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My Girlfriend's little Sister part five

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Early the next morning, I got up quietly and let the girls sleep. It had been an eventful night to be sure. Downstairs, I brewed a pot of coffee and was busy making blueberry muffins when Jennifer appeared. I hoped she wasn't sore about all that had happened this weekend. I hoped she wasn't sore but, if she was, well I figured I could live with her moods in the long run. Or not. Jennie fixed herself a cup of coffee and waited patiently for the stove timer to signal the muffins time to be devoured. I was attempting to be jovial about things but I could tell Jennie was still pissed. Finally, sh… Read more

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Experimenting With Cousin

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The rolling warmth of my cousin's tongue seemed to envelop my clit as she pulled at the sensitive skin, drawing it into her mouth and then releasing it. The sensation filled my body with ecstasy, more than I imagined possible. We had no idea what we were doing, only that we were both really horny and curious what it felt like to have our pussies eaten. We'd been talking about it, trying to decide what it would be like, when she offered to try it on me. I was a little shocked by her question, though the more I thought about it… Read more

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Mother-in-law and Me - Unlimited Pleasure


I had been away at work for 3 weeks and was coming to the end of a 16 hour drive home. I had called my partner Cathy about 5 hours ago and told her I should be home around midnight. She replied “ I will be well asleep by then, don’t wake me when you get home. Drive safe I love you" I arrived home just after midnight and parked my ute in the back yard. Living on a corner block I had a side gate into the back yard and with the vehicle securely locked away I entered the house through the laundry door. I stopped off in the kitchen a grabbed a quick glass of oj before heading to bed. I stripped of… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part 91


The Kelly house was strangely quiet. Sue and her Dad, Pete, had gone up to his bedroom, and taken a shower together. Sue had scrubbed him thoroughly, first, and he, in turn, had scrubbed her the same way. He had, washed her as carefully as he had when she was a baby, and then as a little girl. She had ALWAYS love the feeling of his hands scrubbing her. At first simply as her Father, then as the man she loved most in the whole, wide world. Her protector, and her teacher. He had taught ALL the k**s, at first, the simpler, or less strenuous tasks, and gradually, things more strenuous, and involve… Read more

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A Dangerous liaison. Part Two


Part two For some strange reason, Sara’s mention of Jeff’s name, re-iterated the illicit nature of our sexual tryst. Her words aroused both her and I, confirming our sexual unfaithfulness toward her husband and my friend. Sara got up from the bar, her perfect naked body swaying as she walked upstairs to her bedroom to change in to her next outfit. As she walked away, her black thigh length boots commanded attention. Her movement was graceful and feline as she eased her way up the staircase. I called out to her. “Try and keep those boots on!” I grinned, watching Sara walk the walk of sexual e… Read more

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Milf Groping my dick in Encoxada subway

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Horny milf try and finally groping my big dick in train and she liked!How many times a woman groping you in a train in a bus or in a public place?Have you ever been groping by stranger?My dick is always big and love when a woman touch me encoxada at the train . One time a milf about 35 years old groping me when i was 25 years old in a music concert.Yes i cumming on her hands and she liked.Every day when i go to brazil subway metro i look for a woman to grope my cock.Women some times love groping me and other times love it when i touch them.… Read more

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Tricked My Hot Mom And Sister For Gangbang

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Tricked My Hot Mom And Sister For GangbangTricked My Hot Mom And Sister For GangbangTricked My Hot Mom And Sister For GangbangTricked My Hot Mom And Sister For GangbangTricked My Hot Mom And Sister For GangbangTricked My Hot Mom And Sister For GangbangTricked My Hot Mom And Sister For GangbangTricked My Hot Mom And Sister For Gangbang
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Mom Fucked In My College

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my age is 22 years and I am in 4th year of my college in Kerala. I live in a hostel here and I share my room with three other mates Ram, Anish, and Aznar. Three of them are from Kerala and of almost of my same age. I have a family of 4 people Dad, Mom and we are 2 brothers. My father is a business man and owns a shop and my b… Read more

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My education.

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It was mom Kevin and me ever since dad moved away. Mom had been dating this guy for a few months. He'd come over and eat dinner with us. After getting ready for bed, Kevin and I came out to say goodbye. One night it was warm and I only had underwear on. Jerry gave mom a hug and kiss, then turned to me. Giving me a hug he rubbed my back. He lowered his hand and pat my butt. You listen to your mom and be good. We will Kevin and I said. A few weeks later mom had a call. She made a couple of calls, then told Kevin and I she had to go to grandmas house. Jerry came over and said he'd take us to sch… Read more

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The summer of 1976 was memorable mostly for the Wrong reasons. It was very HOT, Dry and under the government most of the uk was on strike including waste collectors and even undertakers! Our son and daughter were just toddlers and wife Sarah and I were extremely grateful when her late parents would step in to baby sit so we could have time off together. Our dog Goldie Wasn,t much more than a big puppy then at just over a year old and of course we took it in turns to take him out to relieve himself. At that time I had to commute to London from Shoeburyness in Essex so most days was away from ho… Read more

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Breaks up the day nicely! Part two


Neil smiled at my flushed face, the cum from Brians cock, slithering down my throat as my exposed breasts heaved up and down with every orgasmic breath. Brian’s cock was sparklingly clean as every slither of spunk had been removed and swallowed. Neil took a few more photographs then smiled lustfully at me. I placed my feminine hand on my swollen excited labia and stroked the wet sexually agitated flesh. Neil took the last photograph, placing the iPhone on the bar counter. Neil moved forward and stood between my splayed legs, his hard cock pointing straight at my inviting pussy, holding my thig… Read more

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Caufht stroking lll

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My heart pounded watching Marks seed cover me, causing my own orgasm to start. Covered in his own cup Mark moved his hand up and down quicker. My dick started throbbing and my semen shot up and landed on my stomach. Using his finger he mixed our liquids together. Bringing his hand up towards me I opened my mouth. He ran his finger over my lips, coating them. Running his finger through our cut, he sucked it off his finger and bent down. Kissing me on the mouth he let the sticky liquid to run out of his mouth. Each time he fed me, our cut i liked it a little more. Wiping us off Mark pulled me… Read more

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Irene, cumming w/daughter: first little ass

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Continuation of the text: Cumming with daughter: the night of the pervers I get up early with a morning erection, a crazy urge to go to the bathroom to relieve, half asleep half awake. I do, wash my hands and when I come back I find the two stretched out in bed, after everything last night we lay embolized, mixed, naked. Irene has her back, her white ass stands out together with her fleshy thighs, her daughter has slept facing the feet of the bed, is awake on her stomach and admires the state of 'animation' that my dick s… Read more

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Hot Mother in Their Grasp Ch. 05


When D woke up the following morning she knew that a new corner had been turned...but had she wanted it to be this way? The previous evening she had allowed her 19 year old son, Mark, to seduce her and they had ended up fucking on his bed after she had enjoyed a few drinks of champagne and changed into a seductive, sexy outfit. But what was worse, if she recalled correctly, was that she had been screaming encouragement to her well-built son as he slammed his wonderful cock deep into her eager body, and she had agreed, in the passion of the ecstatic moments, to obey anything that her son was l… Read more

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Friends Curious Daughter 3. Mom's turn


It was Thursday morning around 9am; I just dropped my younglings off at school and my wife off at the airport She will be at her suppliers’ summit for the next two days. As I arrived back home, I was expecting Yulia to be waiting for me in the driveway. We have been fucking since that fateful morning 2 months ago. To my surprise I didn’t see Yulia’s car when I pulled into the driveway. I went inside and sent her a text “where are you?” She texted back instantly. “I saw my mom’s car driving down your street, I got scared and turned around” I was about to text back, when I heard a knock at my d… Read more

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Sorority Sister's Son

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After a sorority sister invited me for a week-long out-of-town spring getaway to her home, we discovered over coffee that both our sons were soon graduating high school. One late afternoon over martinis, she disclosed that in preparation for college, with her son’s blossoming sexuality, they had engaged as a learning experience in oral, vaginal and even anal sex. That evening, after filling three glass with Chardonnay, she asked her son to join us for some wine and conversation. Somewhat tipsy after a second chilled bottle, I was stunned when, unzipping his shorts, my college classmate and I w… Read more

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Ugly duckling

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When I was 25 my younger sister came to live with me , she was 18 and a nerd type. Not to be mean but she was not attractive. Not because she is my sister I have another sister who is absolutely gorgeous. Karen is not attractive. She’s kinda built like a skinny boy. I mean she has tits but they are small. She never wears makeup, beauty is on the inside is all that matters she’s says. Yeah bitch all the ugly people say that. She dressed like shit. Her face has pimples. She’s just a mess. She has one friend who happens to be a boy ! Just as ugly as her! So she moves in and asks me to help… Read more

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CHAPTER 8: Annie’s first day in her new freedom role started out with her being fucked by Jake bent over the kitchen table. Sitting at the table to the side was Bobbi, her elbows on the table sipping her coffee, not two feet from her. She was realizing something new about herself, already. Having Bobbi sitting there so casually while she was being fucked was an additional turn-on. She enjoyed being seen by them. There was an exhibitionistic side to her. She saw that it would come into play a lot going forward. Bobbi was patient. She sipped her coffee casually but carefully. She was so… Read more

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CHAPTER 7: Jake was by the shed that stored the ATV’s and smaller equipment. He had both of the ATV’s outside with the front ends propped up. He was draining oil out of one and refilling the other. He was holding the oil steady over the oil input, gazing over at a space between the two sheds. They had a lot of vehicles all of the sudden. He knew how damaging the hot desert sun was on paint whether on vehicles or buildings. One of his many projects, now that he was staying on the ranch, was to repaint the barn, sheds, and house. He didn’t want to have to worry about the vehicles, though… Read more

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Mother-Daughter Club?

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Why is it always hot and humid here; the sweat dripping from my body drew the dust from the barn like moths to the light. As I walked with the small group of customers, mothers and their daughters, participating in a mother/daughter weekend, the group was spreading out with several trailing along behind slowly. I had kicked on the huge air fans above us hanging in the loft open areas to at least move the air around, but the heat was still oppressive. Having a brilliant idea, I led them into the horse-washing stall, and turned on the misting sprayers, designed to cool down the horses after a ri… Read more

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