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Sarah Jane's Father


I stood in Sarah Jane's driveway, waved goodbye to Dad as he pulled away and went down the street clutching my little knitted clothing bag containing a change of clothes and my nighty. I turned and walked to the lighted doorway and rang the bell. Straightening my skirt and blouse in the reflection, I waited for Sarah Jane to answer the door. After waiting a few minutes and no answer came, I started to ring the bell again, when the door was pulled open a crack and Sarah's dad peered out the door at me. "Hello Mr. Croswell, how are you tonight?" I asked thru the crack. "Sarah and I are supposed… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part 105

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Milt and Mary drifted off to sleep, cuddled in each others arms. This second time had been, for both of them,absolutely FANTASTIC. Both decided that more of the same was in order. However, a nap was needed after such a strenuous coupling. Although Mary liked 'em on the large side, like Mike, Jerry, and Pete, Milt was more than enough to satisfy her needs. She had only had one TRULY big dick, and she remembered it well. Joe, her son-in-law, Paula's husband had filled her more than anything before, or since. Shortly after she had moved in with Joe, Paula had invited her and Jerry over for dinner… Read more

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jims wanking gets him in trouble 'cum uppance


jamanda kneels in front of her husband ben and starts sucking his cock 'i know what you have been doing' ben says amanda lets bens hard cock fall out of her mouth 'um doing ? not sure i know what you mean' 'get your mouth back on my cock and keep sucking ' ben grabs her head and pushes his cock into her mouth 'i know what you have been doing to our son jim , and i don't mind that he's a lazy cunt and deserves everything that happens to him , eating his own cum and other peoples cum even some of my cum thats just nasty but hey if he wants to suck up his own dads cum who am i to say no ?' ben… Read more

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“I invited the new guy at work to have dinner with us,” Laura Shaffer informed her husband. “That’s fine, dear,” the professional engineer replied. “Where are we going and what time?” “El Felipe. 5:30.” “Alright. I’ll see you there. I gotta get back to work.” Brian Shaffer reviewed the report detailing the effectiveness of the solid waste management program. It feel under his responsibility as the head of the county environmental services department. He had been looking forward to having a couple beers and just relaxing in front of the TV after work. But, Mexican did sound okay to him that ev… Read more

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My Father in Law

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My name is Kristen, I’m 26 years old. I just got married to my high school sweetheart Rich. He’s an amazing guy that why I feel so bad about fucking his dad..but a part of me loves it.. About a year ago me and rich got married and when we did we started getting closer to his parents. It get like every other day we were stopping by to hangout or have dinner. Rich’s father Ken stands about 6ft, bald head decent build growing up around him always thought he was a looker but never thought I’d have the nerve to do what I did. A few months into our marriage Rich started working more and more but I… Read more

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Hair's hoping

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Her breathing, that is what I remember most. It started about an hour ago. I arrived for my almost monthly wax job and was eager as ever. Katy was already there, setting up her station in the back room of the salon. She look great, in her leggings and v-nect tee. She looks great in anything really. She's tall but super petite. Along with that, she has one of the cutest, tight little asses around. She has dark hair and often has it pulled back and it still comes down past her shoulders. Her light brown skin only makes her that much more exotic. She greets me as usual, beautiful smile, and l… Read more

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Secret Treasures ..of aunt Kim.

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I am Clara this is a true story. * lock* The door to the cabin shut and locked... as the rain drizzled. I lay in slumber,my robe falling to reveal plump firm breasts.wet from the storm. i saw her threw a daze. Aunt Kim. Gazing at me winking. I felt my glisning breast pulled gently. A tight pull. Pinch. And slow rubbing she bit my nipple softly.a warm kiss fell on my nipple .’ Relax angel’ she whispered. massaging and licking my nipple. Squeezing it .slow. Massaging my breast tenderly. ‘ relax ‘ . Squeezing my nipple gently, caressing my breast as she stroked me slowly on my nipp… Read more

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Cuddles with Mum


Mum and myself lived on our own at home. Dad left when I was 5. I used to jump in her bed in the mornings for a cuddle. When I was 13 we were having a cuddle and my hand touched her breast. It was an accident. As she never moved I touched it again, but this time mum moved it. Next morning I jumped in again and touch her again. This time she moved it away and rolled over and told me that it was wrong to touch her. She wasn’t angry about it. It was a few days later I did it again to her, I remember It was a Saturday morning. She didn’t say anything, so I just left it there. I didn’t grope her or… Read more

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Another AirBNB Booking Part 2


I got up to refill the glasses and fire up another smoke, Lisa sat in my chair while I poured out the wine, Mel looked directly at my now immense bulge and requested that I stand in front of her while she filled out the form for my medical inspection. We did the blood pressure and how that was ok was beyond me as most of my blood was in my dick and then she got the stethoscope going and placed it on various parts of my body until she got just to my waistband where she stopped and hesitated, my cock was pushing the waistband and she placed the pad directly on the bulge and held it there. “All g… Read more

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Explaining Victor about my absence from the club


I was there that night, in a darken alley outside the club, with my back pressed up against a humid cold wall, my legs spread open, my cotton panties down to my knees and a stranger who was jamming three thick and long fingers up my horny wet cunt… I held on to this man’s broad shoulders to keep from falling as with each hard stroke his fingers dug deeper. My legs were trembling and shaking and I thought that any minute his entire hand was going to slide into my well stretched vagina. The bastard continued to fuck me with his fingers as I hung on his shoulders with my head resting on his che… Read more

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Bed of Rose's - Episode 2

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his limited experieWhen Rose awoke the next morning, every muscle from the waist down hurt and her pussy felt like it had been invaded by a baseball bat. Jake was still asleep beside her, uncovered. He was laying on his side facing her and his long, although now limp cock hung over his upper hip with the head resting on the mattress beneath him. She marveled at its size even now and wondered what she was going to do after the previous night's impromptu fuck session. She knew she had done the one thing she shouldn't have by choosing to meet his immediate needs rather than coach him through the… Read more

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Sharing Camilla's hubby

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Friday afternoon I was home alone; my dear hubby flying away in another boring business trip. I felt horny, since Victor had not fucked me during the last ten days; he was a bit stressed and tired… My girlfriend Camilla called me that day and she invited me to spend the week end at her house. She would be also alone like me, since her husband was nursing his mother in another not so far town away. That night Camilla and I had dinner outside and then we came back directly to her marital bed. There we fucked like the crazy bitches we were every time our husbands left us home alone and horny. On… Read more

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MJs amazing tits and ass


so MJ is short for M*** J*** ( not Mary Jane- not even close) but i always have a fear someone i know will find these posts and blow up my spot. so MJ is part of local GS troop, thats where we met her. the first thing I noticed were here gigantic tits on such a small body. she must be 4'11", maybe 115# and has 32G tits.... and a small fit ass. she was always posting crazy workouts and food on social media, and i never thought anything of it. i just kept looking for bikini pics.... because im a perv. months went on and every cha… Read more

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Chapter One "Good Friends/Broken Promise&quot


Beth had just turned 18, it was March during her senior year of High School. She was stressing about where to get money for a prom dress, and thinking about college. Well it is more accurate to say she was dealing with the reality that college might not happen for her, hell the dress might not happen either. Her family filed bankruptcy early last fall, lost the house, the new car, and were living in a bad rental after her stepdad, Mark, ran his hardware business into the ground. Poor choices, a dip in the economy, and that was all it took to derail everything. The business had been bought and… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part 104

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Everyone in the circle of friends gathered at the hospital to visit Misti. Mike was so filled with love and the pride of having his two daughters with him, could hardly contain himself. He and Misti had waited so long for this time, that at times he had wondered if it would EVER arrive. Now that it had, he savored every second of it. Sam and Ben were almost as filled with pride as Mike was. Ben would stand outside the nursery, and point out, regardless of who it was, that these were HIS grand daughters. Sam had coerced the nurses, and Dr. Immelmann to let her stay with Misti, to "keep her comp… Read more

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002 Gymnastics teen femdom


I received a text from my stepdaughter: "Dad, I just received a really gross text from Dani. It's a picture of you wearing makeup, tied to your office chair with your penis out.The text says you need to go home after work, put on the items in the mailbox, and wait in the living room with the front door open. What's going on? What kind of trouble are you in? Why did Danielle send me this text?" All afternoon I felt sick, my chest tight with anxiety. I thought all the pictures of had been deleted when I paid Maggie, and here one was back to haunt me. My stepdaughter forwarded the picture, there… Read more

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Pictures of Mommy ...Part 4

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On Saturday morning, I was mowing the lawn and mom was preparing lunch, we had not decided what to shoot that day, we had to do a hardcore movie and we were out of ideas. I mean I was clueless about sex and mom was hardly a wealth of knowledge either. Suddenly the kitchen window flew open and mom shouted, "I bet the guys would like to see me fuck a carrot!" I will let that sentence hang in the air a moment...... Savor it.... "I bet the guys would like to see me fuck a carrot!"... Truer words were never spoken, tho… Read more

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When Wendy52 Breaks down by the park

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It was a lovely summers day. I had the roof down on my car and was allowing the wind to blow through my air. I had noticed that it also buffeted around the neckline of my blouse and caused it to flap wildly the faster I went. I noticed my nipples were hard and poking over the top of my push up bra, it was at this point I also noticed the flapping had caused a couple of my buttons to come undone, allowing anyone looking at me as I drove past to get a good eyeful of my cleavage. I pulled up at a stop sign and noticed a large group of young boys aged between 12 to 16 mostly black and Hispanic… Read more

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CHAPTER 14: JENNA’S FULFILLMENT I was still confused why Wolf and Preta were with me on this visit to Agency. This visit had all the markings of my participation in new recruit training rather than any on-going evaluation of my ‘condition’, as it was being delicately referred to with so many new people around. This visit also had markings to it that seemed as though my primary purposed was to provide an unconventional and contradictory element for the recruits to deal with as a distraction. I could understand the benefit of such a tactic being introduced in their training, but it left… Read more

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Group SexTabooVoyeur

CHAPTER 15: MISSION STRATEGY Sam was standing at the one-way window looking into the lecture room that also doubled as a computer technology lab for the recruits. Inside were the eight recruits and Annie. They were just beginning with the ground rules for the morning’s agenda. Each of the recruits was stationed at a small table with a computer, double monitors, and other office supplies they might need for the assignment. Sam heard the door to the small, darkened room hiss open and close. He wasn’t expecting anyone, but wasn’t surprised at the voice that broke over the voices coming f… Read more

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