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This is a print version of story upstairs neighbor- online master pt 2 by whatmatters from xHamster.com

upstairs neighbor- online master pt 2

It had been several days since Brandon and Fred had first met and Brandon was still horny all the time from the circumstances of his fantasy becoming reality. He had logged on every night when he got home from work in the hopes of catching Fred online and had been out around the building in the hope they would run in to each other but hadn't seen Fred since he left Brandon fucked and exhausted face down on his mattress and went home.

Brandon finally saw BLKDDY69 enter the chat room and felt his heart pound as he sent him a message.

brandoboi69: Hi Daddy long time no see :) the other night was fun.

Fred smiled to himself as he read the message that appeared on his screen almost the second he signed on and entered the room. He had enjoyed fucking his tight ass the other night and liked the way the young guy hungrily slobbered in his cock and warmed up to his size with ease allowing him to stroke his cock until he came, he went home that night and slept like a log and woke up grinning the next morning. He had been thinking about it while working the last few days at his friend Martin's place and had told his buddy all about the white boy living downstairs with the sweet ass and the slutty mouth. His friend laughed with him and told him how good that sounded and the two men agreed to split the boy if he was up for it. Fred was online to see what his neighbor was capable of being in to

BLKDDY69: how are you boi? i had fun the other night too, you got a real hot ass.
brandoboi69: im good thanks :) and i agree i had a lot fun it was hot lets do it again some time haha
BLKDDY69: ya? u want this meat again?
brandoboi69: mmm yes i do
BLKDADDY69: Show me that ass boi, go on Camera and show me

Brandon felt his dick stiffen in his shorts and he jumped up to pull them off, he opened his camera and faced away from the pc to show off his toned ass to Fred.
Fred saw the camera invite and opened it, seeing the young white man standing facing opposite the camera, jiggling his ass in the dimly lit room

BLKDDY69: mmm Damn, u free now? coming to get it if u are
brandoboi69: Im free i should unlock the door?
BLKDDY69: Yeah unlock the door and stay on that camera boy, dont move.

Brandon quickly unlocked the front door to his apartment and quickly tidied up before returning to the camera, he could see Fred was still viewing him but didnt seem to be there. Fred stood up and walked to his bedroom slipping on his leather cock ring and grabbing his leather eye mask and bottle of poppers off his dressed, he walked to the bathroom and grabbed a tub of cream lube and stuffed his items in a bag before locking the door behind him.
Fred Entered Brandon's apartment and saw the boy looking over at him moving his hips to the dance music he had playing. Fred walked over to Brandon and ran his hand across the bare ass while he looked him up and down, biting his lip while he checked his young lover and familiarized himself with the curves of his body with his hand. He reached in the bag and pulled out the eye mask, placing it over the young mans eyes, and planting a kiss on his lips while smiling and not saying anything, the young man kept dancing and smiling. Fred reached back in the bag and pulled out the bottle of poppers, unscrewing the lid and holding the bottle up to Brandons nose. Brandon inhaled deeply and felt the rush go over his body, warming him up and making his dick stiffen more. Fred took the bottle and inhaled deeply before placing it on the table beside the bag containing the lube, he turned and faced brandon yanking down his exercise shorts revealing his thick veiny dark cock, his head pink with blood from the cock ring and his balls full and heavy hanging underneath his shaft.

Fred took his shirt off as he walked over to brandon and patted him on the ass again,

"keep dancing, look forward sweet boy"
the older man said as Brandon did what he was ordered to, Fred leaned over the computer and sent Martin a message from Brandon's account

Brandoboi69: Mart, its fred, check this out, this the sweet boy i was talkin about come check it out here.

Fred set the Camera so it was visible to anyone in the "whitebois4bm" room and turned the sound off.

Fred turned to brandon and walked up behind him, kissing his soft neck before spitting in his hand and reaching around to squeeze Brandons hard cock, it all fit in Freds large hands and he pressed his thick semi hard cock against the soft ass cheekc while Brandon moaned louder and pushed his hips back against the older Black man.
one by one more people started watching including Martin who was laughing and shaking his head at his friend Fred and the wild shit he gets in to.

Fred bent Brandon over the chair and made him spread his legs and he was now standing beside the young mans white ass, smiling for his audience and smacking it harder as he encouraged Brandon to tell him how much he loved it. The audio being broadcast to anyone watching

fred began to prod the asshole and slide his index finger in and out, Brandon moaning lourder sweating from the hot summer air the poppers and the thrill of what was happening as Fred knelt down behind him spread his cheeks and slide his tongue deep inside his asshole Brandon moaned louder as he shook his ass in Freds face and felt his legs shaking in pleasure Fred was licking and finger fucking the pink hole and kept ensuring he was feeling the dick and balls driving the young man crazy and ensuring he was horning him up sufficiently for the rest of the evening.

Fred stood up and walked over to the poppers, he ordered Brandon to kneel before him and he sat in the chair with his legs spread apart, he took the lid off the bottle and gave them to Brandon for him to take several deep inhales before helping himself, he wrapped his big hand around the back of Brandons head and pulled it to his hard cock,

"Now suck my cock boy"
Brandons head was swirling as he inhaled the musty scent and held Freds heavy cock in his hands, wrapping his lips around it and starting to bob his head up and down, Martin was now stroking his 10 inch cock at his kitchen table, watching this thick assed white boi sucking on his friends big cock Brandon was slurping on the big cock drunk on the moment and grinding his hips while he worked, the mans hand resting on the back of his head while he every so often would hand him the bottle and make him get back to work Brandon massaged Freds huge balls and pushed his cock deeper and deeper down his throat with his eyes closed, finally feeling the older mans pubes tickling his lips he came back up for air and immediatly had his head pushed back down by Fred . Brandon was now gagging while he had his mouth fucked on his hands and knees by his older Black neighbor, his eyes watery and his cock standing straight up at how turned on he was by this, it was his fantasies coming true and he was loving it. He felt Freds hand tighten on his hair and pump his hot cum into Brandons mouth, stream after stream of hot creamy seed being pumped down his throat while the older man kept humping his thick long cock into his hungry mouth, Fred was moaning loudly too and said

"this boy just made me cum so much man"
Fred pulled his cock out of Brandons mouth and wiped it all over his face, brandon stuck his tongue out to lick it off and stood up and sat on Freds lap.

"that enough for you boy or you want this dick more"
"i want that dick more"
"you want to get fucked?'
"yes i want it"
"tell me what you need"
"i need to get fucked"

Fred smiled and Kissed Brandon- "good boy, go get in that bed and wait for me then" Brandon sauntered in to the bedroom disappearing from Fred's sight, Fred walked to the computer and gave the camera a thumbs up before closing it, messaging his friend to see if he caught the show

BLKDOM011: I sure did man, you crazy for that one got me horny as fuck
brandoboi69: come over then man you heard him he needs to get fucked, my spot apartment 405 text me if you cant get in door wont be locked.
BLKDOM011: see you soon
brndoboi69: yup see u then

Fred Closed the chat and grabbed the lube and bottle of poppers as he walked back to the bedroom, finding Brandon face down with his ass perched high and pointed right at him

"you gonna get the fucking of your life tonight boi"

Fred grabbed the lube and took a handful before rubbing it all over the young mans tight white asshole. Smiling at what he had put in to play and ready for the night to get wild...

to be continued..
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