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Wendy52 asked to babysit 4

Interracial SexVoyeurGroup Sex

By the time my mind had cleared and my body had stopped rolling from orgasm to orgasm the boys had led me back out to the car. My pussy was leaking cum all down my legs, and my face and tits were covered in hot sticky cum. They allowed me to sit in the car and recover as they loaded the groceries into the boot of the car. On the journey home, they allowed me to concentrate on my driving and didn't touch my body or play with me once. I was allowed to go into the house while they unloaded the car. I walked back out and said I needed to go to my house to get fresh clothes that fit me and would b… Read more

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Best Friend's Dad

First TimeAnalTaboo

Abel’s mom is of the super-religious variety while his dad is more lax about things. The fact that my name is Lilith does not put me into Abel’s mom’s good graces either. His mom’s name is Eve, which is short for Evelyn, and she will tear into you if you call her anything but Eve. The woman is fucking delusional. His mom went on church outings about one week a month with Azura and Seth, Abel's younger siblings. I’m pretty sure it was some sort of purity bullshit. Cain, Abel's older brother, was in college and not at home. Which meant for about a week every month it was just Adam and Abel at h… Read more

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Fiona's story


Fiona’s Story I’m fifty eight a widow for the past twelve months my late unlaminated husband left me a large settlement feelings of being insecure and a broken family I haven’t spoken to my family for the past eighteen months and they avoided his funeral to be honest I don’t blame them due to my late husbands interference my fifteen year old grandson Mark lost a contract and the chance to become a professional footballer the fallout led to a major family breakup. The phone call from my Daughter Anne came out of the blue we agreed to meet here for coffee and planned to bring the family back t… Read more

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Laura’s adventures with MsJ and MrT

MatureFirst TimeGroup Sex

So where do I start i guess you want to know how I became Laura, well if u have seen my profile u will see I’m a mature transvestite, so it clearly started some time ago its remains very clear in my mind, I was a teenager and use to occasionally stay at my aunties, who was a mature lady then in her late 30,s to my mind very attractive , who I had a boyhood crush on . Well back to what happened, I was staying over and decided to have a bath, as I cried myself, I found in the cupboard, her black girdle, knickers , bra and stockings. To this day I don’t know why but I had the urge to try them in,… Read more

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Wicked world of telemarketing

AnalShemale PornMasturbation

This story has some truth to it but most of this is purely fictional. My name is Thomas and i was a college student that needed a job to pay for his tuition. I scanned the want adds for anything possible with good starting wage. I came across an add that said wanted entry level telemarketer i thought to my self well just how hard could that be. I applied and hoped for the best latter that day i got a phone call from Joan she asked if i was still interested in the telemarketing job? I replied yes as i need to find a job as soon as possible or i will have to drop out of school. An interview was… Read more

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First Time

Remember Drive-In Movies, big hit in the 50’s through the 70’s? It’s rare if a town has them these days. My home town was one of the last to have one but it finally closed. I lost my virginity there. We were both 18, seniors in high school, we were dating for seven months and our hormones were raging. I promised myself I would wait, not necessarily for marriage, but for the right guy. His name was Tony, a good-looking Italian guy, dark eyes and curly hair. All the girls wanted to date Tony, but he picked me. I don’t know why, really, I wasn’t as pretty as most girls were, but I held my own in… Read more

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AnalFirst TimeBDSM

I was standing at the train station, waiting for the arrival of my train as I fancied a visit to London . There was a bit of a delay which was really annoying as I was bored and just wanted something to do. I was sitting on the bench when I felt the urge to look over to the other side of the station. As I looked I noticed a figure standing by the toilet holding a newspaper in his hands. I noticed he was wearing a mask and kept peeking over his newspaper at me, so I got up and took to the steps and walked across to get a closer look. When I got there he was gone. I looked around and searched th… Read more

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Hitching a ride

AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

This story is about an event that happened while i was in the military names have been altered as this happened during the don't ask don't tell era of the military. Duty had just ended it was a Friday and i wasn't scheduled for duty during the weekend. I knew i wanted too go into town but didn't have a ride and didn't want to spend a lot of money on cab fare. I was a private first class and did not get paid a lot of money so i figured i would do what all good soldiers do and that is walk into town. So i set out for town i figured that i could hitch a ride with some one and use the money i h… Read more

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The Neighborhood MILF: Margaret

MatureHardcoreGroup Sex

It's amazing how things fall into place sometimes. Fate has a funny way working things out. An example would be my former volleyball coach, Margaret. I always admired her when she was a young teacher trying to get the best out of us, both as a team and as individuals. You could say it was my first girlcrush, even though I didn't really explore my lesbian desires back then. There was always a rumor that she liked girls, an unfair label that seemed to apply to all young female coaches. We've been pretty good friends after I gra… Read more

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Lisa – A Slut’s First Gangbang

First TimeAnalGroup Sex

Lisa felt a little strange as she sat at the table with her Mom and Jack. There were several reasons things felt weird but the oddest was knowing that Jack was not her biological father. She had always loved him but their new relationship in some ways was even more rewarding. It had only been about a half an hour before when she and her mother had given him a joint blow job that had him blasting off like a rocket. The other thing that felt strange was the fact that she was wearing skin tight jeans over her sexy new black lace thong. Her top was over a sports bra that emphasized her sweet perky… Read more

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first time as a cd (real story)

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

this is a true story of the moment i first crossdressed to the moment i first had sex with another man dressed as a woman. i was 18 the first time i dressed up, had been watching sissy porn for a while and fantasised about dressing as a girl and inviting a man over to fuck me. i went on amazon and ebay and looked at clothes, makeup, wig and heels. i would often do this, try to put together an outfit that looked sexy, slutty and most importantly feminine. i had just started the second year of uni and was living on my own, i had just received a lot of money for my birthday and decided that was… Read more

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Crossdresser for mature couple

FetishGroup SexMature

I am a bi crossdresser as may be apparent....and love pussy or cock. I registered on a swingers site looking for a meeting with similar people. I was actively looking for an older couple to have some fun with. To cut a long story short, I finally got talking to a guy called Bill. He and his wife could entertain a gurl like me for a fun filled evening, if I was game. We both had a list of dos and donts for the night and we went over a few ground rules etc. I was to be their maid and waitress for the evening. They were having their neighbours over for dinner and I was to be the hired help. I wou… Read more

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Returning Veterans

Gay Male

[For a thoughtful fan, and his nice feedback...Air Artist!] For whatever reason, I began getting a surprising number of texts regarding my glory hole from returning solders from Afghanistan. The first had been a month before, and soon after that, whether the guy was telling other veterans about me, or it was just coincidence, I soon had, at the very least, three, and even sometimes four soldiers dropping by my glory hole---a DAY! Like the saying goes: 'When it rains, it pours!' Typically, there was very little chatting going on between us when they were there (and that was f… Read more

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The Farmer


It was a glorious, hot, late summer’s day. We had been hiking on the fringes of Exmoor, spending lunch on a ledge high above the Bristol Channel, the bracken tumbling steeply away to the sea in front, south Wales glimmering on the horizon to the north. During the afternoon we worked our way inland, eventually taking a track on the edge of the moor next to meadows full of grazing sheep. It was here that disaster struck when I slipped and twisted my ankle. After hobbling on for a few hundred metres, but it became clear that I could not walk the hour or so back to our hotel. We sat down in a patc… Read more

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Anna's Friend Sally


I pull out the external drive from the box as Sally pulls up my shorts and carefully make my way down the ladder with Sally now holding the sides and as I brush my softening bulge against her chest the zipper comes down a couple of inches and as I got the ground I can see she isn’t wearing a bra and I notice her nipples showing through the fabric of her dress. Sally takes the drive and torch as I fold the ladder up, “You definitely need a new ladder sir” she says smiling. “Indeed I do” I replied, “And thank you so much for your help, I couldn’t have done it without you” I said as I gave her a… Read more

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Wife needs a bigger cock than I can give 2


John walked down the stairs with the biggest grin a man could ever have on his face. I had my little 4-inch cock out and was wanking away trying to cum before he got down here, but had to now put it away as he entered the cave. I looked at him and waited for him to speak. He looked me in the eyes and said you are one lucky man, she is such a sexy woman, and her body still feels like a teenagers. He said you need to let me fuck her again now I have tasted how tight her pussy is, I need to fuck it more often. It was at this point I suddenly thought what have I done, will my wife ever want my l… Read more

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More nudity, hot tub fun and semi-threesome.

Group SexMasturbationVoyeur

The hot tub was not ours, everyone had left and Whitney was making the closing rounds and some of the lights were going off, making things even more intimate. Beth continued to tease me, making her way around my ab area, upper thighs and balls, only slightly touching, as if by accident, my (now) stiff manhood. I have a rather prominent mushroom tip and it’s extremely sensitive to touch, I think that Beth intuitively senses this. We now began to kiss and I remember thinking that if she stroked me I’d probably cum quickly and probably not the proper place to unload, in the hot tub, not exactly h… Read more

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The Neighborhood MILF: Lannie


While almost everyone in our neighborhood has a pretty healthy attitude about sex, and an openness about it, some people just keep to themselves and don't feel the need to join in our sexual games. Our next door neighbors Fred and Lannie are one such couple. Fred travels all over the country for his marketing business, while she is a retired professor from the University, who occasionally fills in as a substitute teacher at the local high school. They're both rather quiet, but very nice people. She stopped over at my house o… Read more

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First Time FUCKED !!!

First TimeGay MaleAnal

I had been visiting the adult bookstores and theaters for several months , loving having other men suck me off and becoming quite the cocksucker myself . Things went to a whole new level when I discovered a gay bathhouse across town . Dozens or more hot men , walking around nude looking to get each other off . There was a huge locker area that I had to pass thru to get to my room where I saw three guys sucking cock ! I was so hard as I then passed the mini theater where there were about fifteen men masturbating and sucking cock as a hot fuck movie played on the screen ! I passed the sauna and… Read more

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CannonBalls Shaughnessy

First TimeGroup SexMature

I teach sport in a private school. Mostly I teach years 12 & 13, or Sixth Form as that is still widely known here. My office is actually co located with the boy's changing rooms and showers, not strictly allowable, but it is how it is at this school. I inherited the job from a male teacher. teacher. On a Friday afternoon just before we broke up for the summer. I knew full well three of the the year 13 Rugby team were out on the field practising. I stripped and went to use the boy's showers, which I did quite often to avoid the long cold walk to the staff showers, but always after I kne… Read more

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First TimeVoyeur

True Nudist Story One As a teenager I went on a seaside family holiday to France. Where we went was not a nudist beach. There were however many women sunbathing topless which was causing an embarrassing bulge in my swimming trucks. I think it’s okay to say on here that I was sixteen as that is the legal age of consent in the UK and over that of France. Anyway as like any most teenagers I was always keen to get away from the rest of the family so I walked down the long beach. The further I walked I noticed that there were more topless women also the more dips I had to take in the cool sea to s… Read more

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Penelope West Story Installment 1

MatureFirst TimeFetish

Married to Penelope 41 years, I realized I could write a book about it, but I will try to keep things as short as I can. (This is all TRUE stuff, so it could get boring) Penelope was a cheerleader in high school, and earned a scholarship in music. I meant her when she was 18, at a Halloween party. A month later we were a couple. She had NEVER had a boyfriend before and definitely a virgin. She had never even masturbated before. Hard to believe but true. We got married 4 months after we meant. I took my first nude picture of her with a polaroid camera a month before we got married. She would o… Read more

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My New Family.

HardcoreGroup SexTaboo

My parents died when I was young, and for the next few years I drifted through one care home after another, and as nobody seem to want me, I decided I didn't need anyone anyway and quickly became a rebel and a gangster. Well in my mind I was, in reality I was just another troubled teen who fell into trouble quicker than most, until finally I ended up at the home of the Max's. Donna and Tom Max were a couple that had an amazing reputation for taking in k**s like me, and really turning them around. I however didn't care, it was just going to be another foster home and another place to rest my he… Read more

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We FINALLY fuck and it's an EPIC session!

First TimeHardcore

The rest of my weekend (Sunday) was busy with menial shit and lots of prep for work on Monday. Beth reached out at one point, told me she wanted to see me again soon, the usual shit. I was still struggling with what had happened, how vulnerable I was, stroking for those women I barely know, etc. Undeterred I moved one, leaving it all up to the universe I guess. Beth and I were still very very hot for each other and were both dying for our third date, by no means a simple thing. We decided on meeting for dinner at a popular downtown place, conveniently only a block from my place. Prior to our… Read more

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My gf lived with her sister and I would go over from time to time, but that meant we would have to sneak around when we wanted to fuck since we never really had the place to ourselves and her sister could come in on us at any moment. The place was pretty small. A living room and kitchen, a bathroom and a single bedroom. That meant they had to share a room. As bad as it sounds, that would lead to my encounter with her sister. It was late one night and I headed over to get me some pussy. I ended up texting her but got no response. I figured maybe she had fell asleep. Now usually her sister would… Read more

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My very fist time

First TimeGay Male

I’m not sure how it came about but i started experimenting with toys I Bought to use on my wife. I would use them more and more fucking my ass i would cum on my face or in my mouth as I had my legs hanging over my head. I soon enjoyed the feeling of having my ass stuffed full and feeling that warm cum shoot in my mouth. I would even go as far as trying to get multiple toys in my ass so I was stuffed so full. I never had a desire to be fisted but I was starting to crave getting fucked and sucking real cocks. I was looking at porn using these toys when I was alone at home and was starting to bec… Read more

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Courtesan versus escort


Courtesan versus Escort Yes, it is important to know the difference to determine which best fits your desire, needs and style. Alternatively it is important to know which type of client you would be. Then and only then we can create the best possible outcome of our randez-vous for an unforgettable peak experience that you perhaps are seeking whether for a day or a lifetime. Different men are looking for different things and there is much confusion around about many terms improperly used in the industry by lack of knowledge or simply by the desire to take advantage of this grey area to simp… Read more

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Controlled by Aunt 4

AnalGroup SexLesbian Sex

I groped and squeezed my tits all the way home knowing my uncle was enjoying the show and I hoped would need to fuck me as soon as we got home. I then saw movement out of the corner of my eye and noticed that my aunt had now moved the mirror and was watching me tease her husband. She just gave me a look then moved the mirror so not one of us could see each other. I just put my tits away and sat there thinking why is she so jealous when all I want it to be fucked by her hubby and her. When we got home she made my uncle stay in the car while she escorted me into the house and upstairs into m… Read more

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A bunch of young blacks and Arabs make me their wh

AnalGroup SexInterracial Sex

A bunch of young blacks and Arabs make me their whore for a weekend During my gangbang in the park, my husband promised a young man that he could enjoy me for a whole day. So as promised, my husband contacts him again and makes an appointment. One Friday when hubby got home from work, I was as usual getting fucked by two of my lovers, he tells me that we go out once I finish emptying the balls of my fuckers. Once my two fuckers are gone, I go in the shower and dress very whore with a top too narrow for my bi… Read more

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The Ceremony - Part 3

First TimeBDSM

The Ceremony - Part 3 The next girl up was Rosie, paired with me. I had already had a talk in private with Rosie, and told her what was going to happen. I promised her that I would be as gentle as possible. I also promised her that i would finish the job properly. To be honest I was rather looking forward to seeing this buxom young lady naked... Following a short break for a cup of tea, the prefects knocked on the door and Rosie was led in. A lovely girl, quite the Girl Next Door type with brown hair, sparkling eyes, snub nose. Glasses. Average height. She was wearing her school uniform of… Read more

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Michelle becomes Michael


While this story is completely fictional it is directed at an era when dressing or acting of the opposite sex was considered taboo and thus it forced many people to be closeted. I hope you like this story and all comments good and bad are appreciated. Michelle was by all accounts a tom boy she loved to partake in activities normally associated with being a male . Michelle hated to be dressed in feminine attire and on every Sunday she hated having to wear a dress and fancy shoes as she would be going to church and have to socialize with other young ladies. Michelle's grandmother made sure Mich… Read more

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Flashed his dick at hotel pool???

First TimeFetishGay Male

I was in Arizona for work in late August in a small town close to the border. It felt like 120 degrees outside and it was probably close enough! After work I made my way down to the pool which was shaded by this time of afternoon. I always love to get some pool time in on trips, then the hot tub if available. I was thinking of maybe going to find an adult store hoping for a gloryhole to kill some time, I had that cock sucking urge again. After having a couple beers at the pool and being completely alone a couple other people wandered in as the sun was gone and the shade was nice near the pool… Read more

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Night at the Lounge

Shemale PornInterracial SexGay Male

Echo got out of the metallic silver 2015 VW Beetle. Their black heels clicked against the asphalt of the parking lot as they sashayed. A couple of onlookers catcalled as they too the stroll into the adult novelties store. Echo had on a gray shin-length wool & polyester coat - belted at the waist. The two guys smoking cigarillos admired Echo’s silhouette. “There she go, mane,” remarked the guy who was sumo-esque and of warm, tawny complexion. “Yeah! She bad,” the one that was sinewy, medium-height, wore vintage browline-frame glasses, and had a line-up with waves. “I like that juicy whi… Read more

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Our FIRST Time…

First TimeFetishGay Male

I can remember the night it happened like it was yesterday and I still wish today it would happen over and over again. I was sitting in my hot tub alone and naked like any other night, but this night I got a text from a life long friend Steven, asking what I was doing. I told him I was in the hot tub relaxing and asked what was up? He asked if he could stop over because his back could use the use of the hot tub. I told him surely and to stop over. I told him I need to put on boxers since he was coming over. He texted LOL and that I didn’t need to do that for him. Steven is Bi-Sexual, but no on… Read more

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Jane’s new world develops.

First TimeAnalVoyeur

All afternoon Jane felt as if she was a bomb, about to go off. Sex with Suzy had been a totally new experience, Brian and her had talked about it, Jane often wondered if Brian’s enthusiasm wasn’t more about seeing another woman naked and possibly getting the chance to fuck her, but now she realised how erotic it would have been to have her husband watching while Suzy made love to her. Twice during the afternoon Jane had to retire to her bedroom, using her vibrator to bring herself to orgasm while she remembered the sensations Suzy had created in her body. By five o’clock she was getting despe… Read more

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My Sister Inlaw


Every couple of years my wife's family has a reunion of sorts-I like them and we all get along for the most part so I have fun at these things. We all get along except for my sister inlaw and her husband. She is a real snooty bitch. Kate is her name and she thinks she knows everything, everything she has is better than anyone else's. Her k**s are better. Here husband is just like her. I get a headache just thinking about her. And she is ugly too, while my wife is hot. I can't believe these two are related. Anyway we all got together and decided to go on a float trip, it is a popular thing to d… Read more

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mom and me

TabooFetishFirst Time

hi i'm Abhinav,20 i am currently doing my college in chennai,India.My mom is brindha,48.She looks a bit fat but even at this age is is really gorgeous.She has a nice pair of boobs they are D cup so obviously they are big and i love them. she does not have the perfect structure but still she is hot. i was in 6th standard when i started watching porn first i used to jack off regularly from then.but it was only during my 11th standard that i started having fetishes on older woman and also my mom.i used to take her underwears or bras which she put in the laundry bag to sniff at them and jack off… Read more

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How I Lost My Virginity To A Lady I Met Online in

First TimeHumorMature

Hi, I am desiboy from Hyderabad This is my first story (real experience) forgive me if I make some mistakes, so let me tell about me! I am 21, doing my engineering in Hyderabad, handsome, I got a 7.8-inch dick I'm happy to show it online for ladies. If any of the ladies want to have fun mail me: [email protected] if you like my story please give reviews. coming to the story I am always a horny type of guy, I spent almost all the time in sex sites, I was very eager to lose my virginity, so like usual I was browsing Xhamster site I was chatting with a Mexican babe, then I saw a Delhi girl… Read more

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Martha, our shy nieighbor


My sweet wife had left me alone that whole week; she had gone nursing her niece Patricia to a not so far town from us. Friday night I was getting bored at home after having a light supper; so I called Ana and asked her for any suggestion to do by myself. My naughty wife laughed in the phone and she said I had two choices: I could jerk myself inside the bathroom or I could go to a stripper club to watch some naked bitches; but I should not touch, just look and suffer with my cock aching inside of my trousers… I told Ana it was not so bad idea and she laughed even louder… As I hung up the p… Read more

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My Sister Kay visits Santa!!!


My sister Kay found out the other day that I was going to be playing Santa Claus on the same evening that she was going to be travelling through town. I told her she should stop by and get a picture on Santa’s lap but she replied, “My idea of sitting on Santa’s lap might not work with a crowd around.” Yeah, that got my north pole as hard as polar ice!! Anyhow, that evening it seemed like every mother and grandmother that came to get their precious little one’s picture w… Read more

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Interracial SexHardcoreMature

My wife Sarah and I had seemed to get more risqué with our sex life as we moved into our early 50’s. Sarah had hit the menopause a couple of years earlier and had put on weight going from a size 12 to a size 16, although on a plus note her magnificent breasts had swollen from a 38C to a 38D, but standing at 5 feet 8 inches and having a broad swimmers body she carried it well and with her long blonde hair and dazzling smile she still looked terrific. Sarah is rather a chatty girl, often interpreted as being flirtatious, and has no trouble attracting many male, and for that matter female, admir… Read more

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I need a quickie at the glory hole

Gay MaleMasturbationTaboo

Friday afternoon I was driving back home after going in a business trip to a near town. My sweet Ana was also far from home, nursing one of her nice cousins who lived in the West Coast. So, I was not in a hurry to get an empty home. As I was entering our town, I could not resist a stop at an adult book store that I used to visit with my sexy wife. I paid the entrance fee and went into the arcade area. One thing for certain about this store was that it had the darkest arcade area I had ever been in. There were no doors on any of the booths, just a few flimsy curtains. The nice thing was it ha… Read more

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Group SexHardcoreVoyeur

CHAPTER 3: OWNED The travel through the wasteland proved to be uneventful. Though riders were spotted along the way, it did seem that word had somehow preceded the caravan and even a group of marauders did not wish to attempt an attack on a caravan with Goran leading the way. Once the caravan had reached the relative safety of the other side, as if they had traversed a treacherous open sea, Goran left Cat with the borsin while he finalized the negotiation for his services. Since the caravan wasn’t att… Read more

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Neighbours son


My wife comes across a very uptight and frigid type however when she is horny she is insatiable and normally stops in that state for a long time. She is only 5ft tall with massive tits and she has one of the most sweetest and nicest fannies I’ve ever seen or tasted. The only problem is that she is so bloody frigid, and It could be months between sex sessions which tends to lead me to shag around where and when ever. Again this stems back to my youth when sex was literally chucked at me and I’ve never really got over it. I’m just a sex mad pervert. Now I am not the only person my wife has shagg… Read more

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Grandma does porn 6

Group SexHardcoreMature

The week at college quickly flew by, and then me and Steve were in my car heading to my Grandmothers once again to film her. We arrived just as my Grandfather was leaving, he still wasn't happy about any of this, despite the money it was making, but once he was out of sight, we headed inside and began setting up the camera in the living room. It was then my Grandmother came downstairs, dressed in a black one piece swimsuit and red high heels. She had her red hair done up nicely and some make up, and for an older lady I had to admit she looked stunning. I then wanted to discuss with her what we… Read more

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Looking After Anna Part 6 - Meet Sally


Julie returned a few minutes later with Anna’s panties, “OMG Frank” she said, “These are so wet” as she handed them to me, I licked the gusset tasting my own cum that had leaked out. “Anna loved it Frank, thank you” she said smiling as she went into the kitchen and removed her own wet panties to get a wash started, tomorrow was Saturday so we could all have a lie in. I finished my beer and collected the glasses and went into the kitchen to see Julie naked and loading up the washing machine, her cute rounded arse in my full view. Saturday morning came too soon and Julie had plans so they had… Read more

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The Ceremony - Part 2

BDSMFirst Time

The Ceremony - Part 2 Gilly was the first girl scheduled for a Ceremony this week. Gilly had nylon come of age last week. She was a true ginger, fine red hair and pale white skin. Her face blossomed with freckles. Gilly was painfully thin, pipe cleaner arms and gangly legs. What fuelled the whispers in he school was her pairing with Mr Smith. Or Mr Horse Cock to give him the nickname the girls use... For you see Mr Smith is magnificently well endowed, as have many girls found out. His cock is a good twelve inches, and beer can thick. The head looks like the proverbial sheep's heart. When i… Read more

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Jenny from next door.


Me and the wide have been happily married for over forty years now, and living in the same house for most of that time. And now we're both retired, I spend most of my time doing handyman jobs around the house, and have become pretty good at it. Now, about a month or so ago, a new young couple moved in next door, and they seemed very nice and friendly. Nathan, was a young handsome man in his early twenties and an accountant, he was very polite and spent most of his time at the office, and Jenny was a petite blonde young woman, in her early twenties, who had an online company of some sort, but s… Read more

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Nudist neighbor


Years ago, I lived with my parents in a subdivision. It was summer, and we had a strong thunderstorm one Sunday morning. The sky cleared completely afterwards, it ended being a perfect sunny day. The thunderstorm, however, moved our TV antenna and my father was not getting reception for his afternoon football game. So he handed me one of my toy walkie talkies, a screwdriver, took me to the back, put on a ladder, and told me to get up on the roof and move the antenna sideways as he gave me instructions. I cautiously got up and walked up the roof towards the chimney, where the antenna was fixed.… Read more

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My wife finds a new black lover

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Anita knew my darkest fantasy was watching a nasty black stud who used her and passed her around to his friends. But it also aroused my sensual wife every time we talked about. One evening I came home and found Ana was really excited. She told me a black man she had met in the net, would come home to pick her up and later he would give her to another friend… He had agreed to let me be there watching. After dinner he called Ana, saying it would be better if we could go to his place. He had a very comfortable house not so far from us. His name was Vince. He was a nice looking black man in his l… Read more

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