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Pittsburgh bucket list


The hotel phone was heavy in my hand as my mind raced back to my youth and the role that Jennie Rickard had played in it. Although the feeling was never mutual, Jennie was my first MAJOR crush. I hadn’t been in the Pittsburg area in over ten years and hadn’t spoken to Jenny for at least that long. A business trip had placed me on the outskirts of the inner-city and despite being married with a three month old c***d, I was having a hard time getting my mind off the thought that contacting Jenny would be a good idea. From the time I was old enough to walk and well into my teenage years, my fam… Read more

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enchanted by teacher

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And so it was. I attended summer school. Me. ! A a average student. Had to attend summer school. (* I was so disappointed in myself)* the evening was hot as I prepared to leave when I saw my prof ask’ come see me’ so I entered her office and she smiled. I ,needing a friendly face. ‘ I’m sorry about what happened last term. “ no worries’ I replied. As we sat on her coach sipping tea,I relaxed. Heard’ unavoidable ‘ . Just the, i felt a finger slowly sip up my blouse caress me gently. Slowly caressing my breast and nipple. Slow. ‘ Your beautiful ‘ she whispered. I felt a finger glide up my ni… Read more

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Distracted By Kitten


I sit patiently at daddy's feet while he loads his game. Daddy is a gamer when he isn't working super hard he's playing games online with people from all over the world and when he's not doing that he likes to watch other people streaming games. I like watching daddy gaming and sometimes I watch the videos with him. Tonight he's gaming, online with his friends. He has friends all over the world so he games pretty late, I'm a little sleepy but I'm a big kitten, I can stay up late to watch daddy play. We haven't had daddy, kitten time for a while because he's been super busy working away. I'm n… Read more

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A Son and his Mother


I have great memories of spending time with my Mum and talking about various things. As far back as I can remember I loved to crawl into bed with my her and snuggle up to my Mums back. She never objected and actually encouraged it as she would say things like, "My man is here with me again. Hummmm, so nice. Snuggle up and get warm and sleep well my darling." That is how it was in my early years at home. It was about this time that I became aware of my growing manhood, as it seemed to be getting a bit larger and I realized that feeling of it at night was becoming pleasurable. It w… Read more

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My New Boyfriend's teenage sons and I

First TimeTabooGroup Sex

I broke up with my possessive and controlling boyfriend months before our planned wedding and simply disappeared of the radar, telling only my closest friends and family members where I chose to reside. Eighteen months later I was sitting in my flay, drinking alone when I was browsing the internet and finished up on a chat room site, and slowly, very slowly I felt all my anxieties and the huge emptiness I nursed, starved of human contact, I felt my needs return like a dam had just burst, as I sat, dumbfounded, quietly watching a man I did not know masturbate in silence and all I had to do was… Read more

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7 girls, drunk and deflowering my little brother

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We had the house to ourselves that weekend, so I invited my girlfriends over to party before heading off into town for dancing, and dare I say it in this day and age of equality, fucking, we girls like to go out for cock. We were seven teenagers ranging from 16 to nineteen, the youngest a sister of one of the girls who with makeup could pass muster at any pub, with a wink and a nod, and if that fails, a balls grope or a promise of a shag in the toilets later on. Modern girls are armed with the pill, the great equaliser in today's modern age of sexual revolution, sex is good, it feels good, i… Read more

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My dad fucked me

First TimeTabooHardcore

My father was a sworn drunkard and a characterless person. He had many affairs which we were aware of. But none of us had the courage to protest as he was the only bread earner. One day when I returned from school I found my father already home. As usual he was drunk to the throat. He gave me a packet saying that he had brought some clothes for me and asked me to wear them. I thought that maybe… Read more

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A Traffic Stop that goes Terribly Wrong, Part 2

TabooHardcoreInterracial Sex

As my cock easily sunk into her over-lubed and recently well-used pussy, her words echoed around inside of my head. “WHAT? I stammered, “a couple of months?” “Yes Honey” she hissed into my ear, “maybe even longer….” “WHAT?” I repeated, “WHERE?” “My mouth and pussy,” my wife replied, using her smart-ass giggle. “but he really want’s my ass too!” “You know what the fuck I mean!” as I began rocking in and out of her. “Are you asking me…” she was trying to confirm my question, “where we fuck?” “YES!” I relied, not able to believe that this had been going on. “Right here” my wife said, “in… Read more

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Dreaming of sperm, lots of sperm, being a sperm QU

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Every time I close my eyes I hope I'll have the dream again. The most perfect, vivid, and memorable dream I've ever had. I remember every sight, taste, smell, and feeling like I lived it yesterday. Everything around me was bathed in soft, glowing white light. I recognized right away that I wasn't in the real world. I was in a fantasy world. Somehow I knew that this was a perfect place where I could fulfill all of my sexual dreams. Nothing was forbidden to me, and I could have anything I desired, without rules or restrictions. I was sitting naked in a bedroom, in a huge, beautiful house over… Read more

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First Time At The Beach

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My Hannah's pretty face looked up at me, my trimmed pubic hair inches from her mouth. I have to admit I was really turned on, despite how wrong it seemed. The hotel bed was really cozy, and something about being together, just the two of us at the beach after showering, with a little bit of MaryJane, brought us to this moment . "Are you sure you want to do this, honey?" I asked her, still worried it might create problems. Her shiny eyes looked up at me. "Give my best friend the pleasure she deserves cuz her partner isn't? Uh… Read more

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Cindi takes me to Mexico )sex resort)

VoyeurTabooGay Male

Cindi and were both exhausted from the work grind and she informed me one night she had booked our next vacation. never resist since she has always given me great surprises. Cindi is my wife and I'm blessed. She's 24, 5'6" short blond hair, small firm titties and a muscular butt. She stays conservative around town but when we travel she spices things up. She's not afraid to go to a topless or even clothing optional beach, she always draws a crowd. She will flash crowds just to see their reaction and mine. I've been blessed by making bundles of money and we have great vacations. This time I wa… Read more

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A Teacher,s treasure

TabooLesbian Sex

I am Jessica . It was the first summer session. I was very surprised And upset I had to spend my time at school. (* disappointed in myself)* I had been a a student,so summer class was so unfair. After class. ,walking home it was hot. When I saw my prof ask to see me so we went to her office. As I entered she smiled. ‘ thanks. My t shirt wet from the rain. And said we should talk.’ ‘ I know your upset about last yr,.. she started, ‘ I’m fine, . I replied. I saw her memorized by what was under my dress. We talked on the coach ,sipping tea. As I relaxed, feeling my dress lifted. Her eyes on me g… Read more

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Aunt Kim and moonlight Snow White

TabooLesbian Sex

* based on a true story I am Mia female30 Seeing me, a twinkle in her eyes did I rose from the lake to enter the cabin. Aunt Kim was watching me, pulsating. And I saw a devilish wink at me. I entered the room and prepared for bed. As I lay sleeping, I felt a wonderful warm touch on my nipple. A ghost like warm caress hot on my nipple. As I felt my legs open, and my breast slowly pulled. My breast was caressed as squeezed gently by this presence. A warm breeze came over me as this presence pressed my breast. I felt my breast being squeezed. Pulled. A soft touch on my nipple like… Read more

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Mum Found My Porn Mags


Helen and her 14 year old son, Mark were sitting on the sofa when Helen showed Mark what she found under his bed. "Do these pictures excite you," while flipping through the pages that displayed naked women? Mark couldn't believe this was happening to him. He was totally embarrassed that his mum had found his stash of porn magazines. To sit here and have to look at them with her, well it was just too much! He was snapped back to reality when she asked, "Do these pictures excite you?" "Um, I don't know," he fairly whispered, "I just like looking at them!" "Hmmmmmm," she hummed, "… Read more

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Plucked by aunt Kim

TabooLesbian SexMature

* based on a true story * I usually am not superstitious, but, there was something in the air that night. I showered and dressed in my new pink negligee. My robe nearly covering my white breasts. As they glisned in the water. Sparkling.. white firm. As I fell asleep. My robe lifted. , I felt in slumber. And I saw aunt kim grinning. Rubbing my vagina slowly.. stroking me slowly.. as a warm touch lay on my breast. ‘ silence’ She whispered. Stroking...stroking..slowly. hands soft like satin sliped between my thighs ,twirling. Rubbing.. as my nipple was caressed and licked. Bitten slightly.sliding… Read more

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My Sexy Wife and Stepson

TabooFirst Time

Part one. Stevie was slowly wanking his 7 inch semi hard cock as he watched his Mum, Sally. He was reminiscing of how it had all started and it how this happened. He couldn't believe his luck, over the year he had been wanking, lusting and fantasying about fucking his Mum for ages.  My young s*******n year old Stepson Stevie, was spread out on our marital bed. Sally had made him put on one of her red sexy suspender belt, sexy black lacy top stocking and red thong! He was watching and admiring his 36 year old Mum. She was drying herself after she had just taken a shower. He… Read more

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Summer Love With Mum


Dad had left us when I was five years old. We owned a three bedroom cottage on four acres of land that sat well off of the road and was bordered on one side by a river. The road was in reality a dirt road and we sat far back in the North Wales hills. So we had our privacy. I kept my I did all of the outdoor work, cutting the grass, repairs as needed. Mum always found the time to make things fun for me to, to keep me occupied. She would invent games inside when it was raining or snowing and we were stuck inside. During the summer when it became hot, we would go down to the river a… Read more

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Andie & Ajax

TabooHardcoreInterracial Sex

Andie & Ajax Hello everyone! Peachy here <3 For those who don’t know, I posted a few of my own b********y stories on b**stForum (which has now been closed down, such a shame). I felt it was a waste to never post them again. They were a gift for all the people that encouraged and got to know me on BF – and so I decided to post them here too, for all of you wonderful people. If you enjoy what you read, please let me know! Feedback is the lifeblood of every writer ^_^ <3 Andie was almost giddy with her own excitement as she jogged down the street to her front door, shoving her worn… Read more

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Makes Me His Bitch

Interracial SexTabooFetish

I’m just a regular 21 year old girl, I’m 5’6″, slim and quite top heavy. But then that doesn’t really matter as you are going to imagine your own fantasy girl as you are reading this. I would like to say now this story is based on truth. So allow me to begin to tell you all on how it came about me becoming Casper’s little slut. As I was growing up as a little girl I have always had an affinity towards dogs, they just seem to get me if you can understand that and as I was growing up I relied more and more heavily on my Alsatian Casper. I have been lucky enough to have Casper since I was 7 year… Read more

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TabooHardcoreInterracial Sex

Knot What I Bargained Fo For many years I had shared intimacy with my pets and indulged in their desire to please. From a fragile little c***d to a bold and quizzical p*****n I was so curious about my body and everyone else’s. I wanted to know how everything worked and what felt good to me. I had so many questions I couldn’t ask and I found myself frustrated at times because fear held me back from trying the things I desired the most. I had crushes on boys and opportunities to explore but I was afraid I would end up suffering the consequences. Boys talked too much and my Mom would never let t… Read more

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