to be ringing door bells don't you think?" I said that I wanted to get started on that flower bed that his wife pointed out to me before it got to hot. He opened the door wide telling me to come in and to not call his wife as she isn't feeling well just morning.… Read more

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Office Cuck

Interracial SexTabooHardcore

I told my wife that I would like to see her with another man, a black man with a large cock. And I expected she was going to lose her mind and throw me out of the house. But that is not what happened. I was laying in bed next to my wife Sara a good woman who had supported me in all of my endeavors. We had a good life, a nice house, cars, manicured yard everything that I could imagine I wanted. All of this was due to our successful business. All of this made it more difficult to bring up my desire to see her brains fucked out by another man. But I could not get over my desire to see her in the… Read more

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Thank you Aunt Lisa


By Jessie Conway Introduction: One man's journey to search for the truth and does he ever find it. It all started about five years ago,I was 18 yrs old when my mom had another birthday party at her house. I was over helping my brothers prepare the gifts that everyone had brought over.Everyone else was pretty much laughing and joking and having a good time.Pretty soon I was in the house was alone.I heard my Aunt Lisa come in.Aunt Lisa was at the time 37 yrs old,small B cup breast,petite body,and a gorgeous round ass being held up by 2 of the most beautiful legs one could… Read more

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Five Hundred Dollar A Night Lesbian

Lesbian SexTabooFirst Time

Five Hundred Dollar A Night Lesbian I looked at my Bank Account for “Amy Macabe, Associate Entertainment Specialist Cascade Club Tucson” and just smiled. Not bad money for a forty-three old divorcee. There were four $500.00 deposits in the past week and a $2000.00 deposit for my trip with Sophia to Vegas. I had a very good week being the highest paid lesbian escort in Tucson, Arizona. I earn close to $9,000.00 a month by making love to a very select group of seven very wealthy older female clients. My clients have to be attractive, wealthy, slim, well dressed, who women who exuded class. I had… Read more

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Married women 11 - Brenda


Many years ago I was invited to participate in an Open Tournament in the USA. People from all over the world were invited, and I was really looking forward to it! Because this was a chance to see more of the country, I decided to arrive earlier and leave later. In those days, money was a real issue with me, and I had to look for a flight I could afford. By far the cheapest way was to fly there ten days before the start of the tournament and back a week after it. I called the head of the organizing team, a certain Steve, who immediately said ‘No problem! Come whenever you wanna, you can live at… Read more

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We could have been busted

TabooFirst Time

I remember one of the closest I came to being caught at a sexual activity was when my girlfriend and I decided to have oral sex in her house, at a time when her mother was in the other room. We were in our late teens They had 3 bedrooms going around a small living room on the 1st floor of the house. It was a pretty big house. Her room, and her parents room was adjoining. She wore a nice yellow skirt, which went up to a couple of inches above her knees, and a white top as I recall. During the afternoon we sat down to watch TV in her room, and her mother would usually rest and sometimes fall a… Read more

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A Mother's Journey

TabooFirst TimeMature

So I met an insatiable lady during my travels and as we increasingly became comfortable with each other we started sharing our personal kinks. One of our mutual fantasies was taboo family play. And she started confessing her feelings and attraction to her son. Below is her emails to me regarding what happened after months of talking about this. This is posted with her permission, and she's looking forward to the feedback. If this doesn't interest you, please move along to something that does. Email #1 The other night my husband was out again and so I told my son I was staying in for the night… Read more

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