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Special guest part.1

We invited our friend Jordan Bigshots over to our place for dinner and drinks! Little did he know that we had a special guest coming over. So, we're just sitting around and having fun when the doorbell rang. I go to answer the door. Walk back around and said surprise!! The look on Jordan's face said it all!!!! His mouth dropped to the floor when he saw who it was!!! None other than Anastasia Rose!!!! One of his many pornstar crushes! You wouldn't believe it.... But this story gets even better! As the night went on and everyone finally shows up and the party is getting crazy! It starts to rain hard, thunder and lighting strikes! We hear a loud bang!!! The lights go out and and the music stops! Every one pulls out there phones and turns on flash lights. Can't believe this is happening right before we're getting ready to film some of the pre party before the actual scene! Needless to say the party must go on when you have talent on set and they're being paid for there time regardless of what happens! Out comes the candles, flashlights, and whatever else we could find to get this show on the road! Good thing we had a beats by Dre to keep the music playing from our phones! Food, drinks and laughter followed by some little kisses here and there from all of us ladies in the room for the guys entertainment. You could see the look on Jordan's face once again as he was stalking his prey! Everyone noticed and it was so funny and sweet! Like a k** in a candy store or as 50 cent says "like a fat k** loves cake"...LOL. She would get right in his line of sight and start dancing and flirting with her eyes. You could see that he was getting so turned on. He even tried to play it off by walking into another room. He couldn't stay away for long though! The ladies started again to make out with each other while dancing and drinking. The camera crew doing the best they could without proper lighting and equipment. Doing small little interviews with each and every last one of us present. Anastasia, Shea B Cash, and myself the one and only Heather C Payne(LOL) started having a few cocktails. One turned into two. Two into four. You get what I'm talking about. Jordan finally builds up the courage to come and hangout and party with us! He claims he was just hanging out with the fellas to not be rude....UH HUH! The smile on Anastasia's face was so cute when she saw him approaching us. She seem to had taking a liking to Jordan for trying to play all cool and stuff. They started talking so we walked away and started to mingle with the rest of the crew. Lights still out and when we turned back around they were gone... OH NO.... Not without the camera present to catch it all Gary says! Little did we know they just stepped right outside the door so she could (smoke) if you know what I mean? When we stepped around the corner with the bright lights and camera, Jordan looks at her and says I told you they'd think we started without them. Um, Jordan only because you've done it before young man! To be continued...….
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