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Husband's Friends Massive Cock

First TimeHardcoreAnal

Hi I'm Becky I'm 28, and from Ireland. I'm 5,6ft and 62.5kg. I've Blonde hair and natural cup boobies, oh and a nice bum. To help with a little insight on my story, I was wearing a summer skirt and blouse type top. My top with 3 buttons at top, always open lol. For the record I've been with my partner 11 years, and never ever ripped him off. My partner (John) had his buddy (Darren) over to watch football and UFC, along side a few drinks. I had been drinking prior to the football, with john. We went for dinner and cocktails, so we were already kinda tipsy lol. Johns friend is a real charm… Read more

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Camping trip

MatureVoyeurGroup Sex

Camping trip. An adventure with a hotwife and 2 teen boys while hubby watched. We’d planned our camping trip for quite a while and were excited to finally get away. Of course as the day neared, the forecast got worse and worse for the area we were heading to. We had to decide whether to go or not and decided to go because we’d at least get a break from the day to day. The day to leave arrived and the weather wasn’t bad at our end so we headed out but as predicted, when we arrived we were greeted by heavy rain and a thunder and lightning show that was something to be seen. As a result, the c… Read more

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How My Obsession With Serving Older Men Started Pa

Gay MaleMatureFirst Time

This is a true story about my first experience with a man that set me on my path. Names have been changed to protect the guilty :) It was the summer after my freshman year in collage, I made it through my first year away and my girl and I survived the long distance relationship. I had gotten my old summer job back mowing lawns and doing landscape to make extra money. My second week back after lunch my stop was the Smith house. They are very well off and he is the reason I was studding business in school. He was a very successful business man with a beautiful wife and 2 grown daughters. He ca… Read more

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Finally Said Yes To My BFF Julia

First TimeLesbian Sex

"Ahh, I just wanna lay here and cool off!" I said to my best friend Julia. She has the best room and the softest bed ever. I pulled my shirt up and unzipped my pants, pulling them open a bit to let me tummy cool. Julia watched me do it with interest, her eyes drifting down my body. "What?" I said to her. "You know what that makes me want to do to you. You're toying with me." She was right, I did know. And, she'd asked me before and I didn't want to. But, for… Read more

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7 girls, drunk and deflowering my little brother

Interracial SexTabooGroup Sex

We had the house to ourselves that weekend, so I invited my girlfriends over to party before heading off into town for dancing, and dare I say it in this day and age of equality, fucking, we girls like to go out for cock. We were seven teenagers ranging from 16 to nineteen, the youngest a sister of one of the girls who with makeup could pass muster at any pub, with a wink and a nod, and if that fails, a balls grope or a promise of a shag in the toilets later on. Modern girls are armed with the pill, the great equaliser in today's modern age of sexual revolution, sex is good, it feels good, i… Read more

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My First Pussy

First Time

It occurred in the backseat of a friends car at a Friday night drive-in movie (the 'original' Planet of the Apes). Her name was Bonita, though she wasn't Hispanic. Bonita was a blond. She had a reputation in school for being a slut, and it was a fairly accurate rumor that she'd fucked quite a few guys up to that point! How I got the chance was a bit of a fluke, really. I wasn't the 'bad boy' sort of guy, but, I'd become fascinated by Bonita, and I was eager to finally have my first-ever chance to fuck. Nevertheless, I was really, really nervous that night! We satin the backseat through abo… Read more

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My Next Door Neighbor Mrs. Shook


My name is Rob, and my family and I have been next-door neighbors of the Shook's for about 6 years. We were a lower middle class family who came into a LARGE amount of money 6 years ago, thanks to my dad buying a winning lottery ticket. We moved to this neighborhood as a result of that windfall. While no one here has ever really treated us badly, we have never really been accepted either. The people here are relatively well off, and have always known luxury, but we came from a different social status and just never seemed to fit in. We moved here when I was 12 and I just turned 18 a couple of… Read more

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A Wannabe Cuckold

Interracial SexMasturbation

Jimmy sat in front of his lap top watching yet another interracial porn video, one of probably several hundred he'd already watched, stroking his small, but erect cock, with that growing sensation of both envy, at the sight of such a massive cock as these black guys always seemed to have, and exhilaration at seeing them entering the depths of such attractive white women; he seemed to never grow tired of seeing such things. Of course, none of his friends, or his family, knew of his secret obsession with interracial sex. They saw him as yet another typical working class white redneck; and, in… Read more

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My sister first time!

Interracial SexVoyeurFirst Time

Hello! My name is Thays and I'm brazilian, I have 22 yo and my sister is 8 years younger then me! This is my first story here and since now, I apologize for any spelling mistakes I may make, my english is rusty! Me and my sister have a very good relation and one is confidant of the other. She always quest me about boyfriends, relationship and sex and I'm very open with her about it, mainly about sex, how is very good to do it with a person that you like and about the risks of an unwanted pregnancy, DST and outher things! Well, in the beginning of the year, in January, after the New Year holid… Read more

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First Time At The Beach

Lesbian SexFirst TimeTaboo

My Hannah's pretty face looked up at me, my trimmed pubic hair inches from her mouth. I have to admit I was really turned on, despite how wrong it seemed. The hotel bed was really cozy, and something about being together, just the two of us at the beach after showering, with a little bit of MaryJane, brought us to this moment . "Are you sure you want to do this, honey?" I asked her, still worried it might create problems. Her shiny eyes looked up at me. "Give my best friend the pleasure she deserves cuz her partner isn't? Uh… Read more

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Mum Found My Porn Mags


Helen and her 14 year old son, Mark were sitting on the sofa when Helen showed Mark what she found under his bed. "Do these pictures excite you," while flipping through the pages that displayed naked women? Mark couldn't believe this was happening to him. He was totally embarrassed that his mum had found his stash of porn magazines. To sit here and have to look at them with her, well it was just too much! He was snapped back to reality when she asked, "Do these pictures excite you?" "Um, I don't know," he fairly whispered, "I just like looking at them!" "Hmmmmmm," she hummed, "… Read more

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Smith Family Perversions


“Mom? Dad? Anyone home?” Sarah Smith has just entered the kitchen of her family home with her newest boy toy, Timmy. Timmy, a ‘surfer cute’ 19 yo complimented Sarah’s outrageous sexual appetite perfectly, plus he had a huge cock. For someone so young his cock was nearly 10” and fat as all fuck. Sarah and her older sister had both shared Timmy’s cock and they’d both agreed that taking in their ass was a definite challenge but one well worth it. “In the playroom, honey” came her Mums response. Sarah grabbed Timmy and pulled him close. “Before we go in there let me tell you, you are going to… Read more

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My New Boyfriend's teenage sons and I

First TimeTabooGroup Sex

I broke up with my possessive and controlling boyfriend months before our planned wedding and simply disappeared of the radar, telling only my closest friends and family members where I chose to reside. Eighteen months later I was sitting in my flay, drinking alone when I was browsing the internet and finished up on a chat room site, and slowly, very slowly I felt all my anxieties and the huge emptiness I nursed, starved of human contact, I felt my needs return like a dam had just burst, as I sat, dumbfounded, quietly watching a man I did not know masturbate in silence and all I had to do was… Read more

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Anna’s Guide to Dog Sex


Zoophilia is defined as sexual intercourse with a****ls. For a long time Zoophilia has been a forbidden subject, considered ‘sick’, unethical and unnatural to name only a few classifications. With this text I would like to illuminate one specific kind form of Zoophilia, namely Canine sex, Dog sex as some would call it. The reason why I write this is to share my knowledge of this specific form of Zoophilia with other women, who have a similar interest, or who may have considered intercourse with dogs, but have not dared to, or who have no knowledge of how to go about, or who have may not even h… Read more

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Dreaming of sperm, lots of sperm, being a sperm QU

TabooGroup SexMature

Every time I close my eyes I hope I'll have the dream again. The most perfect, vivid, and memorable dream I've ever had. I remember every sight, taste, smell, and feeling like I lived it yesterday. Everything around me was bathed in soft, glowing white light. I recognized right away that I wasn't in the real world. I was in a fantasy world. Somehow I knew that this was a perfect place where I could fulfill all of my sexual dreams. Nothing was forbidden to me, and I could have anything I desired, without rules or restrictions. I was sitting naked in a bedroom, in a huge, beautiful house over… Read more

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Juicy Eileen #4


Chapter 4 66 is the retirement age in the Netherlands, for men and women. They want now to increase it to 67. That means, that even officially, Eileen, at 67, is now a senior citizen, in other words, she is old. But can you tell her age? Yes and no. If you look carefully for age signs, you will find them. There are wrinkles everywhere: Her eyes are adorned with fine wrinkles, not deep, yet not shallow either. On the other hand, her eyes are still sparkling and there are no bags under them. He… Read more

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Summer Love With Mum


Dad had left us when I was five years old. We owned a three bedroom cottage on four acres of land that sat well off of the road and was bordered on one side by a river. The road was in reality a dirt road and we sat far back in the North Wales hills. So we had our privacy. I kept my I did all of the outdoor work, cutting the grass, repairs as needed. Mum always found the time to make things fun for me to, to keep me occupied. She would invent games inside when it was raining or snowing and we were stuck inside. During the summer when it became hot, we would go down to the river a… Read more

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New Neighbors!

MatureGroup Sex

So, here's another thing that happened! I was sitting at home, watching TV, when my mom tells me that I have to go next door and take the new neighbors something. I dunno what it was. It was in a box. Maybe a package was delivered to our house by mistake. So, I grumbled (cuz I'm a brat) and she wagged her finger at me. I ended up doing it, I just complained! So I went next door and rang the bell. It was hot, so I just had on a little tank top and some shorts. It was comfy, nothing fancy. No one answered the door, so I knocked. I guess they heard that because a woman answered the door. She sa… Read more

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Worshipping Miss Donna Ambrose / Miss Danica Colli


I first saw Miss Donna Ambrose on the cover of Escort magazine in about 1986, posing with Miss Debbie Jordan. I knew She was special straight away, just the way She posed, Her lovely figure, lovely big bosoms, just the loveliest girl I’d ever seen in my mags. My collection of mags at that time was probably around 5 or 6 thousand, and I’d been worshipping girls for over 20 years by then – I’d only seen girls bare in mags, apart from some lucky glimpses, at a distance on a beach or in a topless go-go pub. So I’d worshipped… Read more

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First time with a guy while crossdressed

First TimeGay Male

Story about my 1st Crossdressing fun where I gave a blowjob and had Oral sex. No anal. I had done some private as well as public cam shows on chatrooms to see how guys find my body in female clothes. There were some who laughed at me but I found some who liked me and wanted to see more of me. That started my journey as I got confident to dress more and make those guys happy or to be precise make them hard and let them release their cum. Living with parents, it was always tough to even keep female clothes at home, forget about wearing them. But my fantasy always was to dressup and meet a gu… Read more

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Masturbation Practice In Olivia's Bedroom

MasturbationVoyeurFirst Time

"So, how often do you do it?" I asked my best friend Olivia as we laid on her bed after school, chatting quietly as usual. "Every day," she said laughing. "I can't help myself. It feels sooo wonderful," she stretched her arms out in an adorably luxurious way. "Afterwards, I'm so relaxed and dreamy. I don't know why we aren't supposed to do it. I don't care I guess," she giggled mischievously. "Oh my god, I'm so bad, aren't I?" "I've never tried it and you have me so curious now," I said. "You have to try it, babe. It's just… Read more

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Fourth of July breeding bang, Day 1

Group SexInterracial SexBDSM

My Master decided to breed me. He took me off birth control last month, and had me count the days to my ovulation this month. He settled on the 4th and 5th of July which is my most fertile time. He wants me to have a black baby without having any idea who the baby daddy is so he set up two breeding gang bangs for me. Last week I got my underarms, legs and pussy waxed so I’m nice and smooth and I got to go shopping for some new slutty clothes. The first gang bang was set up for July 4th. When the time came to get ready, I showered, douched and did an enema so I’d be nice and clean. Then I p… Read more

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Episode 114: Mother's Milk Part 2


Jenny Cumslut got a call from her teenage niece Alex begging her to be there for the birth of her baby boy. Jenny always sent birthday cards to her favourite niece in Andover, but had never visited. Now she realised why the skinny 16 year old Alex looked blooming. Jenny couldn’t arrange a flight in time to witness the birth, but found the c***d at home with her brand new black baby. Jenny arrived an hour before Alex was expecting, opening the door to her aunt utterly naked, except for the high leather collar. The metal bondage points bound into the worn leather straps around her wrists and a… Read more

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Virgin roommate

First TimeGay Male

I came from a conservative Christian home with the uptight attitudes towards sex, so of course I went to college as a virgin. My college roommate had a girlfriend who would come over on weekends so I would leave for a few hours to give them privacy. One Friday night, I came back to the room and they were asleep together in his bottom bunk. They looked to be naked, but I tried not to look. I quietly climbed into my top bunk and tried to go to sleep. Thinking of the two of them naked and probably just had sex, sleeping below me made me so horny. I started to stroke my cock. Just as I was getti… Read more

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Friends Curious Daughter


We just arrived at the beach, the k**s were anxious to play in the sand, the wife was still checking nearby hotels to no avail, she sighed in frustration and set her phone down. Saying “there is nothing available” I said “We knew it would be difficult to find a hotel by the beach on such short notice. It’s only a 2-hour drive home, let’s just enjoy our time and drive home later” She agreed, and we set off to the beach. We were having a good time, and finally decided to go and get some dinner. We found a nice restaurant and enjoyed a nice quiet dinner. As we were leaving, we saw our day care… Read more

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Mom and I squeeze in.

MatureFirst Time

Mom, dad, and I just finished our first week of vacation in the Bahamas. It's been amazing so far; we spend every day lounging at the beach a few miles from our hotel. The only downside is that we have to take a bus to get there. Dad wasn't feeling up for another beach trip this morning, so only mom and I shuffled into the bus. It was more crowded than usual; apparently, a big group of tourists had just arrived. By the time mom and I made it to the back of the bus looking for seats, there was only one left next to the lavatory. "We can catch the next bus," mom suggested. "That won't be for… Read more

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A Son and his Mother


I have great memories of spending time with my Mum and talking about various things. As far back as I can remember I loved to crawl into bed with my her and snuggle up to my Mums back. She never objected and actually encouraged it as she would say things like, "My man is here with me again. Hummmm, so nice. Snuggle up and get warm and sleep well my darling." That is how it was in my early years at home. It was about this time that I became aware of my growing manhood, as it seemed to be getting a bit larger and I realized that feeling of it at night was becoming pleasurable. It w… Read more

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Nice wife to slut


As Sam and Wendy sat in bed browsing the internet looking for porn to watch, something that they had both come to enjoy over recent years, they chanced across a website where members could share amateur homemade porn. The website ran like a social network, members could share their homemade porn with other like-minded people. They were also able to friend other members, like, and comment on each other's photos and videos. There was also a video chat section, including private chat rooms. The idea of sharing photos of Wendy in various stages of undress had always appealed to Sam. Thinking abou… Read more

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Fighting With Mom

MatureFirst TimeHardcore

My name is Nick and my parents have had a rough marriage as long as I can remember. I am the youngest of four and the only one still living at home. Their place was a nice four bedroom brick house and I liked the suburban location in the outskirts of St. Louis. I had my own bedroom, my own bathroom, a newer Volkswagen Jetta, all my freedom...what more could I want? What I really wanted was my freedom, even more than the luxuries I had living at home. I was tired of hearing my parents fighting. I don't think they really liked each other – I doubt they even had a sex life, but I'd rather not thi… Read more

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Showering With BFF Gets A Little Crazy

Lesbian SexFirst Time

"Do you wanna kiss?" Bailey asked me with a look in her eye I'd never seen before. We were naked in the shower, her hands had been rubbing soap all over me for several minutes and I was feeling kinda turned on by it. Especially considering the way she slowed down around my breasts, her hands lingering as she passed over them. She looked up at me while she caressed me there, her fingers playing over my nipples as she seemed to enjoy touching them. It felt erotic and forbidden. I did want to kiss her, but felt weird about it li… Read more

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Cum slut

Gay MaleGroup SexAnal

i thought i would relate one of my many happenings which is totaly true belive or not its up to you .it was summer i was off work for the day and thought i would go to the local gay dogging site (for those that know Suffolk was tobys walks)it was day time so not much going on so i went into the toilets there are two cubicles next to each other there is a hole in the wall between the two after waiting a while a guycame into the other cubicle and looked through the hole i stood up and dropped my jeans and started to wank my now very hard 7in cock ,some other people came into the toilets holiday… Read more

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July 4th Uber Bang


Hi Y’all, Last night I had some fun seeing the fireworks show in Kirkland with my family and then went home and thought I’d go to bed. As I lay in bed with my husband, who was a bit drunk, I told him all the details of my exciting fun with the guy I blew by the water tower. My husband jerked his little dick to my story as I rubbed his chest and in under a minute had cum all over himself and was asleep in the next minute. I on the other hand was now very horny and honestly frustrated. I decided to go out and turn on my Uber app to make some money but also perhaps find a guy who could give me… Read more

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Day 2 at the Smith's Part 1

Gay MaleMatureTaboo

I woke up early the next day I cant explain it I was excited and freaked out about what happened the day before. I got into work to get ready for the day I was hoping to get my work done there before Mr. Smith got home from work. My boss asked me "What's going on at he Smith house Billy he was pissed off and said you are doing a shitty job you have always been a good worker" I was trying to find an answer for my boss then he spoke again " I offered to send a few guys out to fix your fuck up but he told me no he thought you need to fix your own mistakes he said he would be home to supervise you… Read more

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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 37

Interracial SexLesbian Sex

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr and Wunderboi ****** My wife and I had been married for six years and we had recently moved to Hawksville, a bigger town or small city in the south and were finding it hard to establish friends in our new location. Other than that, life was the usual routine of work for us both, looking forward to the weekends when we could drive to the beach, or just hang by our pool. I had married her when she was 19 and I was 35. My love life, if you could call it that, was generally pathetic and most girls turned me down for even jus… Read more

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Sleeping Over With Aunt Bethany

Lesbian SexTabooFirst Time

"This is so fun!" I said, feeling myself beam at my beautiful Aunt Bethany as I snuggled up to her in her cozy bed. "I never got to do this with my mom." I was just so in love with her, though I didn't know how to talk to her about it. Now laying with her, in our pjs, feel her breasts bare underneath her silky gown, smelling the soft skin of her neck right up against my face, I found her more intoxicating than ever. I couldn't help nuzzling her and rubbing my k… Read more

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Rocky Mtn Road Trip - Part Six -

Group SexMasturbationBDSM

Rocky Mountain Road Trip Part Six After we showered and put on some makeup we found the clothes the guys had laid out for us and got dressed. We were feeling sexy and looking forward to dinner and an evening of fun. We were both now dressed in very soft leather dresses which had 2-way zippers running fully up the front and a wide belt around the waist. Underneath our dresses we wore seamed, full fashion stockings and open cup shelf bras that pushed our tits up but didn't cover our nipples. No panties and we both had 5" high he… Read more

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The Co-worker.


Cuckold Story. After I lost my job my wife found a job in an Office. She got good paid and had her own office room just at the end of an long corridor. Opposite to her office was a second office. My wife is in her early 30s and has an amazing body. Long black hair with brown eyes. Full libs and full breasts. The first weeks she always come home stressed, but after then she was more and more happy. She was staid longer at work, but she said it is because she got more responsibilities. She was more and more on the phone even at night. I found myself a job and everything went really well. No… Read more

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Aunt Terry Joins Mum And Me For Girls Night

Lesbian SexFirst TimeTaboo

My beautiful mom and I like to take care of each other sexually. I know that not everyone can accept that. But, for us giving each other pleasure is one way we love each other. No strings of course, completely consensual, and soo much fun because she's an incredible lover and has taught me things about my body I would have never known. She recently told me that she learned most of it from my aunt, her older sister. They used to hook up in high school and colle… Read more

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1st Time Glory Hole

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

There's a club near us that has a wonderful but tiny room with a whole host of glory holes in it. It's dark so you can't see in but there's loads of holes for people to reach through and pop their hands or cocks in. This is about the first time we ever went there. The boyfriend and I went to this club one Sunday evening and while we were looking around we saw this small weird looking room. He pulled me into it and started fingering me and then started kissing me hard, to be honest the room was so dark we couldn't see anything at all, but we could hear people just on the other side of the wall… Read more

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True story - Ex Girlfriend holiday BBC fantasy

Interracial Sex

True story - Ex Girlfriend holiday BBC fantasy Part 1 and 2 This was around 6 years ago, we were both around our 30’s. Both in good shape and enjoying great sex. I began to mention other men to her and me watching but at the start and she wasn't keen. She got used to me mentioning it and started with texts and pictures pretending someone else was fucking her and how it all happened. We was on holiday and one night we got back around mid night pretty drunk, soI thought right I’ll mention this video on Xhamster to her that I had wanked to loads of times thinking the girl in it was her. The v… Read more

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Boy Wife

AnalGay MaleShemale Porn

This is a masterfully written description of a beta boi written by the prolific nordicdomblr! This is exactly the kind of treatment and identity that I propose for sissy beta males. Everyone has a different interpretation of it but the main point is that you are not transitioning because of some personal reason. You’re transitioning because you want to please your Alpha and be his wife. Lock your clit up because you’re the woman in the relationship. And your locked clit is the wedding ring. nordicdomblr: Recently I came across a couple of blogs written by individuals who had decided to give… Read more

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Our Game

Interracial SexVoyeurTaboo

My husband and I have been together almost 4 decades. We love each other very much and have always had a great sex life…. but, in all honesty, the past couple of years things have been a bit out of sync. It’s frustrating for both of us, but most especially for my husband. I’m shy when it comes to sex and struggle with self-esteem when it comes to my rounded body. Safe to say, he’s at the other end of the spectrum. Finding a middle ground has been our goal, but hard to achieve. With this in mind, and mad at myself for being so nervous with the need to be more adventurous, I decided to jump squa… Read more

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Group SexInterracial SexVoyeur

CHAPTER EIGHT: ROLES EXPAND I was sitting at my desk proofreading the final version of a document Mr. Wasson needed. It was a case Mr. Wasson had an outside attorney handling locally for us involving an actress who had become pregnant. To the company, it was completely frivolous. If the script requires a visible creampie, of course there is going to be cum inside her, which is why all contracts not only require up-to-date STD exams but some form of pregnancy control “of her choice”, putting the responsibility squarely… Read more

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The Passenger Seat - Chapter 3 and 4 (Blotter and


BLOTTER TARA HADN’T MISSED a workout in the week since the neighbors arrived. She couldn’t explain her new-found motivation, but she was thankful for it. Perhaps it was the presence of a beautiful new neighbor, and the possibility that Sean would be secretly admiring her. Maybe it was inspired by the prospect of being naked in the light of day. She could name a thousand things she hated about her body, and darkness had always been her friend. Truth be told, her daily route took her past Adam and Amy’s deck, where Tara had seen them making love the day they moved in. She would never… Read more

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All women can feel a knot


All women can feel a knot All women can feel a knot thru their tummy with their hands, and a lot of women, especially petite ones (like me) can visually see their knot  A dog cums directly into a girls womb thanks to their pointed cock which creates a warm, full feeling inside girls which often contributes to the intense orgasms, while men's cock which is curved away from the cervix makes it impossible for a man to ejaculate in a girls womb directly. Dogs ejaculate far more volume than necessary to totally fill the womb and it often results in very visible belly swelling that stays there fo… Read more

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Cruising In Giant Titties


Chapter 1 Long story short, I managed to be awarded a free cruise to the Bahamas. The award is certainly cool, but there was a pretty big buzzkill attached to the cruise: I would be going on it by myself without anyone else that I knew. I wasn’t sure what I was going to be doing on a cruise by myself, but I supposed it would be alrightl. After all, I was a single 35 year old. I was sure I could find something to do. As I stood in line to check on to the boat, I happened to notice a woman who was a couple of people in front of me. I reckoned by the look of her facial features, she was possib… Read more

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upstairs neighbor- online master pt 2

Gay MaleInterracial SexVoyeur

It had been several days since Brandon and Fred had first met and Brandon was still horny all the time from the circumstances of his fantasy becoming reality. He had logged on every night when he got home from work in the hopes of catching Fred online and had been out around the building in the hope they would run in to each other but hadn't seen Fred since he left Brandon fucked and exhausted face down on his mattress and went home. Brandon finally saw BLKDDY69 enter the chat room and felt his heart pound as he sent him a message. brandoboi69: Hi Daddy long time no see :) the other night… Read more

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a hard core fucking


before i start this story i would like to tell you that both the people involved are married and after telling my husband what i had done he encouraged me to write it on hamster i will not mention names to keep the man and his wife from any trouble it may cause my friend and i have been best friends for as long as i can remember and i feel bad about what happened but i cant turn back time and even if i could i would still have done it anyway she is married to a guy and since we are so close we talked a lot about the men we have had i have always been fascinated by big cocks and when i found… Read more

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Roommate’s pictures. Turning me into his sissy.

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I sucked my roommate’s cock and swallowed his creamy jizz almost everyday after that first time. He had called me out alittle, teased me, saying that he knew I wanted his cock, knew that I wanted to suck cock. Of course he was right, but how did he know? How did he know I would so wonderfully, happily and eagerly slide to me knees and pleasure his beautiful dick with my mouth. How did he know tha… Read more

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Mother Watches me Masturbate and Begs for Cock

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My mom was short but had a great pair of tits. The moment I hit puberty I started getting these massive erections any time I came across the image of a naked woman. Painful, very obvious erections that I tried my best to hide. By then she had already been married several towns and I knew how much she liked a good fuck. One late night I had already been jerking off when her and my stepfather came home from a night of hard drinking. Frightened that I would get caught and still semi-hard, I heard bit and pieces of their drunken conversation. Turns out my mom was all about being dominated. I liste… Read more

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