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Episode 119 - Rachael growing up

First TimeLesbian SexTaboo

November 2009 A call arrives from his young daughter: "Daddy, I thought you said a man puts his penis into a ladies vagina" . "Yes, that's right, darling - when a man and a woman are in love and want to make a baby". "But, this man has his penis in the lady's bottom and they both seem to be enjoying it". Bugger, thought daddy - is she ready for this yet? "You can't believe everything you read in your mother's magazines, baby girl". "No daddy - I'm watching the sextape labelled Swingers 2002 you left in the video recorder last night. it definitely shows one man in her vagina and the… Read more

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Japanese Fuck Meat

First TimeInterracial SexGroup Sex

Me and my friend Kaho have been friends since high-school. While we both studied English I went out and got a job in Hong Kong while she remained in Japan and started working at a bar. We would always talk about life and how our sex lives were doing. She'd tell me stories about how she would sleep with some of her customers and how she would have to have sex with older paying men sometimes to get her fill. She has a boyfriend but he never wants to have sex... Just video games and video games... Recently since I moved back to Japan I decided to contact her. I asked Kaho if she has ever had sex… Read more

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The summer of 1976 was memorable mostly for the Wrong reasons. It was very HOT, Dry and under the government most of the uk was on strike including waste collectors and even undertakers! Our son and daughter were just toddlers and wife Sarah and I were extremely grateful when her late parents would step in to baby sit so we could have time off together. Our dog Goldie Wasn,t much more than a big puppy then at just over a year old and of course we took it in turns to take him out to relieve himself. At that time I had to commute to London from Shoeburyness in Essex so most days was away from ho… Read more

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Step mommy


My stepmother head in her hands crying at the reading of the will. My father left me everything , her nothing, not even a car. I just received 3 houses, 8 cars and a large fortune. When we returned to the house she stood there disappointed. Chris are you going to make me leave? She sobbed. That all depends on you I smiled What do you mean? Strip! Excuse me? I’m your mother! Step mom! Chris I raised you since you were a toddler , I changed your diapers! You call me mom! Wtf is wrong with you? Take off all your clothes Carmela! I wanna see you naked. You wanna stay? Or leave with nothing? T… Read more

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Road to Bi - Part II

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

As I mentioned, we had lost track of each other for a couple years, and although I had his phone number, I didn't want to call for fear something may have happened to him or maybe he just had a change of heart and didn't want to do that any more. We had promised no pressure, and I was determined to live up to that. Then one day we were both on the same chat site where we had originally met. As he told me later, he had lost his original password and sure enough was signed in under a different ID. Yet he was using the ID he had used for the special email he set up for private exchanges in the… Read more

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Katies Xmas works do, fucked by two of the guys

Interracial SexHardcoreMature

Christmas is a time for fun, pleasure and excess. It is a time for giving and receiving. I did not realise quite how apt these words were when I got ready for an after works Christmas drink with my all male team. I am the boss and older than all of them. I like to dress smart and business like for work and to be a tease too - I love wearing something tight fitting or undoing an extra button on my blouse or revealing my stocking tops. I think it’s good for morale and, I enjoy the attention. In any office, every man will spot the merest glimpse of stocking top, at 100 yards, turning his mind to… Read more

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Not a little Gay, a lot Gay.

First TimeGay Male

Like most teenage boys, I dreamed of someone, anyone sucking my cock. So horny, so inexperienced, sex was all I could think about. I met James at my job. It was my very first time working and although he was older, he seemed nice, easy going and seemed to take a liking to me. All very innocent at first, at least to me. One night, after work, James offered to give me a ride home. I accepted. The conversation turned towards girls and sex, but since James was so easy going and friendly, it didn’t seem out of place, and I admitted that I wasn’t very experienced. Nothing up til then had prepare… Read more

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Getting Played


I had graduated from college, moved to Atlanta to take my first job in marketing for a small software company, and had been working diligently to establish myself for about 6 months. One day, a VP in sales, Jeff, came by my desk and asked if I could come in Saturday morning and help him with a presentation. He said, “I need help with PowerPoint and making it look pretty and heard that you are whiz with presentations.” I had no plans, so I was excited to get a little face time with the executive crowd. He continued, “since it Saturday, please do not feel you have to dress up. Jeans and T-shirt… Read more

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Caught stroking

MasturbationFirst TimeTaboo

My parents divorced when I was young. I spent two weekends a month, and two weeks every summer with my dad. I had discovered something I like doing very much, and after dad went to work I'd go into my room and do it. One day while it was raining I snooped around for something to Jack off to. Looking in the back of dads closet I found a stash of dvds. I went to my room and stripped. Dad lived on the third floor of a nice apartment complex. Being so high up I never thought of closing the blinds. This day was no exception. I popped in the disc and laid on my bed by the window. I would stroke it… Read more

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Countess - Gang Groped in Elevator

MatureGroup SexHardcore

When I was forced to temporarily move to the Public Shelter for the recent Florida evacuation during Hurricane Dorian, I met a lovely young man named Pepe. He instantly recognized me as the Countess but was careful to share my identity with only a few of his guy friends (who, of course, enjoyed using me in the bathroom one evening). One week after having been released from the Shelter, Pepe contacted me via text message; excited that he had obtained a new job, for the city’s largest sports training, medicine and rehabilitation facility. He was the Elevator Operator in the four-story building,… Read more

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Kat Seduces Sarah – Again

Lesbian Sex

After our romantic weekend, I decided to stay in Paris with Sarah for a few more days. One afternoon, we stopped at a sidewalk café for an afternoon drink. As we enjoyed our wine I told Sarah that I had invited Kat for dinner. “Kat is going to treat us,” I explained. “Well, you dropped enough money in her store the other day.” “And you loved every minute, didn’t you? We’re meeting her tonight at 8.” I knew what the evening would bring and dressed accordingly: a sheer see-through blouse and one of Kat’s sheer bras, leaving nothing to the imagination. A short skater-style miniskirt with a deep… Read more

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Rain Out

HardcoreInterracial Sex

***Note from Sarah: This story is a little different than what I've posted before, this story popped into my head while I was sitting in a major league baseball stadium during a rain delay earlier this summer. (I wonder what other baseball fans think about during rain delays...) Anyway, I hope it is enjoyable. ~s**** My boyfriend is a baseball player for a minor league team. It is hardly a glamorous life. Will makes little money and we don't get to see each other all that much from early spring until fall. The team spends half of their season traveling on long bus trips when they're playing a… Read more

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The Cleaner Part 8


After a quick shower I put on a pair of ‘Choke Hazzard’ boxer shorts that Lisa bought me as a novelty and cracked open a beer, a text from Ashleigh told me she was going for a run with her Mum and then be round, I wondered in excitement if Julie would accompany her. I replied back telling her to come round the back way as the gate was open and she (they) could walk straight in. It wasn’t long before the gate opened and the ‘Cameltoe Twins’ walked down the back path, both dressed in a sports bra and tight yoga pants, they really did look like twins and you would never think they were mother and… Read more

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Accidentally crashed a hen party!

MatureTabooGroup Sex

It truly was an accident. My wife's family has a cabin in the woods about 6.5 hours from where we live. I had been travelling for work, and my wife had asked me to meet her at the cabin for a "hot sexy weekend" to catch up on time away from each other. The drive would be even longer for me coming from 2 states over. The mix-up was that I thought she had said this weekend. But she meant next weekend. Somehow we weren't on the same page when we spoke, and she had meant for me to come home, and then we would go up the following weekend. When I pulled up to the cottage just before midnight after… Read more

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Caufht stroking lll

TabooFirst TimeGay Male

My heart pounded watching Marks seed cover me, causing my own orgasm to start. Covered in his own cup Mark moved his hand up and down quicker. My dick started throbbing and my semen shot up and landed on my stomach. Using his finger he mixed our liquids together. Bringing his hand up towards me I opened my mouth. He ran his finger over my lips, coating them. Running his finger through our cut, he sucked it off his finger and bent down. Kissing me on the mouth he let the sticky liquid to run out of his mouth. Each time he fed me, our cut i liked it a little more. Wiping us off Mark pulled me… Read more

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Experimenting With Cousin

Lesbian SexFirst TimeTaboo

The rolling warmth of my cousin's tongue seemed to envelop my clit as she pulled at the sensitive skin, drawing it into her mouth and then releasing it. The sensation filled my body with ecstasy, more than I imagined possible. We had no idea what we were doing, only that we were both really horny and curious what it felt like to have our pussies eaten. We'd been talking about it, trying to decide what it would be like, when she offered to try it on me. I was a little shocked by her question, though the more I thought about it… Read more

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A Story

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

My Niece stays with me. She's still at school and she also has friends round. They nip into her room and chat n play music and get up to all sorts in there. I quite often here them giggling and laughing. One Sunday afternoon my Nieces friend came round for lunch. The 3 of us had a few good laughs and a glass of wine. After lunch they both went through to her bedroom and after a while my niece came through and asked if I'd like a coffee. I said yes. A few seconds later she was back saying we had no milk and she'd just nip out to the shop for some. Anyway while she was away her friend Leah c… Read more

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Mike sharing me the first time!

First TimeGroup Sex

When I was 17 I met my husband Mike at a party that my older brother was having at our house when our parents were gone for the weekend  We hit it off right away He was 24  we dated for almost 3 years before we married when I was 20 and Mike was 27  We shared a great sex life and I was kinda experienced even before meet Mike but that is something that we really never discussed One night after both of us have maybe 1 to many drinks we got home and I was super horny I jumped into Mikes arms as soon as we got into the house  We kissed and we were both ripping each others clo… Read more

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Katie's first street punter

HardcoreMatureFirst Time

Picture a woman, a mother, with a well paid professional job and good wife, mostly, dressing up like a whore and joining the girls working in your nearest red light district. She has no need of the money, but she is driven by the desire to experience as much filthy sex as possible, Imagine her feelings as she stepped into a different world, random men, all seeking sexual satisfaction, driven by strong urges, each with different needs and desires, individual preferences. Picture me, a trembling Katie, dressed in a short leather skirt, revealing her stockings, a black tight fitting blouse, a… Read more

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My friends wife


When I was younger, I had several good friends including Markus and Katie. I met them at college, and back then Markus was a tall well built guy who played on the college football team, and Katie was young blonde chubby girl who was studying to become a Nurse. Anyway, after college we went our separate ways, I moved away and began my career and they got married and had their careers, and apart from messages and the odd phone call through the year, I hardly ever saw them. Then a few years later, I returned to the area on business, and eagerly after several phone calls we met up. As I was return… Read more

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Pizza bitch

Gay MaleFetishAnal

Delivering pizza was an easy gig for a k** fresh out of high school. It left plenty of time for community college during the day and I could actually pull in some decent cash on busy nights. The small mom and pop store I worked for was super relaxed. I basically rode around smoking pot and listening to the radio all night while still taking in eighty to one hundred dollars in a shift. Not bad for a full time student. I would wait in the parking lot between runs. I would cruise the primitive internet my flip phone had checking out various porn galleries and erotic literature. I quickly started… Read more

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It's Sarah's Turn

Lesbian Sex

Kat led us to her bathroom where Sarah and I then showered together. It was nice to run my hands over Sarah’s entire body, her small soft breasts under my hands, her nipples still hard. I washed her come from her bush and the insides of her thighs as Sarah moaned again in pleasure. I was treated to the same pleasure as Sarah soaped my entire body and then wiped me clean with the washcloth. After we finished and were toweling off, Sarah washed off Kat’s dildo. She then slipped it into her pussy and wrapped her towel around her, hiding her surprise. Kat was lying on her bed. Her eyes were clo… Read more

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The Boy Scout

First TimeShemale PornTaboo

I heard a hard knock on my door and kind of jumped. I was in full makeup, wearing a black underdress over a flowered long sleeve, black leggings, high hair, big white neckless and a big black and white scarf. Looking kind of like a 60's housewife. I looked out the window and saw this tall, young k** at my door. My first thought was to hide in my bedroom until he went away. I didn't want to mess with the youngster ... But I was tipsy and wanted to tease him a bit. I knew it was very wrong, cause he was way to young :o As I opened the door, he stepped back and his jaw dropped. He was so much t… Read more

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Moving back with my mother


Moving back with my mother As I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, I contemplated the sequence of events that has led me back here to my c***dhood bedroom. It all started when I lost my small building business as the recession hit, then my wife ran off with someone else when the house was repossess. It was better for me to take my mother’s advice and come back home than waste money on renting a flat. That’s basically why at the grand age of 28 I am back living with my mother, having my own room was a lot more attractive than sleeping on some friends sofa also. I stared at the ceiling again, w… Read more

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how it began

BDSMFetishFirst Time

Where it all began I was a mere slip of a lass, ripe and ready to go and explore life at the age of 19. Now, I was never the cultured, fashionable, up to date type when I was in my late teens, I didn't have many friends, having a bit of a reputation among the guys in my local area didn't help me gain many friends either, but that's just how it goes. I was, still am, slightly over weight, not obese, curvy in all the right places and have struggled throughout my life to keep it in check, glad to say I'm doing rather well with it now. But I would never let my weight get in the way of my goals… Read more

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When is a niece not a niece?


As usual, the RAF C130 flight back from Africa was as boring as fuck and very uncomfortable. Anyone complaining about airline seats should be forced to spend nine hours sat on webbing straps. Finally, at just gone midnight, we touched down at RAF Brize Norton to the west of London. There were no TV cameras or flag-waving wives and girlfriends to greet us, just bored looking RAF movements staff and a line of buses - my unit hadn't officially been in Sierra Leone. By 0500 on that July Friday morning, we were de-bussing at our barracks and dragging kit off Army trucks. "Listen in!" screamed the… Read more

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Group SexTabooVoyeur

CHAPTER 8: Annie’s first day in her new freedom role started out with her being fucked by Jake bent over the kitchen table. Sitting at the table to the side was Bobbi, her elbows on the table sipping her coffee, not two feet from her. She was realizing something new about herself, already. Having Bobbi sitting there so casually while she was being fucked was an additional turn-on. She enjoyed being seen by them. There was an exhibitionistic side to her. She saw that it would come into play a lot going forward. Bobbi was patient. She sipped her coffee casually but carefully. She was so… Read more

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Lesbian Fun with my Sister-In-Law

Lesbian Sex

“What... What's that noise?" I said to myself half awake. My eyes slowly adjusting to the dark, “Is she... masturbating?” My brother, Adam, and I had always been close. He was older than me by just a few months, so we had been through all the phases and milestones of life together. Now, aged twenty five, Adam was set to marry the love of his life, Jessica. He met Jess whilst on holiday and hit it off with her right away. Once home, both of them took turns making the hour long journey to see each other, and now, five years down the line, Adam had popped the question. Jess was great. I… Read more

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With Coach in Her Motel Room

Lesbian SexFirst Time

“We shouldn’t be doing this…” my soccer coach said with that strong, maternal, authority that made me want to fuck her even more. I felt safe with her, even though sex with her was forbidden and could get us both in trouble. I wanted her more than I’d ever wanted anyone. “But, we both want to, Michelle. So much…” I touched her neck, letting my fingers trace the edge of her collared, coaches golf shirt, emblazoned with our team logo. Down between her breasts my fingers found their way until I could feel the fabric of her bra.… Read more

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Being a Voyeur and an Exhibitionist. by Fridagirl.


I was twenty six and starting all over again. I had walked out on my cheating husband and moved to another part of the country having taken up new employment. I wanted a break away from people I knew and to find myself as I used to be, not the person I was slowly turned into. I was less outgoing and tended to stay home at night, home being a single bedsit with a living room and a bedroom, in a run down dilapidated area, where people seemed to keep to themselves, which was in keeping with my moods. I had been living there for eight months and seriously, time went by, and I hardly knew anyone,… Read more

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I didn’t expect that!


I love camping, my wife and I do it often. There is also the added bonus of fucking in the woods, not so often, it really depends on how busy it is, but still the arousal and expectation are frequently there. Anyway, I am often turned on when camping, and frequently browse porn sites and jerk off if my wife is not in the mood. Even sometimes when she is asleep next to me, trying to gently stroke my dick without waking her. I am quite good at slow, gentle teasing and I think I get away with it most of the time. I must ask her... I needed a shower, we had been walking all day, it was late, jus… Read more

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The Cougar Within - Another Hot as Hell True Story

First TimeMatureTaboo

Last summer, I made a decision that shocked me and changed me. I will not go into detail as to why I am making a confession of sorts by putting my story on paper for others to read, but I hope you understand me a bit more and understand how I’ve arrived to where I am now. I will tell my story from the view of how it happened last summer. I am in my late forties, married to my husband for over twenty years. We have a daughter a freshman in college and a son who finished his junior year. Our son met Todd (not his real name) their first year of college and became close friends. Todd’s family live… Read more

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Cumming at a glory hole near you

Gay Male

I had been going to the glory holes for quite a while, but stopped about a year ago. Recently I’ve felt the urge more to play since my friends with benefits moved away. There was an ABS about 25 minutes west of me and a quick stop off the h-way. I went there a couple of times and I didn’t have much luck. Except for that encounter in the parking lot. There was another ABS one exit more and about another 15 minutes so I decided to try this one. I had been there before and I had a good time. At his place you had to purchase tokens prior to going into the viewing booth area. I bought five dollar… Read more

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Mother-in-law and Me - Unlimited Pleasure


I had been away at work for 3 weeks and was coming to the end of a 16 hour drive home. I had called my partner Cathy about 5 hours ago and told her I should be home around midnight. She replied “ I will be well asleep by then, don’t wake me when you get home. Drive safe I love you" I arrived home just after midnight and parked my ute in the back yard. Living on a corner block I had a side gate into the back yard and with the vehicle securely locked away I entered the house through the laundry door. I stopped off in the kitchen a grabbed a quick glass of oj before heading to bed. I stripped of… Read more

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My introduction to anal sex.

AnalGay MaleFirst Time

I continued to go round to Tom's whenever I could all through the summer. I was still masturbating virtually every night, sometimes several times a night, but I was always really excited when I was at Tom's. Mostly it was just the two of us but a couple of times Brian came round to join in. Usually they watched as I stripped naked and wanked in front of them. It was a big turn on for me to see them become excited as I stroked my teenage penis in front of them until I cried out and released my sperm on the floor or over my hands. I was very comfortable with Tom and he sometimes pulled his pant… Read more

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HardcoreGroup Sex

Back in early 1970 wife Sarah grew rather home sick and that combined with her irritable bowel syndrome plus unexpected miscarriage(she,d stopped taking the pill as it upset her system so we,d tried using rubbers/condoms as we did not want a family while I was still in the US Air Force) her late parents and I had split the air fare and poor Sarah had flown back to England for treatment on the nhs. Not having any knowledge of how the nhs or national,health service operates I had no idea how long it would take to heal,her. It turned out it took a very long time. So long I sadly moved out of our… Read more

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Back in the 1980s it was difficult to obtain sexy videos unless you wanted to pay lots of money, but one of the buildings I worked security was a warehouse for all sorts of things including pornographic videos and sex toys. One evening I caught three burglars trying to break in so rang the police and saved the customer from losing a lot of stock so as a reward he gave me my choice of ten current porn videos and I couldn,t wait to look at them, but my work schedule meant it wouldn’t, happen for a week or so and finally I had two straight nights off so decided to surprise wife Sarah. She enjoyed… Read more

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Wife caught me Jerking Off


It all started one morning when my wife came home early from work and caught me jacking off. She had stood at the door watching me stroke my cock and playing with my balls, I don't know how long she had been standing there. All I know is that I had just shot off a load of cum and was licking it off my hand when I noticed her standing there. To my surprise she came into the room and stripped off her clothes. She got on top of me and stuck her cunt over my mouth. I could smell sex on her and knew that she had been out fucking her boyfriend again. As I dipped my tongue into her wide-open pussy,… Read more

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Becoming a Naughty Girl

First TimeTaboo

I've always been curious about sex. I've always explored and touched my body or was always willing to let someone else do some exploring on me, starting from a young age. When a was a little girl my best friend was a boy and of course we played house, pretending to be married, and looked at eachothers private parts and some times even touched eachother. Later, a boy cousin my age came to live with us for a summer. We were 7-8 and he taught me how to give him a blow job. I didn't ever do it enough to make him cum. Later that year, I was still only 8, my brother's friend who was 14, and I starte… Read more

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Son's Friend


Son’s Friend It was just before xmas in 2018 and the wife and I were sitting together in our home office. We were both on facebook her on hers and me on mine. Well a friend sent her a private message. It was one of our son’s buddies. She opened the message to find a dick pic from this young man he is 19 she immediately showed me. She thought that must have been a mistake all of a sudden before she could type anything another message came from him apologizing saying I totally didn’t mean to send that to you I am so embarrassed. She typed don’t be pretty good looking from where we are sitting.… Read more

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My first GirlxGirl Experience

First TimeLesbian Sex

I don't know why, but i've always wanted to talk about my first time with another girl. Her name is Rebecca, I was 13 at the time, she was 17 and she was the first person to find out I was Gay. I haven't been with her for years but maybe she will see this..... Rebecca, I'm still thinking about you...... So here we go....... I was sleeping over at my best friend's house one summer night. School was out and her parents had already gone to bed. It was after midnight and we we were up late in pyjamas talking in her bedroom. I don't remember exactly how old we were, but I reme… Read more

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Group SexLesbian SexVoyeur

CHAPTER 4: The next morning was another first. They shared a shower and much more … In Jake’s truck on the way back to the hospital where Bobbi’s cruiser was still parked, he suddenly veered toward downtown. He asked for the best breakfast place in the town with sweet rolls for sale. Bobbi shifted in the seat, jerking her service belt a bit to allow more movement. “Breakfast I understand, but why the sweet rolls?” “When we walk into the hospital together, I want to be able to say I took you to breakfast and bring the rolls in for the staff. There may still be some speculation abou… Read more

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CHAPTER 2: When the dog nipped at it, again, it jerked … After a couple years of riding, he had become reasonably comfortable in the saddle. When he saw the foot, it was enough to make him unsteady, but when it jerked, he nearly fell off the horse. As it was, he slid off quickly to investigate for himself. A part of him still wasn’t believing the human foot, much less that it belonged to a live person. But, if it was … how could it be if it was buried? He pushed the pawing dog aside and took its place, pulling dirt off the mound. Even as he pulled dirt into the space between his kne… Read more

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the pastor secret

Interracial SexGay MaleTaboo

He cant have a wife and k**s , i knew him since forever going at the church with my family until i moved on my own and never got back there not into my parents belief at all I accidentally met him a year after i moved out he was in the subway back from a meeting of some sort we got out and walking toward the bus , he somewhat was going to the same parking lot outside the city we went all the way to the back following him to the bench ''you know i always liked you, you always were one of the good boy '' ''thanks'' ''how is it living without your parents?'' ''its ok , but i miss the free… Read more

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Paying the LandLord

FetishFirst Time

Maggie sighed. It was almost midnight when she began to approach the building where she'd now been living for almost three months. At 25, this wasn't exactly how she's imagined herself to be, but given the circumstances, the small apartment in this worn-out building would have to do. As Maggie put the keys into the building's front door and turned the lock, the usually feisty and upbeat redhead wondered how she'd managed to lose her job, her boyfriend and her house --- after the bastard threw her out three months ago. She let herself in and quietly snuck by her landlord's flat on the ground f… Read more

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The Cellist's Greatest Performance


The mansion at Arcore it the foothils of Rome was bathed in soft yellow light from the spotlights in the grounds. The gravel in front of the house was littered with expensive cars; the manor was the home of Italian business magnate, Silvio Berlusconi. Tonight he was entertaining a select group of his friends. They were all eagerly looking forward to what he had promised to be an evening to remember. As ten o'clock approached the immaculately dressed waiters strolled among the invited guests handing out glasses of vintage Champagne and politely asking the elegantly clad guests to make their wa… Read more

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My Girlfriend's little sister part 4

First TimeMasturbationFetish

I was really ready to snooze at that point but, just little while later, I heard voices coming from upstairs. Curious, I crept to the base of the stairs and listened. It sounded like the Roberts sisters were arguing. I quietly made my way upstairs and then peeked into the bedroom. Little Mary was sprawled over her sister's lap and her nighty had been pulled up to her waist. With her panties still in my hamper downstairs, her luscious ass was bare for all to see. Jennifer was smacking her little sister, giving her open handed spanks, one after the other, as Baby complained about her punishment.… Read more

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My neighbors feet


Ahhhh...thinking about this experience always gets me :) let me just start by saying, i absolutely love apartment complexes! Feet everywhere!! And I mean everywhere!! Awyways, i use to live in this apartment complex....one day I was sitting on the stairs smoking a cigarette and out comes my neighbors wife. A bbw caucasian lady about 5'5, 37 years old with some sexy plump toes and meaty pink soles. As soon as i saw her feet, i knew I was gonna do something really stupid lol. I'm assuming that she was waiting on someone because she came outside and looked around and then returned back into her h… Read more

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$100.00 Bet turns into $200.00 BlackenPT3

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As the evening rolled around I got ready for my date with Marisa. Dressing nicely I was going to leave early to make sure I was there on time. Checking myself one last time in the wall mirror I opened my front door. Just as I was about to step outside I saw my wife's car pulling up into the parking lot. As quickly as I could I slammed it shut making sure she hadn't seen me. Why was she here? I rushed over to my kitchen window peering out through the blinds. I saw my wife step out of her car; man did she look good. Wearing light make-up that only enhanced her looks. A pair of low heeled black p… Read more

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Pool Hall Slut

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No please don’t I cried. My husband had absolutely forbid me to kiss any of these or any black guys. He said the thought of it repulsed him. But here I was being bent over a dirty pool table with my short skirt wadded up around my waist my panties had been ripped off what seemed like over an hour ago. Runs in my stockings. My top and my bra was somewhere. They had left me in my scarlet red cum fuck me pumps. My 36 D’s had semi dried black boy’s cum all over them. I say boy’s because at 38 years of age I was at least twice as old as any of the 4 of them. I’m in a dirty pool hall on the “wrong”… Read more

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